Tips For SimCity Buildit – Global Trade HQ & New Update

Tips For SimCity Buildit – Global Trade HQ & New Update

Welcome to tips and tricks part 2! Today I will be covering the new update, along with some more Global Trade HQ tips!

New Update

The new update brings along the ability to upgrade your commercial buildings in order to produce items at a faster rate. You are able to upgrade each building to level 3, however you will need to meet a certain level requirement to do that. For level 1, items take 10% less time to produce. Upgrading to level 2 makes it take 15% less time. I am going to assume that level 3 makes it 20%. You need to pay simoleons in order to upgrade, around 10-20 thousand for the first level.

I am unsure if these upgrades are really worth it. A 10% difference isn’t a lot, and I think the only people who will be able to take advantage of those differences are hardcore players who are constantly creating items. If you check your city only like three times a day, then this time doesn’t mean anything to you since it would be finished anyways whether it was upgraded or not. I did upgrade my building supplies store only because it is the building I use the most and I wanted to try the new feature out. I don’t plan to upgrade my other buildings unless I do start using them a lot or I have a large excess in simoleons in the bank that I can spend freely. The good thing is, the building upgrades will pay for themselves. So if you like the idea of speeding up your production, try to do it as soon as possible in order to use the benefits are soon as possible.

Overall, I don’t think this update really changed much. There were also some behind-the-scenes changes that will probably make the game run better, but I hadn’t experienced any lag or crashes so I’m not sure what that fixes. I was really happy when I saw there was an update, hoping for something cool and new. I am a little bit disappointed but I know cool things will come in the future, and the game already is really fun, so it’s not like anything needs to be added.

Global Trade HQ

First things first, last article I mentioned how you can receive free gifts from Daniel’s (the CPU player you are friends with) City when you touch the present bubbles. What I didn’t realize is that you can also receive these from random players on the Global Trade HQ! So next time you try to buy something from the market, check around their city real quick to see if there are any presents to be opened. I’ve received some very good items worth over 600 simoleons (Donuts and expansion items).

My next tip is helping you find the items that are easiest to construct and make a good amount of simoleons off of. These are the items that require the least amount of effort and time while maximizing your profit.

Your first main targets are any of the items that only require one ingredient. Right off the bat those are the nails. You can turn metal which is worth only 10 simoleons (20 if you count the two) into a nail with 80. It’s very easy to create the metal due to its very small production time. This moves along to the wooden planks and then, one of my main sellers for a while, vegetables. They only require two seeds and sell for 160 each!

Once you level up some more, the items you want to sell become a little more complex. In the low twenties I sold mostly glue, concrete and donuts/flour. Concrete and donuts will be your main sellers until level 23 when you unlock cream which is very easy to create. I picked selling concrete over glue because even though you unlock glue later, they both sell for the same amount. Also, glue requires two chemicals along with a plastic while concrete only requires one and two minerals. Concrete also takes 10 minutes less, not counting any extra time in producing the materials.

Donuts will also be a main seller for you. They’re quite easy to make and sell for a large amount of simoleons, 950. You only need textiles, seeds and Sugar and Spices in order to make it. The textiles and seeds are used in making the flour bag which will then be used to create the donut. As I mentioned before, your main seller becomes pretty simple when you reach level 23 and you unlock cream. At level 22 you unlock animal feed which doesn’t have much of a use at first. Cream needs only 1 animal feed to be produced, making it a simple animal feed to cream to market process. I upgraded my farmer’s market build slots up to seven just for this process.

I hope this helped some of you out there in building your city and earning those simoleons. Expect an article about city layouts soon, and if you want to see anything covered feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to get something done as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!