From time to time the game throws up a few errors, here is our list of known errors and their solutions! Click the links below to see how to fix them.

” Sorry Mayor! This account is already linked to another city.  We Cannot log you in to this account. “

” Facebook log in failed or was cancelled. Please try again later. “

Let us know if you run in to any more issues!

  • mlongbsa

    Where is the common problems page. I’ve done a search with no results. I have also looked on your side menu bar, nothing. My game randomly shuts down while accessing the global trade market. Samsung S4 10gb free ram.

    • Jaanko

      We don’t have this currently on our site but it is a well known issue, Try saving your account to facebook then clearing the data.

  • mlongbsa

    Jaanko, thanks for the reply. I’ve already done that multiple times. I’ve signed out of FB and into Google play, cleared cache, signed back in..nothing. It’s the oddest thing to just have an app close with no log or report. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Keep up the great work on the site guys. I check it regularly.

  • Gina

    Is there a way to scrap a city that isn’t going well and start over?

  • Sue

    I buy items from Global HQ but although my Simoleons are taken the item does NOT appear

  • L_$

    I have been playing SimCity BuildIt on my cell phone for over a year and have invested real, heard dollars into my city. Unfortunately, the cell phone is failing, so I have purchased a new phone. I don’t want to lose my city, but everything I have tried so far only allows me to start SimCity on the new phone as a new city. I have tried linking my account through the Google Playstore (so I can play on multiple devices) but it hasn’t helped. Any suggestions? Thank you! L