SimCity BuildIt: Money Cheats Guide

SimCity BuildIt: Money Cheats Guide

Money Guide

Hey everyone! Today we are bringing you a SimCity Buildit Money Guide to all things § Simoleons. Read up on some excellent methods we’ve found that can help boost your city’s vault!

All Mayors need valuable simoleons to expand and build out their cities. We’re constantly finding new ways to make coin and will post new and updated methods here.

Please read the following snippet before proceeding

Important Reference Information
Sim's coin popup bubble Sims will offer to buy goods randomly in the form of a floating golden coin bubble that appear around your city
Daniel's auto-buy feature Daniel (the computer Sim who owns the neighboring city) purchases unsold goods at your Trade depot every (around) 3 days
– He will buy these items regardless of price so ALWAYS max out the price of items

Bulldoze Method

This tip comes from /r/scbuildit user Aisthetiks and their original post here.

You take advantage of an exploit (I would call it one, some many would not) in upgrading homes. This works at any level


  • Must complete the tutorial


  1. Place your residential zones
  2. When it comes time to upgrade, collect the required materials
  3. Upgrade residential zones 2-3 times
  4. Bulldoze these zones once the material requirements surpass your production ability
  5. Repeat the process at Step 1.

Other conditions:

  • Only have at between 2 and 4 residential zones.
  • Upgrade these residential zones using only the basic resources produced (Metal, Nails, Wood, Seeds)
    • Only upgrade a zone 2-3 times (or before you start getting higher resource requests)
      • You will receive about §700 for each upgrade from the basic resources
    • BULLDOZE these plots and repeat the process.
  • You will NOT be able to build buildings that require a certain population level (ex. power, factories)
    • Be sure you have all the buildings you need before you start bulldozing zones!!!!
This is a great way to level up your city since you gain XP for each house upgraded.
This method works with Vu's Disasters (once unlocked), meaning you can ALSO get golden keys fast and by using only basic resources. This is very effective!
Vu's Disaster HQ allows you to launch disasters (meteor strike, earthquake, etc) on your city, destroying around 4-6 residential zones in the process. You can 'rebuild' these homes (similar to upgrading or constructing) to their pre-disaster level and earn 1-2 keys per home rebuilt

According to OP, this method has earned them around §500,000 simoleons. Other commentator’s on the thread seem to confirm this as a viable money making trick (albeit taking advantage of a ‘loop hole’). For now, take advantage of this and earn yourself some cold hard coin!

Edit: Can confirm this WORKS!

Edit 2: A Simple change MORE THAN DOUBLES the §/Hour

Post by Seyeght here

  1. Destroy all buildings
  2. Build 2 new residential plots. (Both will require 1 Nails to upgrade)
  3. Upgrade one plot and ignore the other. –Always have this 1 plot unbuilt, asking for 1 nails, I placed mine off screen so that I wouldn’t confuse them.–
  4. While house is building, enter the Residential Planning screen.
  5. Place a new plot, and stay in the Residential Planning screen.
  6. When house is finished, and fireworks go off, bulldoze the newly built house.
  7. This will force you to exit the Residential Planning screen, and load the requirements for the plot that we placed in step 5. (1 Steel)
  8. Upgrade the new plot to a house. —Go back to step 4 to continue the cycle.—

I have been able to do one cycle every 10 seconds, as long as I didn’t have to stop to make additional Steel. That is roughly $4,000/min once you get the pattern down.

If you want to stop ‘grinding’ for a little while, just stop at step 7. Build/Buy more steel, and never have to worry about building more than 1 Nails.

Here is the updated Method in action.

Donut / Nail Methods

Donut Method

This method comes user My-Internet-Sucks and his original post here.


  • Must be able to create donuts (Have purchased the Donut Shop)
  • Ample storage capacity at your Trade Depot
  • Plenty of trade spots at your Trade Depot
    • Additional slots can be purchased for $10 simbucks


  1. Create Donuts
    1. Create Flour – requires 2 seed and 2 textiles
    2. Create Donuts – requires 1 flour bag and 1 sugar & spices
  2. Two paths you can take:
    • Sell donuts to the popup coin bubble
      • See requirements above
    • Sell donuts on the Global Trade HQ and take advantage of Daniel’s auto-buy
      • See requirements above

Taking 45 minutes to make and selling for §950 each (a full stack of 10 sells for §9,500) it’s not too much of a bad choice (Potentially able to produce 32 donuts a day, with each one of those selling at §950 is §30,400 per day).

