Problems With Trade

Problems With Trade

Updated for Tokyo Town
This page has been updated for Tokyo Town


Trade is currently the biggest issue I have with the game so here is a section dedicated to it.

Date Updates Link
3 March 2015 Tokyo Town Update fixed previous problem of reduced variety on the Market, but there still is a TON of "Sorry Item Not Available" errors. Link
4 February 2015 Latest marketplace update seems to reduce the amount of "Sorry Item Not Available" Link
13 January 2015 Update 1.5 did nothing to fix any trade issues Link
11 January 2015 Initial Post


EA takes 1 step forward and two steps back with all the trade updates.

Current Post (3 March 2015)[Minor edit – 11 March 2015]

Tokyo Town Update fixed previous problem of reduced variety on the Market, but there still is a TON of “Sorry Item Not Available” errors. 

  • Thankfully we now have a marketplace that resembled the original GTHQ at launch, where you had a variety of different items, with a mix of low and high level materials.
  • I feel like I’m playing a broken record…. EA THIS IS FRUSTRATING AS HELL!!!!!!! We just want to be able to click on an item and have it be there when we travel to mayors city… or just give us the item right at the trade screen!!! Why must you add animations and the airport when a fundamental part of the game is basically unusable!! ARGHHAHHE!
  • EDIT:  We now have to wait 30 seconds before the listings refresh. Looks like EA wanted to make this change all along.
    • Refresh by tapping out of the trade screen and back it…
      • Why don’t they don’t have a refresh button???

4 February 2015 Post

  • I’ve noticed now that there is MUCH less variety in what appears in the trade market
    • I think it is based on level – Higher levels mean that you are shown Vu disaster items and higher level materials versus lower levels, where you might see more storage upgrades and expansion upgrades
  • This is JUST AS FRUSTRATING as the original problem, as now you constantly have to click the market to see if you can get any items you want to show up
    • Plus side is once you see an item, you are guaranteed that item if you click on it.

11 January 2015 Post

  • As of right now, trade works by showing the most recent postings around the world
  • The problem a lot of people are having is that the item you want to purchase is no longer available (sold) by the time you actually get into the sellers city and tap on the item

Advice (for the current situation)

  • Nothing you can do except trying to be really fast about clicking on items and hope you have fast load times
    • While in another mayor’s city, you can click on THEIR Global Trade HQ and access the markets faster
  • Luck
  • Lots of Luck
  • Advil, morphine, and other assorted drugs to help with the headaches and frustration

Solution (potential long-term fix)

  • Once a person has clicked on an item to purchase, no one else should be able to view that city’s trade depot for a small amount of time (say 30 seconds)
    • This allows you to properly load the city & trade depot and some time to buy your intended item(s)
    • Once you leave the trade depot
      • If you didn’t buy the advertised item, the item returns to the market
      • If you did buy the item, then you’ve saved someone a phone smash to the ground
  • This locks people (and saves a lot of frustration/time/data) from going into the city in question and rage quitting because the item is already sold
Have a solution of your own?
Drop a comment and/or check out the forums and let us (and your fellow Mayors) know!

Trade – Problems With Trade

  • DigitalWizard

    HUGE BUG. I really dislike this game because of this poor trading system.

    My thought is each person that access a Global trade HQ receives a list of the most current items, ALL those items are now locked, or “checked out” of the marketplace, and no one else will see them, as they are only showed to one person at a time. Then when the HQ is closed, they return to the market for someone else to pick up. This way when you see something you want to buy, you are the only one to see it in the marketplace, and then you can travel to the player and buy it with very little chance that someone else could unfairly get it first.

  • Kristina Miller

    I think it really depends on how they have it programmed on the back end. The advice to “lock” a particular person’s shop is great, but there’s still time to process that lock and with thousands, if not millions, of people are browsing that same auction screen, people will still click that same person’s shop window. Instead of, “That item is not for sale anymore” (after loading), it will just become, “That auction is no longer available” on every icon you click.

    Granted, this prevents you from wasting time loading up someone’s town, but it will still be frustrating getting a different error message every time. In a perfect world, I could see this situation being resolved a little differently.

    For one, allow people to click an item in their storage and have a window to “buy from the trade HQ”. The system could then give you a popup window with a snapshot of the current market value at the time they clicked it, with, say, 6 auctioned items. This would “lock” those 6 auctions in the server DB for a period of time and you could choose to buy it or not. No hassles. If a billion people are viewing the auction house at that instant, and there are none left that are not being viewed, the auction window would then say, “Nothing at auction.”

