Trade is an integral part of the economy in SimCity BuildIt. Trading provides a place to buy and sell factory and store resources and upgrade materials

There are two buildings that enable trade with your network of friends, as well as other Mayors around the world, the Trade Depot and the Global Trade HQ.

Trade Depot

  • This building allows you to place resources produced from factories and stores up for sale for friends and other mayor’s around the world (you cannot buy from the global market just yet).
  • Unlocked at 8,000 population and after spending §20,000 simoleons.
    • You start with 6 trade spots, but can increase this number for 10 simbucks for each additional spot (this is a decent way to spend your simbucks)
  • When adding items to trade, you are given the option for a one time ‘free advertising’ that has a 5 minute cooldown before you can advertise another item again
    • Once you advertise an item, you CANNOT re-advertise that same item.
    • You can pay Simbucks to have the item removed
      • This PERMANENTLY destroys the items – Do NOT do this option, see TIP below
  • You can visit your friend’s cities and view their trade goods here.
    • Friends are connected via Facebook / Google Play (Android) / Game Center (iOS)
  • Daniel’s city will purchase (chronologically, earliest to latest) your orders that have been placed on the market but have not sold. He will do this every 1 to 3 days.
    • Daniel will purchase several small orders at once or 1-2 large orders.
    • Let Daniel clear your trade depot rather than paying simbucks to remove them.
You can help out your friends by placing resources on the trade depot but charging the minimum amount (friends help friends with their cities 😀 )
Use Daniels purchasing to your advantage by maximizing the price of your trade items (if you get lucky, someone IRL person will buy your goods, if not, Daniel will). Check money making tips (COMING SOON).

Global Trade HQ

  • This building allows you view the global market and purchase resources from mayors around the world.
  • Unlocked at 10,000 population and after spending §40,000 simoleons
  • You can view the most recent 30 postings
    • Closing out of the GTHQ and reopening it refreshes the listing (wish there was a refresh button)
  • Taping on goods to purchase brings you to the posters city and their trade depot. From their you can buy the item you originally wanted as well as any other item for sale in posters trade depot.
    • To quickly check the GTHQ you can click on it straight from within another mayor’s city!
  • Different goods have different level of demands.
    • You will find that most low-mid end materials (and possibly raw resources) will sell at full price in seconds whereas specialty items or high level items tend to be less popular.
    • If you’re having trouble with the system try your luck with some different items.
  • Reminder: You can not view items that you haven’t unlocked, If you’re visiting a friend and he doesn’t have anything for sale then maybe you’re too low level.
You can take advantage of the free advertising from a single item, as prospective buyers can also purchase goods that are currently sitting in your depot. (Example: I’ll put several padlocks, cameras and grates for sale but I’ll start by advertising the grate first (seems to be higher in demand) and more often than not, have a mayor buy all my postings for sale)

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