Donut Method
Donut Method
Nail Method

User PyslentStorm has noted in their post here that using nails instead of donuts provides more income, as nails require only metal to make and can be produced very quickly.

Create nails instead of donuts to follow this method.

Comparing Methods

Breakdown of Methods

Name Production Time Price per Unit Price per Stack § Per Minute
Donuts 285 950 9500 3.3
Nails 6 80 800 13.33
Balance both. Focus nails when you have the time to sit and play and are able to constantly produce and sell on the market. Focus donuts when you don't have the time.
I would advise using the donut method at night and running passively throughout the day, and use nails more actively.


This is a pretty simple method if you have time to browse the global trade market.


  • Unlocked the Trade Depot & Global Trade HQ
  • Ample storage capacity at your Trade Depot
  • Plenty of trade spots at your Trade Depot
    • Additional slots can be purchased for $10 simbucks
  • Around §10,000-§20,000 or so simoleons
    • You can do this with any amount of money, but if there are good deals that have a high stack price, having more § upfront can help you snap up those deals.


  1. Go to the Global Trade HQ and browse for items that are currently for sale below their max price
    • See the list of items and their min/max auction price here (coming soon!)
  2. Buy these low price items (the lower the better!)
  3. Repost these items at your Trade Depot and price them at their maximum.

Items will generally sell (requires some luck) and you can turn a tidy profit reselling. As they say, it takes money to make money.

If your items DO NOT sell:

  • Try posting an item for a ridiculously low price
    • One item to entice a buyer to click on your city, and a possible chance for them to buy more of your goods
  • Wait for Daniel to auto-buy unsold items
    • DO NOT pay $ simbucks to remove them

  • Matt

    Does this still work?

    • Jaanko

      All of these methods still work!

  • timc995

    I was able to do some analysis and develop a “theoretically optimal” crafting solution. This was done for fun and to see what the theoretic limits are.

    This analysis essentially required developing a “footprint” for everything that can be produced, in terms of how much time it requires in the factories and stores. From that data, I was able to run through a linear programming solver and determine what mix of goods generated the most revenue each day (if sold at maximum prices in the trade depot).

    The optimal mix depends on the level of the player, since not all items would be available. I assumed everything is unlocked for the initial illustration.

    I assumed that 9 factories with 5 slots each are available (for a total available factory time per day of 9*5*1440 minutes). Again, this will vary depending on where you are in the game and what kind of factories you have.

    For the stores, each has a maximum capacity of 1440 minutes per day.

    For items produced (and sold), there is a maximum of 10 sales each 5 minutes (since the trade depot only allows free advertising of a single slot each 5 minutes), or a maximum daily # of items sold of 2880.

    Here’s what I got (apologies for formatting)

    Item Quantity Revenue
    Donus 32 30,400
    Flour Bag 16 9,120
    Nails 216 17,280
    Chairs 72 21,600
    Watch 16 9,280
    Tree Sapling 14.39999989 6,048
    Lighting System 13.71428618 12,206
    Wood 861.0286681 17,221
    Plastic 1638.856989 40,971
    2,880 164,126

    This lists all of the items that you’d be selling…that means that there are lot of intermediate items produced along the way that are inputs to these items.

    This keeps all of the stores 100% busy, except the Fast Food store (which is 100% idle).

    The theoretic maximum revenue per day from selling produced goods is 164,126 Simoleons.

    From here, it’s possible to tweak a bit. I can’t see actually following the above, since the item management and sales process would be impossible to manage. I added some more constraints. For example, I avoided selling any ‘raw’ factory goods that could be produced in under 2 hours. I was hoping to reduce the number of items that would be sold. This results in:

    Item Quantity Revenue
    Donut 32 30,400
    Flour Bag 16 9,120
    Nails 221.5384625 17,723
    Chairs 66.46153758 19,938
    Home Textiles 1.476923348 901
    Watch 16 9,280
    Tree Sapling 16 6,720
    Lighting System 13.71428618 12,206
    Glass 55.85640865 6,703
    439 112,991

    Revenue drops considerably, but remains at a respectable 113k per day. This would require all of the factories and stores (except fast food) run at 100%.

    I did a check and was able to show that if I only allowed producing the same number of items in a day (439), but allowed some of those to be raw materials, then the maximum revenue only rose to 114k. This shows me thatexcluding sales of raw materials doesn’t affect results materially.