    I definitely like the idea of snapshotting and reserving some values for people to be able to purchase. Then, the “luck” becomes more like a real auction house environment – sometimes you get a great deal and sometimes you don’t.

    • vortexrap

      Yes i agree. There is definitely plenty of work that needs to happen behind the scenes, and we probably won’t have a solution for a couple months.

      I originally thought about the quick buy feature but I believe that EA wants people to actually go to other peoples cities to make the game feel more ‘social’. So I’m speculating that there will be a solution that wont change this aspect.

      • Tomas

        Just make it searchable.

  • Chris

    I think they should dump the whole traveling to someone else’s city. What is that 10 – 15 sec waste of time? Plus, instead of showing me a lot of stuff I don’t need (waste of time), allow me to select what I am looking for, then sort the results by price. It seems that every time I want something, I am shown every thing else and not what I am looking for.

    • iamthefogg

      My thoughts exactly. If I wanted to be frustrated, I would go to work for the exchange. I don’t want it in my game.

    • Krakownia

      I also agree that ‘EA wants people to actually go to other peoples cities to make the game feel more ‘social’, as vortexrap pointed out. Which is fine, but staring and Sim City logo for 7-8 sec or more is just ridiculous. And when I get to other city, I am usually hunting for items, I don’t care how the city looks like. EA should create more activities in other cities if they want players to ‘socialize’ more. It could be barter trades, auction houses, order fulfilling, quests, there are so many things to think of.

  • Hameed

    You are thinking game mechanics and that’s …..
    You should game economics and free market mechanics!

    The HQ should become like Amazon, you can set ANY price you want, sell it to the system, the system only pays you back once your item has sold, system makes a profit margin off your sales.

    This way high demand items will make more profit and will be sold less frequently (If you really need an item you will have to pay premium for it)

    After an initial period of craziness with the new system things will settle down to supply and demand.

    • Krakownia

      I agree with that, there should be no upper price limit for items. It should be like commodity market, players would see the average market price and try to fill the demand, which would lower the price.

  • darkampr

    My first post on this site. A tip to improve your chances in Global Trade Market. DON’T click on the obvious. Example, you see 5 barbecues, click on it and its already sold. Instead click on something you don’t need and check what they have in their trade depo that is not advertised. You won’t necessarily find what you need, but you will get good items.

  • Max

    To be REALLY FAST clicking on the item you need, I recommend this:
    1. Use Wifi to connect your home/office network instead of mobile 3G/4G when trading, the network legacy and stability is much better.
    2. Use wired LAN if possible.
    3. Only read the first page of the Trade HQ. If nothing interested, quickly tap out and in to refresh the page.

    Ultimate trick: Open a secondary or tertiary facebook accounts, friend with your original one. Use Android emulator such as BlueStacks, download Simcity in the emulated system, play multiple cities on your PC in addition to your primary one. They produce only low tier items and trade those items to your original city. Play with the price to generate cashflow from support cities to primary city. You also gain access to multiple Daniels through different cities, who trade greater variety of items. Your support cities also provide extra city storage, mainly for stocking items for city storage or city area expansion.

    Buy extra slots on the support city trade depot. Preemptively put surplus items in the support city trade depots. Don’t advertise anything there to make sure these depots are your own backyard. These backyard depots also act as additional city storage. Finally, buying extra city storage in a low level support city is much cheaper than in a developed primary city. Slowly level up your support city

    Beyond-ultimate trick: Use mouse clicking bot on the emulated system, use “nails method” to auto-generate profit on support cities, or regularly put low tier items on the depot.

    • Harrzack

      Since this game is, AFAIK, only available on tablets and phones, how can a WIRED network connection be done? Or, in this case, of use?

  • MarcusD

    If EA really wanted it to be a social experience traveling to other cities for trade, then I suggest some way of interacting with a foreign city other than looking at it and trading with it. How about the ability to create franchises or developing trade partnerships with other people while in their city? Simply looking at a city, and having no idea what buildings I’m even looking at makes the experience rather boring and I quickly stopped surveying other cities altogether.

    This really is the worst aspect of the game and makes an otherwise very good game very frustrating. In order to streamline things, perhaps it would be wise to make the marketplace more regional in area. It doesn’t make a lick of difference to me whether I buy goods from Joeville or some city whose name is written entirely in Chinese or Russian, I just want fast access to the goods I need.

