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Today we have a quick exploit for SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast!

This Tokyo Town Update bug takes advantage of the new Vu Update where you can request new plans for zones waiting to be rebuilt.

Thanks to Renton who dropped a comment showing this exploit

Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

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  1. Have Vu Disaster Zones that need to be rebuilt
  2. Tap the hard hat icon to request new plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans
  3. Now INSTEAD of tapping on the hard hat icon above, tap the BUILDING ITSELF (the foundation).
  4. You now have access to a new set of building plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans AND restart from step 3
  5. Spam rebuild and enjoy fast keys!


  • Be sure to have plenty of Vu disaster materials
  • Load up your factories with production
  • Works well at low levels where the material requirements are cheap
  • Works well at high levels when you don’t want to wait 30 minutes for
  • Be sure to take advantage of this before EA puts out a patch!

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    With every new game release there are YouTubers making very cool tutorial and ‘Let’s Play’ video’s and throwing them online. We’ve looked at some  Simcity Buildit YouTube videos and made a selection of the very best.

    Let’s take a look at some Simcity Buildit video’s!

    #1: One of the most viewed simcity buildit video’s is one the youtuber called MasterOv. A guy from the UK who plays a lot of different mobile games, and has actually 2 favorite ones according to his youtube name: Minecraft & Clash of Clans.

    Masterov plays SC buildit for the second time in this video. He shows off his city of around 40k and explains his city layout and the different services he has unlocked. It’s a very informative video for beginners of the game. You might like his commentary, at least I did. You can check out some other buildit videos at his channel.

    #2: GameRiot is a guy with over 400.000 subscribers on YouTube. He mainly does gameplay and walkthrough video’s for various games such as gta 5 and the sims 4. And lately he has been playing some simcity on his tablet.

    This is the second video that GameRiot has made for the game we love. He’s still in the early stage of building his city. He starts the video with only 500 population and is only at level 3. But the way he commentates the gameplay makes it fun to watch. The video has 42k views and there are more simcity video’s in his channel.

    #3: GooeyPLAYSinHD is a small youtuber who only has about 2k subscribers but he’s made a very helpful video. The video seems to be liked a lot since he gets a lot of thumbs up for it. He has a city with more then 100k population, so he knows what he’s talking about!

    In this advanced tips and tricks video he gives some very good tips to help you reach maximum happiness. He also shares tips on how to layout your city and what services your Sims need as your city gets larger. Also, if you are struggling with roads you should definitely check this out.

    #4: TmarTn2 is another famous youtuber who has more then 700k subscribers. He has a series called ‘Mobile Mondays’ where he plays mobile game every monday (duhh) and in episode 6 it’s time for simcity buildit.

    In this 13 minute video he starts playing the game for the very first time. It’s fun too note he has a crush on one of the tutorial girls, hah! He names his city Cougarville and is casually playing and learning at the same time. I think you’ll like it, if you’re bored..

    5: This last video is again from GooeyPLAYSinHD which we covered in the 3rd video. You should definitely check out his channel as it contains a lot of very good simcity buildit video’s.

    In this video Gooey talks about skyscrapers and upgrading factories. By the way, did you know we wrote a tutorial on how to build skyscrapers? Anyway, the youtuber shows his city which has grown to more then 180k population. He talks about what you need to get skyscrapers and how wealth forecast might influence the buildings. But again, if you are struggling, check out his channel for many guides and tutorials.

    Conclusion: There are a lot of cool video’s you can check out on YouTube and we only highlighted a few of them. If you didn’t know already, we also have a youtube channel with some money making tutorials.

    Did you find a good simcity buildit video that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comment below and we’ll do another one of these in the future. Thanks for reading (and watching)!

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    Harness the power of the tectonic plates underneath your city and unless a massive earthquake to shake the foundation of your city.

    Some buildings may fall, but from the rubble, Gold Keys are found!

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    BEEP bLOOP 100010010001000111001 ZAP ZAP ZING… OH GAWD! Little green men in flying saucers have descended on your quaint city with a glowing death ray that disintegrates every building it touches.

    Among the ashes of what remains of your homes and city blocks, Golden Keys are found if you can rebuild them.

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    SOUND THE ALARM! A meteor the size of several blocks is hurtling toward your city! Brace for impact! In the blink of an eye, your city is destroyed.

    The crater is all that remains (save for some golden keys) and now it’s time to rebuild your city!

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