Problems With Trade

Problems With Trade

Updated for Tokyo Town
This page has been updated for Tokyo Town


Trade is currently the biggest issue I have with the game so here is a section dedicated to it.

Date Updates Link
3 March 2015 Tokyo Town Update fixed previous problem of reduced variety on the Market, but there still is a TON of "Sorry Item Not Available" errors. Link
4 February 2015 Latest marketplace update seems to reduce the amount of "Sorry Item Not Available" Link
13 January 2015 Update 1.5 did nothing to fix any trade issues Link
11 January 2015 Initial Post


EA takes 1 step forward and two steps back with all the trade updates.

Current Post (3 March 2015)[Minor edit – 11 March 2015]

Tokyo Town Update fixed previous problem of reduced variety on the Market, but there still is a TON of “Sorry Item Not Available” errors. 

  • Thankfully we now have a marketplace that resembled the original GTHQ at launch, where you had a variety of different items, with a mix of low and high level materials.
  • I feel like I’m playing a broken record…. EA THIS IS FRUSTRATING AS HELL!!!!!!! We just want to be able to click on an item and have it be there when we travel to mayors city… or just give us the item right at the trade screen!!! Why must you add animations and the airport when a fundamental part of the game is basically unusable!! ARGHHAHHE!
  • EDIT:  We now have to wait 30 seconds before the listings refresh. Looks like EA wanted to make this change all along.
    • Refresh by tapping out of the trade screen and back it…
      • Why don’t they don’t have a refresh button???

4 February 2015 Post

  • I’ve noticed now that there is MUCH less variety in what appears in the trade market
    • I think it is based on level – Higher levels mean that you are shown Vu disaster items and higher level materials versus lower levels, where you might see more storage upgrades and expansion upgrades
  • This is JUST AS FRUSTRATING as the original problem, as now you constantly have to click the market to see if you can get any items you want to show up
    • Plus side is once you see an item, you are guaranteed that item if you click on it.

11 January 2015 Post

  • As of right now, trade works by showing the most recent postings around the world
  • The problem a lot of people are having is that the item you want to purchase is no longer available (sold) by the time you actually get into the sellers city and tap on the item

Advice (for the current situation)

  • Nothing you can do except trying to be really fast about clicking on items and hope you have fast load times
    • While in another mayor’s city, you can click on THEIR Global Trade HQ and access the markets faster
  • Luck
  • Lots of Luck
  • Advil, morphine, and other assorted drugs to help with the headaches and frustration

Solution (potential long-term fix)

  • Once a person has clicked on an item to purchase, no one else should be able to view that city’s trade depot for a small amount of time (say 30 seconds)
    • This allows you to properly load the city & trade depot and some time to buy your intended item(s)
    • Once you leave the trade depot
      • If you didn’t buy the advertised item, the item returns to the market
      • If you did buy the item, then you’ve saved someone a phone smash to the ground
  • This locks people (and saves a lot of frustration/time/data) from going into the city in question and rage quitting because the item is already sold
Have a solution of your own?
Drop a comment and/or check out the forums and let us (and your fellow Mayors) know!

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