    So, making it more practical…

    I’m at level 33 in the game right now. That means that a few items are not available to me (TV, lighting system, refrigerator, and garden gnomes). Excluding those, it looks like the best I can achieve at level
    33 is:

    Item Quantity Revenue
    Donut 32 30,400
    Flour Bag 16 9,120
    Nails 288 23,040
    Cap 9.163636364 5,498
    Home Textiles 19.2 11,712
    Watch 9.890909091 5,737
    Tree Sapling 16 6,720
    BBQ Grill 8.727272727 4,625
    398.9818182 96,852

    Now this is starting to look familiar!… This indicates that I should run the donut+nail strategy simultaneously, and also produce and sell a few other items. Factories end up operating at 67%, and 8 of the 9
    stores at 100%.

    So, putting the above into words, the strategy becomes:

    1) Run the donut+nail strategy. This keeps the supply and donut stores busy.
    a) Produce and sell donuts as fast as the donut store allows
    b) Produce and sell nails as fast as the supply store allows
    2) Produce and sell Home Textiles in the furniture store to it’s capacity
    3) Produce and sell tree Saplings in the garden store to it’s capacity
    4) Produce and sell BBQs in the home appliance store to it’s capacity
    5) Produce flour bags as fast as possible (constrained by the farmer’s market). Sell any that aren’t needed by the donut strategy.
    6) Produce and sell approximately equal amounts of CAPs and Watches in the fashion store (to capacity)
    7) Use the hardware store to generate measuring tapes (needed for caps and home textiles), shovels (needed for tree saplings), and cooking utensils (for BBQs)
    8) Use the factories to keep everything else from becoming resource starved.

    • vortexrap

      good god. im putting this up as a freaking post this is crazy! woooow

    • timc995

      Thought I’d add a bit to the last strategy that I had outlined. The only part of the bullets (1-8) in the list I provided was figuring out what to produce in the hardware store and factories (since the other other stores are all 100% dedicated to a single task).

      The hardware store is used to generate measuring tapes, shovels, and cooking utensils. The numbers needed in a 24 hour period would be 28.3 measuring tapes, 16 shovels, and 8.7 cooking utensils. That works out to 53% measuring tapes, 30% shovels, and 16% cooking utensils. Scheduling as follows gets pretty close to that:
      – 4 measuring tapes
      – 2 shovels
      – 1 cooking utensil
      (this ends up being 57%/28%/14%, which is close enough). You can intersperse the items… M/S/M/C/M/S/M and then repeat, for exapmple.

      For factories, the daily raw material needs work out to:
      664 metal
      33 wood
      82 plastic
      128 seeds
      10 chemicals
      153 textiles
      32 sugar and spices
      10 glass

      Multiplying by the minutes required for each item gives the queue minutes that must be dedicated at the factories for each…
      664 metal; 664 minutes
      33 wood; 100 minutes
      82 plastic; 734 minutes
      128 seeds; 2560 minutes
      10 chemicals; 1187 minutes
      153 textiles; 27491 minutes;
      32 sugar and spices; 7680 minutes
      10 glass; 2967 minutes

      and dividing those by the time required for a factory to produce one item indicates the minimum number of queue slots that is required for each:

      664 metal; 664 minutes; 0.46
      33 wood; 100 minutes; 0.07
      82 plastic; 734 minutes; 0.51
      128 seeds; 2560 minutes; 1.78
      10 chemicals; 1187 minutes; 0.82
      153 textiles; 27491 minutes; 19.1
      32 sugar and spices; 7680 minutes; 5.33
      10 glass; 2967 minutes; 2.06

      It is much easier to keep a factory queue more fully used when it doesn’t require checking in frequently. For that reason, it makes sense to overallocate to the ‘fast’ items. The 45 slots can be split up as such:

      10 queues – used for metal+wood+plastic
      6 queues seeds
      2 queue chemicals
      20 queues textiles
      5 queues sugar and spices
      2 queues glass

      While I didn’t think I’d actually run anything out of my analysis, it turns out to be pretty straightforward to balance everything by using the above factory allocations and hardware store queueing strategy.

  • Jimbo

    does the bulldozing method still work?
    It’s the 6th February and I don’t want to can my city if it has been patched!!

    Great. Site too guys – thanks for all the guids they are a massive help

    • vortexrap

      Thanks! Yes the bulldoze method is still working.

  • Roy

    It all works. My strategy is different but similar.

