Mayor's Club Issues

Mayor's Club Issues

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    The new Mayor’s Club looks like it’s going to be either a massive waste of time, or an intriguing idea that needs lots of refinement. So far, I see a few concerns including…

    1. I can visit club members’ cities, but I’m given no option to reply to a mayor specifically. For example, I want to reply to a post from XCity’s Mayor, but I’m forced to post my reply instead in the general forum area of the club and hope that XCity’s Mayor sees it.

    2. I tried a sample “trade” with another club member. I posted a corn in the Trade Center in exchange for a Dr. Vu remote. In order to make this “trade”, I would only have to hope that the mayor I made the trade agreement with sees the corn I posted before some other mayor who did not enter into an agreement with me grabs the corn. If so, I have defaulted on the deal. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a temporary trading room of some kind for each specific “trade”?!?

    3. I’m already heavily invested in game time–don’t I already have enough to do without some pointless chit chat going on a the same time?

    Anybody care to offer ideas/responses?

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