    The visiting of cities should be a separate aspect from trade since there is no social interaction involved in trade, it’s a purely automated system that doesn’t require the two parties to have any communication. Perhaps a novel idea would be to place simple phrase buttons in a window that would allow people who speak different languages to have simple conversations. A speaker of Chinese could chat with an American
    or African because the buttons are all displayed in the user’s native tongue.

    I suggest that the Trade HQ function like this: People put in what they want and how much they are willing to pay and when another player puts that item up for sale at that price it is matched to the buyer and sold to them. Since there is a high demand for goods you’ll find most people sell at higher prices, so if you want things at a low price, you’ll have to wait for someone willing to sell that low. The highest premium will be paid by those who want things quickest.

    If you find a particular city often offers the goods at prices and availability that suit you, then you should be able to click a button to mark them as a favored trade partner or invite them to befriend your city.

    Cities should be able to attract visitors as a means of raising revenue as well. Real-world cities like Las Vegas and Paris are famous as centers of art, culture, entertainment, gambling, history and so on, and likewise our Sims should be able to take a cruise or fly off on a plane to visit other places. First, we’d have to establish some sort of relations with other cities to enable trade and/or tourism and then having a means of getting Sims from one place to another.

    Having unique geography would help to make cities a destination for players, as that was one of the best features of the other Simcity games. All the cities in Buildit are based on identical topography and flora, making all the cities rather predictable in looks.

    All in all, I think with some tweaks in time vs. cost of some items and a major reworking of the TradeHQ, Simcity Buildit would be the truly great game that it deserves to be.

    • Krakownia

      Lots of good ideas!
      Order matching is great, it is actually halfway there in the game. Instead of those talking heads from Fire and other departments offering random very good or very bad deals, this should be actual offers from other players.
      If this game is anything about social aspect, it lacks the ability to make contact with other players. There should be possible to befriend other players, chat to them, do quests together, make investments, etc etc.
      A lot of things from early games like Sim City 2000/3000 (that’s the ones I played a lot) should be brought back into the game, including various terrains, terrain elevation, utility building lifetime, etc. The game had some real life cities gameplays as well, but I like the tourism idea too!

    • Krakownia

      Another note on travel. The game lacks scoreboards – the top cities by population and other variables (like top producers, best transport, etc). That would generate visitor traffic and motivate players to achieve their goals. But other than designs how to generate max amount of residents, there is nothing currently motivating the travel.

  • BiscottiGelato

    Look at how real world stock trading works. You should be allowed to buy and sell at limit price or at market price. Simple as that.

  • Parkjimount

    Another couple of things it took me a while to work out which might help some people:

    It seems to me that your items ‘drop off’ the advertising list after a while. I’ve had items that would usually sell quite happily in 5 minutes completely fail to sell 12 hours later. This is exacerbated when every slot in your store is full and nothing has sold. The only way I’ve been able to counter this is to buy more stock and open up another slot with my simbucks. I usually just buy 1 or 2 of something simple (e.g. padlock) and sell for an attractive price. Once people are in your store they tend to spend more and the wheels get turning again. It would help, I think, if you could readvertise after a few hours.

    Another time saving option it took me a long time to realise is that you can access the Global Trade HQ in other people’s cities, rather than having to keep going back to your own city.

    • Just let them sit. I think after 24 to 48 hours the stale items are purchased by Daniel.

  • Nicholi

    I wish I could place buy orders, too, along with the price I’m willing to pay and key other people view those orders amd complete them if they like the price.

  • Tornado

    Global Trading seems to be broken since a couple of days.
    Until two days ago I mainly got VU-related items, but now I quite often see only 4 or 5 available items.
    Storage and especially expansion items are suddenly extremely rare. Very annoying. Am I the only one with this problem?

    • Sedren

      I’m lucky to see an expansion item in 5 or 6 attempts and being that rare now they are always long gone by the time their city loads. I’ve only been playing a week or so and trade seems to have gotten much more frustrating even in that time. I’m lucky to get 1 or 2 trades to complete in a half hour of trying now.

      • Tornado

        I’m happy I nearly finished expansion. Only 193 items required to finish. After that I don’t need to waste storage space to these items.
        I hope to finish expansion in a week…

  • Tornado


    I always get the message that I play offline… 🙁

  • Erica7241

    what level do the expansion items begin to show up in global?

