SimCity Buildit New Player Help Guide – Part 2

SimCity Buildit New Player Help Guide – Part 2

Welcome to New Player Help Guide Part Two! I’m going to give you some tips about earning those precious Simoleons! Simoleons are the lifeblood of your city. There are three main ways of earning currency: taxes, upgrading residential plots and trading through in-game offers or through the Global Trading HQ.


Taxes are relatively easy to figure out. Give your citizens services and you’ll earn more money passively as you play the game. You’re going to be commonly around 86%-94% in happiness, always try your best to stay above 90%. The cutoff from the 80’s to the 90’s is a full 6%. This might not seem like much but with my numbers right now it is a 3077 simoleon difference (10255 at 20%). This number is only going to increase as you play the game, as costs for buildings seems to be generally the same through the first 20 levels as you’ll be buying mostly tier 1 buildings. A week of being below 90% could cost you 21 thousand, two tier 1 services your city could use.


I have two Simcity Buildit help tips for keeping happiness high. One, do not grow your city too quickly if you don’t have the proper resources to cover your new buildings with services. I know you want to place those residential plots you have, but it might be beneficial to hold off until you have a little bit in your savings. The second is to be wary of leveling up. Some levels unlock new services you must provide to your population.

  • Fire at level 5
  • Police at level 8
  • Sewage at level 8
  • Waste management at level 14
  • Health at level 16

Make sure to have a good amount of simoleons ready before you hit these levels in order to hit the ground running. Otherwise you might be looking at a few days of 80% happiness while you work to build the services.

Residential Plots

I’m sure you have noticed by now that upgrading residential plots gives a fair bit of money. If you have residential plots fully covered by services, work to get them upgraded for both taxes and the ~1000 simoleons it gives you. There’s not much to say about this other than to always be upgrading your plots. Later in the game it becomes a viable strategy to destroy plot and then rebuild them to earn the simoleons back, but you don’t have to worry about that quite yet.


Trading is going to be the main source of income for you, it also can be the most fun or boring. There are two forms of trading, the Global Trade HQ and offers from the computer for your goods. Not sure if you should be accepting the offers from the computer? Consult this trading help chart and compare it to the maximum Global Trade HQ price to see which is higher. This is a good amount of the items you’ll first see in your gameplay (AKA how far I’ve gotten). By the time you reach the point you need to consult an item that isn’t on the list I’m sure you’ll have learned the tricks to the trade.

Item Sell Price Item Sell Price Item Sell Price Item Sell Price
Metal 10 Sugar/Spice 110 Msr Tape 110 Grass 310
Wood 20 Nails 80 Shovel 150 Tree Sapplings
Plastic 25 Planks 120 Cooking Utensils 250 Storage Items 650
Seeds 30 Bricks 190 Vegetables 160 Expansion Items 800
Minerals 40 Cement 440 Flour Bag Beach Expansion 1500
Chemicals 60 Glue 440 Chairs 300
Textiles 90 Hammer 90 Tables 500

If the computer offers you more than these numbers, feel free to take it if you like. If you need the item, don’t feel like you have to trade it just because it’s a better price. If you are going to need the item in for a recipe, you might not want to trade it in.


As for trading with other players, it is quite simple. The main way you’ll be trading is through selling off your items. When I want to relax and not worry about upgrading residential plots, I make the highest selling items I can. Right now I set my factories to craft Sugar and Spice, netting me ~1600 every 4 hours. It’s not a lot, but in a day you could easily make 6400 off of just your factories, not counting anything from your commercial buildings (Tools, building supplies, produce, furniture). You don’t need to be a super active player to make money. Just collecting your taxes and selling off simple to make products will earn you a good amount of simoleons each day. When you have everything under control in your city, take a break and allow that bank account to fill up for the next “rainy” day.

If you want to be more aggressive and active with your trading, just follow the simple rule of buying low and selling high. If you see something under the above prices, you can purchase it and immediately sell it back for a profit. This is going to be easiest probably when you’re a low level. Purchase the special items that increase your cities’ size and storage space for anything lower than their normal amount. I’ve seen them listed for their starting amount, possible of netting a 120-200 simoleon profit. It’s not a lot but if you get 5 a day along with other building items, that will earn you possibly above a thousand a day. I personally do not do this because I don’t have the patience or time to, but it can only help you!

I hope this second part helps clear up some questions about earning money in Sim City Build It. Nothing is better than seeing your number of simoleons up in the high thousands and knowing how much you could buy with it. Good luck!