SimCity Buildit Tokyo Town Layout Guide – 4+ Million Population

SimCity Buildit Tokyo Town Layout Guide – 4+ Million Population

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New Beach Update for SC Buildit – TOKYO TOWN: This is version 4.1.6b of my Sim City Build It layout guide for a maximum population. As is clearly observable, this guide is subject to constant changes and updates along with the updates of the game and small tweaks here and there that evolve over time. DO NOT take this population figure as the HIGHEST number possible. If you have a suggestion to improve (with NO HACKS) please let me know!

This version of the guide uses only Tokyo Town residential zones. You can find a similar guide for full regular residential zones here . Feel free to mix and match between the guides as most people will have a mix of regular and Tokyo Town residential zones.


Today we have our SimCity BuildIt 4+ Million Population Layout Guide, with an overhead view and grid with buildings, services, and calculations and explanations as to why this guide looks the way it does.


Earlier version of the guide can be found either on this website (see change log further down) or on the SCBuildIt subreddit. A number of Mayors were part in the creation and tweaks of the layouts over time and they do deserve praise as well.


You will find me there at


Utility Services

This layout uses a combination of space saving Tier 1 and more efficient and pollution free Tier 3 utility service buildings (more in-depth info here).


Important note: Tokyo Town zones provide 20% population, but also require 100% utilities. Be aware of this when building your Tokyo Town zones. This guide provides full coverage for 100% Tokyo Town zones.


Utility Buildings
Power Fusion Power Plant (Tier 3)Wind Power Plant (Tier 1)
Water Water Pumping Station (Tier 3)Water Tower (Tier 1)
Sewage Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant (Tier 3)
Waste Recycling Center (Tier 3)


Coverage Services

This guide uses a combination of Tier 1 and Tier 3 coverage services to provide fire, police and health to Sims (in-depth info here).

Service Buildings
Fire Deluxe Fire Station (Tier 3)Small Fire Station (Tier 1
Police Police Precinct (Tier 3)Small Police Station (Tier 1)
Health Hospital (Tier 3)

Specializations (NEW INFO wit more recent updates)


Earlier Versions: Parks, Education and transportation could EACH provide coverage area to reach 100% population boosts to all residential areas. This means maximizing each of the three specialization and overlapping their coverage areas provides 300% total boost. Gambling, Entertainment, Landmarks COMBINED allowed a coverage area to reach 100% population boost. Unlike the specializations above, you could reach a MAX of 100% using any combination of the three. Gambling was used because it is the cheapest specialization to provide 100% coverage (20 keys). (in-depth info here).


Recent Updates: The developers recently fixed this issue so now the game allows each specialization to provide a 100% population boost. This opened very different layout possibilities and made it possible to reach far higher population numbers.



Specialization (Each: 100% | Combined 700%) Buildings
Parks Peaceful ParksSakura Parks
Education University
Transportation Helipad
Gambling Luxury Casino (Not Luxury CasinoTowers)
Entertainment Ferris Wheel
Landmarks Washington Monument
Beach Luxury MarinaRelaxed Beach


This means that you can have a total of 700% boost to any residential zone allowing population numbers above 3.6mil of the regular layout and even above 4.1mil for a full Tokyo Town city.


NOTE: (many have asked about why we use Luxurious Casino versus Luxurious Casino Tower): The maximum amount of boost you can receive from a specialization is 100%. Overlapping two of the Luxurious Casino Tower (which give 60% boost each) would result in a 120% boost (20% wasted). So stick with the Luxurious Casino and you can save the golden keys. The layout requires enough keys as it is and saving some is always good. If you want to have more diversity in your buildings, you can mix them as well. The boost numbers will not change.


Places of Worship

Many have asked why there are no Places of Worship on the max layouts. The explanation for this is simple. They do not provide enough population boost to make them worthwhile. A church takes up 2×2 and provides 25% boost for a 12×12 space. The space it take up produces a residential zones loss of 1836 + approx. 600%, so roughly 13,000. The place of worship would have to cover approx. 28 residential zones, which is not possible for the coverage ratio.



One of the bigger changes in this layout from the last is the massive reduction of parks. Here again, we are looking at the same general issue as we are seeing with places of worship. For the past layouts I have been using mostly peaceful parks. They have a coverage ration of 7×10 in the game. As you can see in the screenshot below one peaceful park can only cover 19 residential zones max.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.31.01 AM


2 Peaceful Parks together can cover the below area, providing 19x2x459 = 17,442 population boost. But you need perfect coverage for that, which this layout does not allow. Please see below for a table that shows how many res units have to be covered by the both parks together. For this each park needs to be accounted for separately. For the layout I picked the spots for parks that actually outperform their loss. I have marked park coverage on the layout further down with RZ and RZ-1 – 4 corresponding to how many 25% park boosts the residential zone gets.