  • extremecl

    That’s it… i will stop playing it now. It is so frustrating. I can’t believe regular game makers like EA sports can not solve this problem. When I browse through the comments for SCbuildit, everyone suggests it should be like ebay or any other buy & sell website where for buying a product you just search for the product in the market place. And if you don’t have the thing, u can jst show it not on market. I have no idea when I am buying something, I out of 20 things I have to find that thing first & then try to buy it. Is it not increasing the data traffic in the network?

    Its a great game. but hope they can deal with this problem. otherwise, I believe it would decrease its popularity rapidly.

  • Alexgone

    It could be completely coincidental but it seems that if I can’t find what I want as soon as I start a factory building one then that item pops into the Global Trade much more often. Maybe some of you can test the theory and let me know what you experience. It definitely seems to be true for me. Not 100% of the time but probably 60 or 70%.

  • MarcusDrake

    There is still no guarantee that you will be able to purchase an item even if you see it in the city that you’re buying it from .

  • andrew

    Every time I try to buy the item is gone. I’m getting really tired of wasting my time on this shit. For 20 bucks I can just go get an old game boy color and pokemon and not deal with this bullshit. Stop wastino my time and fix your game

  • Eddie

    After the update, it is so difficult to get the item for expansion….before this week, I may need to spend 1 hour to collect around 10 expansion item……and now…..everytime you try to buy , it is gone……

  • Tomas

    Please make the Global Market searchable. Player might click item by item until he gets not-already purchased item.

  • Nangelo

    I agree with everyone else on this forum in regards to the waste of time in the global market. Its beyond frustrating to FINALLY see what I’m looking…click on it..spend a few seconds going to the city…click on the item I want JUST TO FIND OUT THAT THE ITEM IS NOW GONE AND IM SITTING THERE FOR 30 seconds with a spinning wheel to be told ” oops sorry! Llamas atey homework or whatever it says”. Improve your global market!!!

  • Destroyers city

    Yesterday’s update did nothing but change the message I receive when the item is taken after I click on it. It actually seems to be worse… Can’t get any now. You should be able to search others city’s inventories and make offers to them

  • Pedro

    Impossible to buy any expansion item in the market!!!!!!

  • Montyy

    Since the update on March 4th, Trade is virtually impossible to achieve. I have just had 19 consecutive failures to purchase out of 20 attempts. This is bullshit: how difficult can it be to establish a robust marketplace? it ruins an otherwise really good game…

  • Montyy

    I am seriously over this update – almost every trade fails! At least it was only about 50% before the 4 March 2015 upgrade…

  • CMax37

    I just spent 2 hours trying to get just window bars and bulldozer buckets. I got not a single one. I’m betting EA holds back one item out of an allotment such as adding storage and land expansion to make players buy from the store.

  • Arthur

    Global trade hq now unplayable for the past week. Everything has gone each time you get to the neighbouring city. Seems to be quicker to build an item than to buy it. Giving up on this game for now . Will pop by later to see if this has improved

  • John

    Now they’ve added the “30 seconds to refresh” to the trade hq. Items are still unavailable when you attempt to purchase. Keeps getting worse….ufb.

  • Steve

    Wow this Global Market has gone from “BAD”, to “REALLY BAD”, to “UNPLAYABLE” in a short time. I can’t get the items I need to expand, so what’s the sense in playing? Thank you EA for making me delete this game and spending my time in the gym instead. I was at level 39 with 700,000 + peeps, and was just getting to the point where I was going to retool my city, but what’s the point if all the Global Trade Market brings a player is a profound sense of frustration and hopelessness?

  • I echo Steve’s sentiment. Time to move on to another game. Why have the trade center in the game at all if it is going to be essentially useless.

    I imagine that people who bought coins must be twice as frustrated, since they spent money on something they can’t use to actually purchase the building blocks they need.

    This is a broken game.

  • richard

    Global HQ is broken

    New 30 second delay? for what reason only the game gods know.
    My global trade center on a Samsung 5 crashes every 2 to 5 attempts to access the Global HQ talk about frustrating
    In the last several days i made 283 global trade searches for a bulldozer bucket, 0 I repeat 0 success. I spend 85% of my game time play — trying to get expansion parts with very little success.

    So i continue banging my head against the wall … hoping that Einsteins definition of insanity is not true or i try something new.

    So at level 31 with 199,681 citizens, 98 % satisifaction , the sims not me — they are going on hiatus, i am leaving the game. I will come back in a month (hopefully) to see if anything is fixed.

