SimCity Buildit Tips For New Players – The Newbie Guide

SimCity Buildit Tips For New Players – The Newbie Guide

I remember playing Sim City about 10 years ago. I had a fun time, but I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoyed creating earthquakes, alien invasions and starting fires that would all ravage my people.  I recently rejoined this genre of game recently when Cities: Skylines came out. I got burned out pretty quickly so I didn’t play it all that long. Sim City Build It seems like a nice mix of city builder but with the ability to play it in short increments on the go and less complexity than what is needed

When you first start up, it’s going to look familiar. You are given instructions, place this, do this, go here, etc. The game seems very simple and easy to get into. Resources are the name of the game. You use your factories to produce metal and wood which are then used directly in upgrading your housing or in creating other materials which are then used.

I’m going to give a few quick newbie tips that might send you on the right path.

1) Separate your districts

I’m sure you noticed that the factories have what is called a, “dirty radius.” You want this dirtiness as far away from your sims as possible. Just place all your working factories and whatnot into one place while all your residential is in another. This also makes it easier for placing fire stations and other utilities down the line. Make sure to leave one unit spaces for the fire and police stations as if you don’t you’ll have no room to place them other than having to move around residential areas or destroying roads. You’re not going to be able to do this very efficiently, this will just save you headache in the future.

2) Don’t be afraid of coal

I know it’s not clean energy so you’re not really enthused about using it, but it is by far the best early game spending of money. It gives you a huge amount of electricity, for a very low cost. You don’t have to worry about real life problems. All environmental impact happens right in that square and as long as it doesn’t touch a house, you’re all good to go. Carry this into using oil and nuclear later in the game. Wind power is by far the worst route to go, don’t make the mistake of using it like I did.

3) Take advantage of the Global Trade HQ and offers in-game

I’ll release an article later detailing more about this later. For now, just make the most expensive things you can sell. The vegetables are pretty pricey along with the chairs. Also, if a coin popup shows and it gives you more than the HQ max price, go ahead and take it. It’s always going to make you more money to put the materials into a finished product, but it’s good to get rid of your excess materials this way. I always make a large amount of the most expensive material. When I don’t need any metal or plastic, I make seeds or minerals to sell to the Trade HQ.

4) Don’t waste any money

I made the mistake of placing too many parks right away. You’re going to need the money for necessary buildings like fire, electricity and water. You want to keep your happiness as high as possible. Parks only increase population be a certain percentage, wait until later to start spending money on them. It really sucks when you place 3 parks and then you do not have enough money to afford a fire station causing sims to leave.

5) Have fun with SC Buidit!

Go at your own pace. Don’t think you need to be constantly checking on your city to collect materials and get things going. Improvement will come, what’s most important is that you enjoy the game. Don’t burn yourself out too quickly. If you liked games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and others, you are going to love this one as well.