Boost Total Red Pop Req. Res Coverage
500% 11016 24
600% 12852 28



Under current circumstances it is very difficult to get 100% education boost into the layout. For the people that like tweaking my layouts even further I have provided a more transparent calculation base for the education specialization. All residential zones that receive 50% boost are highlighted in a double white line around the zone. All other residential zones have 100% boost.



With the beach layout additional population boosts are now possible. Upon looking at the different options it proved that Luxury Marina’s provided the best coverage and overall population boost. I have highlighted the rows on the side of the layout to which height the Luxury Marina boosts are effective.


Update: To everyone that thinks that Sailormens Piers are more effective. I have checked this with the current layout and I concluded that Luxury Marinas provide about 1-2k more population and are way cheaper in terms of keys (about 370 keys less). If you want a more in depth proof of this, please let me know and I will gladly go through the calculations with you.



Many people have asked why there are no factories on the max pop layouts. The answer to this is that factories are no longer necessary in the late endgame. At this stage every single build able spot is accounted for and only the last few buildings need to be upgraded to skyscrapers. At tho point this can be achieved through the Global Trade Head Quarter or through feeder cities. You can also leave parks or other boost structures out until all buildings are constructed if that suits your playing style better.


Cost – Simoleons

This is an expensive layout in terms of simoleon cost. Especially the expenses for the road upgrades are extremely costly. Upgrading to Streetcar level is not always necessary. Also, simoleons simply accumulate over time with taxes. Don’t worry too much if you need to wait a few days for certain road upgrades or new utilities buildings, the keys are much harder to farm.


Structure # Cost Total Cost
Peaceful Park 22 8000 176,000
Sakura Park 18 60000 1,080,000
Police Precint 4 72100 288,400
Police Staton 6 10100 60,600
Fire Dept 4 42100 168,400
Fire Station 6 6100 36,600
Hospital 6 64200 385,200
Factory 0 50000
Pump Station 10 45000 450,000
Water Tower 0 6000
Fusion Power Plant 6 90000 540,000
Wind 12 6000 72,000
Wind 1 15000 15,000
Sewage 10 35000 350,000
Trash 8 60000 480,000
Roads – 4 lane 521 300 156,300
Roads – 6 lane 1200 625,200
Roads – Main Street 1500 781,500
Roads – Broad Street 2000 1,042,000
Roads – Streetcar 2500 1,302,500


Cost – Keys


Structure # Cost Total Keys
University 8 25 200
Ferris Wheel 8 28 224
Helipad 18 20 360
Lux Casino 18 10 180
Was Monument 18 40 720
Luxury Marina 8 50 400
Relaxed Beach 2 12 24
Keys 2108



Days spend attempting to complete this layout Priceless


Keys – Most bang for my buck

For this current layout guide I went a step further and checked what is the most efficient use of our hard earned keys. Where do I get the most bang for my buck so to say. Please see below table based on the current layout in this guide.


Structure # Cost Total Keys Boost/Key
University 8 25 200 2,907.96
Ferris Wheel 8 28 224 2,383.96
Helipad 18 20 360 1,664.49
Lux Cas 18 10 180 3,328.98
Was Mon 18 40 720 832.24
Luxury Marina 8 50 400 522.95
Relaxed Beach 1 12 12


As you can see the Luxury Casinos clearly top the chart followed by University and Ferris Wheels. Landmarks and the beach section might look nice, but are by far the worst way to spend keys with the aim for max population. Since the relaxed beaches have such little effect on the total beach calculation I have simply added them together. I will leave it to each of you Mayors to pick and choose the best individual way to spend the keys.


City Layout

Birds eye view is below (click for an enlarged view). Please look at the abbreviation table for questions regarding any shorthand notations.


Abbreviation Meaning
PP Peaceful Park
SP Sakura Park
TT Tokyo Town Residential Zone
TT-1 Tokyo Town Zone covered with one 25% park
TT-2 Tokyo Town Zone covered with two 25% parks
TT-3 Tokyo Town Zone covered with three 25% parks
TT-4 Tokyo Town Zone covered with four 25% parks
Helipad Specialization building (Transportation)
Admin Town Hall, City Hall and Mayor’s Mansion
Was Mon Washington Monument (Department. of Culture)
Helipad Specialization building (Transportation)
Lux Cas Luxury Casino (Gambling)
Wi Wind Power Plant
W Water Tower
FD Fire Station (Tier 1)
PD Police Station (Tier 1)



Version (Link to Picture) Changes
4.1.6b Redid residential zone layout, removed beachfront res zones. Added more parks.
4.1.4 Recalculated specialization boosts
4.1.3 (Current Version) Beach Update.
3.x version Updates to layout, specializations now allow 100% boost each
2.2.6 Rearranged LandmarksReduced the amount of factories present
2.2.5 Added additional buildings to fill empty space in previous version
Road layout has changed to include more residential zonesRearranged utility buildingsAdded new specialization buildings (landmarks)

Corrected mayors mansion placement

Added highway entrance marking (black arrow)

2.1.4 Initial Release. No changes.