    Good luck with the needed repairs.

  • Heather

    I noticed that the early global trade had items showing in “most recent” order — so it checks if you’re the right level and everything shows up in order of how it was added to your depot. I had put a bunch of stuff up in my depot but didn’t advertise them right away. When something unpopular didn’t sell, I ticked “advertise” on some hammers to try to draw in business. The hammers didn’t sell. They were added an hour before and so I am pretty sure no one saw them because advertising was based on when added to the store, not when advertised.

    The new “advertise 3h” doesn’t work like that. You’re item gets put on the top when you click the button. It stays in the heap unless it doesn’t sell in 3 hours, and then you’re given the option to advertise it again. It gives you multiple tries to sell less popular items.

    I think the people who want searchable global trade may not realize that this isn’t going to help as much as you want it to. The popular items (storage bars, tools, the Tokyo town items) aren’t added enough to meet the demand for them. I would estimate storage bars are put on sale at the rate of less than 1000 per hour *globally*. If there are millions of people looking for them, then no matter how they set up global trade, you have to be lucky to find them. Instead of seeing it disappear when you go chase it down, you’ll see the tab for storage bars empty all the time.

    On the other hand, the unpopular items will still glut the system because there are more being put up for sale than demand to buy them.

    I don’t like going to other cities to get goods any more than others, but I usually find a lot of good stuff that way. I wouldn’t want them to take it away. You get to see things that aren’t being advertised but are still up for sale. I get a lot of storage bars that way. It just takes a long time. But even if global trade was searchable for advertised items, you’d still be more likely to get storage bars this way than on global trade.

  • Tornado

    I agree with opinions written above.

    It makes the game unplayable.
    50% of the time, the TC doesn’t offer me anything anymore. If it offers something (at most 5 items), I don’t need it (plastic, wood, …) and have to wait 30 seconds to refresh…

  • Master TMO

    My thought is to incorporate your local businesses. Right now, the computer randomly has your firemen (or, hilariously, policemen) pop up a message saying they’ve arranged a great deal with city X to sell them 2 donuts for 2000 coins. I’m pretty sure those are just randomly generated by the code. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a trade building you could access that would let you place these orders, and the other cities who are connected to the network could pick up orders from there. So if I’m willing to pay a premium for something I need, I can place the order and hopefully somebody will get the order and be willing to fill it. If they decline the sale, it would go back to the list and get picked up by a flunky in someone else’s city and try again.

  • nfa

    I agree that the global hq is super frustrating and would like to see it fixed and workable BUT I believe it is intentionally frustrating so the players will eventually crack and spend money and buy the items they need. So far I have resisted…..

  • Theo

    True enough, the Trade center is a bit frustrating!

    I have a solution for EA that is easy to implement and maintains the exactly same ideas behind!
    The idea is based that the list of “goods” is generated at the server!

    1) Sort the advertised goods by type.
    2) Pick for each “legal by level” advertised good N random adverts! (N is under discussion)
    3) Present the list 😛

    If you give a normal distribution to the adverts then the chance of two people looking for the same item get the same advert is pretty low. Unless, there is much more demand than offer.

    Also you verified that all available type items are presented.

    I’m assuming that there is a limit of adverts that are allowed (let’s say AdvMax) to be presented and there is a LegalItemsCNT which depends on your level. N = int(AdvMax/LegalItemsCNT).

    These also gives a higher chance to low level cities to get what they need 🙂 as they get more adverts of the same item!

    Further Improvement:
    Allow the user to filter the list with categories:
    Expansion Items
    Factory Items
    Shop Items
    The only difference you present only those items (You still generate the identical list otherwise it would be unfair).
    This could even be a sort on your search.

    Improvement 2!!!
    I want to do city friend requests! Or city tags!
    I have seen some really cool cities but I can’t find them a second time easily!

  • Abc city

    The answer is so obvious – market pricing. If you let people sell at whatever price they want, this will resolve itself immediately. Please let us price items higher!! I imagine this requires a LOT less reprogramming.

  • Skittles

    I think the global trade should be set up auction style. That way the seller can get a premium price, while the buyer is able to obtain the item that’s being looked for. Advertising does not work in its present state, often the items are displayed but have been sold. You spend valuable time waiting for the refresh. They should lower the refresh rate so the items newly posted are available first. And while transferring to another city takes up time as well, often the item has been sold while waiting. The global trade should be user friendly.

  • LaVaZaa

    The reason why the items are no longer available is because prices are too low.

    The reason why prices are limited is because if there is no limit the global market can be used to transfer funds from a city to another.

    In that case you have a multitude of chinese cities associated with web sites that offer you buy coins with real money, but cheaper than EA’s.

  • josh

    I believe the solution to this whole issue is simple, rebuild the entire trade HQ

    Add search
    Add trade goods for goods
    Make orders (request goods for money)
    remove auto refresh and add refresh button
    remove the requirement to visit the city your buying from
    remove price limit
    add an easy friend add button to make trade alliances

  • Emperor Che

    I would like to post that I was actually able to purchase an item that was in the GTHQ! A vu glove. It was amazing, The item was actually there when I went to buy it! Wow, that is the first time in a week that has happened! Nothing short of a bloody miracle.

    This game needs to fix this, and it needs it asap. I am running at less than 1% fill rate for items actually being in the HQ after loading up the city. Is there anyone that has a better odds at finding ANYTHING that is suppose to be at the GTHQ? The only time I ever find anything through it, is if I click on something I DONT NEED and just happen to find it by chance. How special-ed is that, were the dev’s on the short bus? All the “fixes” and “improvements” are just making things worse.

    This backbone of the game’s economy is making the franchise look like a joke.

  • Mark Reece

    Visiting other people’s stores is not social – there is no interaction.

    Run global markets for each commodity. 2-way book – you can place an order to sell items, as now, at a price (ideally unrestricted – buyer beware, flash crash etc) and you can place an order to buy.

    In the GTHQ you see all the commodities available at that time with the total volume and the best buy and sell prices. You want to sell an item, you decide to take an available price, or put it on the book and see if you can get a higher price.

    With activity from thousands of players, the markets will be dynamic and you ought to be able to get what you want reasonably reliably.

    Its called a commodity exchange and this is the way the real world does global trade – you can see what is available and decide if you like the price.

    • Adlerville

      Fantastic idea!!

  • Tarantula

    I think it should be set up like the diablo 3 auction house with no minimum or maximum price, search what you want and buy at the current lowest price

  • Adlerville

    I would like to see a “WANTED TO BUY” section. So many times I’ve been looking for an item only to find it śold by the time I get to it. I would love to put a wanted item on a board with the maximum I would pay and let people with that item come to me. I would also like a way to become friends with the people I trade with.

  • Rick

    Considering that VU items serve no purpose anymore and that is all that is available in he trade headquarters I see no reason to ever go there and no reason to continue with this game. Was fun while it lasted but is now unplayable.

  • MorganM

    How about letting us buy the item directly out of the HQ and THEN take us to their city? That way whomever clicks on it first in the HQ wins (not whomever has the faster hardware + internet) but we still go to their trade depot and see their market.

  • Jay Bates… I started a Facebook group, if you join it then you can message the other members for what you need and then go directly to their cities and pick up the supplies. Forget the random generated goods on Global HQ, citizens of the world unite!

    Also useful for those of us who are active in the game and only have friends with empty level 5 cities and never use their trade center.

    • Wolf

      your page is removed

  • Vtrav

    i downloaded simcity buildit from the app store to my ipad and my version is entirely in russian. i can find no way to change it

  • Xentricag04

    Use the Walmart model: when an item is offered up for sale, add it to a virtual inventory. When 50 people try to buy the same thing in GTHQ, they can all successfully draw from the inventory if 50 of the same item are available for sale. After each purchase from inventory, “pay” the next person in line that had offered the item for sale. In short, don’t use the Craigslist model of single buyer from single seller. Not efficient enough at scale.

  • Jagan

    Goddamit. People on town spawning 2 type of item but the lock and dozer blade never appeared anymore. How people supposed to upgrade the storage with this crippled trade system?

  • Seth Johnson

    The whole GTHQ is a scam! Do you ever notice how there is ALWAYS an item you really need and even if it is as simple as nails or wood or steel, it is ALWAYS sold out or “oh were sorry, we screwed you again” message. Just click on something you don’t really need and EVERY TIME it will be available. Go ahead, give it a try. It is programmed into the game, it is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to coincidental not to be. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with supply and demand, absolutely nothing. The game is cheating you, plain and simple. You won’t convince me otherwise.

    • Mike Larrazzo

      My favorite is when you have no room in city storage and suddenly what you want is available in bulk – but you can’t buy it because – poor you – you have no room in storage

      • Earl Bernie

        YES!!!! 7 months later and this is still an issue. There needs to be an on-screen stat for current storage. With popping bubbles in other cities this storage fills up fast and it’s easy to lose track of space left.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    EA doesnt realize that pissing off their playerbase is a poor business model

  • Bizoo

    I just purchased some cash and in the trade depot tapped on the create new sale a few times .

    it didnt show that it was adding new bins and after tapping on a few times I realized I have spent a lot of cash in there.
    can i delete the bins? can i get reimbursed?

  • Adam Frohling

    Is anyone else getting 90% hamburgers in the trade HQ? I’ve never needed a hamburger yet and I’m level 32. Stop showing me this crap. And they are SO expensive.

    • Inspektor StrangeŁove

      Same thing here – only hamburgers and beach expansion items. Literally 90% of Trade market HQ is those two things. I can’t even bother with this crappy game anymore.

  • swerver

    GTHQ is possibly the worst feature of any game I have ever played in my life. It’s almost enough in itself to make me quit this game forever (I have a city with 1million + population). You can hardly ever get what you want, always sold before you get to the other city. The whole thing is very poorly designed, you can spend literally hours trying to find one item because you are forced to visit cities advertising a completely different item, just on the off chance that they might have something you actually want.

    The whole thing should be scrapped and redesigned. You should be able to select what items you want and only see cities selling those items, or the game should be clever enough to see exactly what items you need (based on what is going on in your city at that time) and only show cities with those items for sale. There should no requirement for advertising – all items you put up for trade should be automatically advertised to make the idea above work.

    For me it is impossible to complete any Epic Projects buildings above the bronze level due to the absolute mess that is the GTHQ. And with all the other crap that has been added to the game, like the annoying videos to watch (where you hardly ever actually end up with the item you actually want), the seriously annoying ‘tips’ spam (where you’re constantly invited to learn something you already learned like a year ago!) – all in all the game has simply become more and more frustrating, before long I will remove it from my device and delete my account.

  • Shawn Fleck

    A lot of this could be solved if we were allowed to set our own prices and the marketplace size were expanded. Also, if there were tabs with expansion/raw materials/finished outputs – people could choose a specific area to concentrate their “refresh” time. I’m tired of seeing 70% hamburgers when I’ve never needed a hamburger.

  • Prdonato

    It seems we all have basically the same problems with the market system here, but what I want to know is, will this ever be fixed? Are the game designers even aware pf this problem? I not looking to complain if it is not worth my time. I want this to be fixed. This one of the better city building games I have played. But the trading is fundamentally flawed and that really is enough to make me want to quit playing. Does anybody know if this will be fixed, or how to make it happen?

  • Daniel Clark

    This game is a poor imitation of green farm 3. EA seem quite happy to take people’s money yet offer no improvements to the problems that have plagued it from the start knowing Muppets will keep installing it because it’s simply called ‘simcity’. I find myself uninstalling for months on end through frustration and find megapolis or city island the truest and more enjoyable form of the good old SimCity games. Shame on you EA, another large company taking the piss

  • Martin Uhr

    The SC trade store really sucks! It is destroying an otherwise great game. EA should really change the parameters of it otherwise people get frustrated and skip the game.

  • Boy am I lucky. I was really enjoying the game after discovering the trade desk. I even went out And bought an iTunes card so I could buy some cash for in game use. Then suddenly I couldn’t seem to buy anything. Seems to me that unless you are running a macro program to conduct your trades you have no chance of winning a bid. Before putting the card on my account and making the purchase this trade problem started happening and continuing….its been three days now and I have not made a successful trade on any worthwhile item.

    Using an iPad on cable for the record.

  • Christina Imburgia

    Global Trade Hq keeps saying I’m offline, why?

    • Michael Billimoria

      Same problem has dogged me for 2 month. It affects global trade and content of mayors where when clicking on global trade HQ or the contest of mayor building it intermittently tells you that you are offline. Also affect the purchase of items in another persons city (which is most frustrating!) seems to be a server timeout issue on the EA side.

  • Sara

    I agree that trade is biggest issue. The moment I unlock an item, almost half my trades for sale are that item or expansion items for new area. Also I’ve been trying to expand my city since it’s almost full and whenever I click on bulldozer parts on the sale window they are always gone by the time I get to the seller’s city. it is beyond frustrating. System definitely needs a change or overhaul of some kind.