    My setup is this:
    I have 200 spots of storage. Just because.
    I can produce 11 nails at a time and walk away. If I check in a few times in a day, that means I can easily replenish nail production and have 50 nails ready when I have time to get online.

    From there,
    Bulldoze everything.
    Build three homes. You’ll need 1 metal, 2 metals, and 1 nail.
    When you provide the nails and metals, build the next three.
    When the first three are finished, bulldoze them. Check of the nails and metals for the next three. And so on.

    This is similar to the $4000 p minute method. Except I finish 3 homes in stead of one at a time. So there’s no wait time, I’m always trying to keep up with production.

    I think this nets more money per minute. Plus I don’t care to just make money for two hours straight, so when I run out of nails I buy the next police station etc. and cut out for the day.

    • Katie

      If you do the bulldoze method, do you level up even though your population isn’t going up?

  • daxiong

    No wonder the global trade market is flooded with donuts. I can’t search other items that I need beside the stupid donuts.

  • Elisa

    Does the bulldozing method still work?

  • Everest

    Here is the guide to a perfect game:
    Build 2 homes at a time, building up is better than spreading out, never bulldoze, request new plans instead, you need max population to receive max taxes. Build your storage by the end of level 9 you need a minimum of 130. Trade lots buy low sell high, look ahead have enough cash to buy the next requirement before leveling up, ex. Firehall. After level 10 make sure cargo shipments are open and collect every key you can. Start expanding buy the cheapest parts you can, sell storage pieces for profit. Level up to 15, don’t go any higher, buy transportation, get a helipad, buy parks this will boost your population over 100k , your taxes will be approx 15,000 day. Complete all expansions. Build your storage to 200, some vue disasters can’t be done with less. Build 2-4 at a time, bulldoze any plans you don’t like, don’t increase your population just build and bulldoze making 6k a minute if u run 4 Do as many vue disasters as possible and earn all keys you can. Buy all secondary buildings and improve all roads. Relax and fill in residenses. This is an easy way to max out the game, with no cheats secondary accounts or friends feeding you materials. You can easily do it on your own and have a ton of fun. Watch out for the city of Everest the biggest and best just like the mountain 🙂

  • Daniel

    Just bulldozed… Only making $4 to rebuild houses. Think they have nerfed it from $700 to $4. No more homes so I will quit now

    • Sonic

      I came to the harsh realization my self. trying to remove everything just in case… I’m patient enough to rebuild everything though.

  • uh some help. i tried the bulldozing method and all my buildings need one nail to build or do annything, taking a pretty damn long time 🙁

  • Courtney

    I’m only getting 10 coins per upgrade

  • Courtney

    I’ve already bulldozed my town and am only getting 10 coins per upgrade.

  • to.

    Heh. Yeah they fixed that loophole now I think.. Don’t bother demolishing.

  • JMod

    Seems like the the bulldozing method doesn’t work anymore. vortexrap can you confirm? If so you should probably update this post at the top so people don’t destroy their cities.

    Any other similar non-Trade HQ oriented money-making methods?

  • Hano_Mayor

    Hi folks, tried yesterday the bulldoze method, but haven’t seen the tiny updates down here. Please advise people on top of pages that the BDM is patched. Only 10SIM per residential area. Try now to think positive and adjust my layout and boost SIM with trade and the little earnings left with the bulldoze method. Please post any other method of money making than bulldoze or trade when available. BEWARE: there are a lot of cheats in the web offering a boost of money with “just a survey” to complete – subscription-trap! Do NOT try that! Be smart and enjoy the game in finding your own way of making money for your population. Have fun, Hano_Mayor

  • Mayor of Los Santos

    I think the linked poster on reddit did the math wrong about the nails. 1 donut takes 45 minutes to make. In 45 minutes, 9 nails can be made. At 80 each, that is 720. 1 donut is worth 950. I buy the sugar since it is always available, so that’s 110 off of 950 = 840. Still more than 720. The poster also makes the assumption that no one buys donuts, but I sell donuts in fives at full price and they get taken almost instantly. You just have to keep the cycle going, have flours ready to go and make flours as your donuts are going. I always have donuts and flours going and don’t trade any of them in upgrades. I do it in fives until I get to 100. Of course, my own math/logic could be wrong, but I think I did it right. The best idea is, as the article says, do both at the same time, but selling donuts isn’t a bad idea as the reddit poster would have you believe.

  • Mayor of Los Santos

    I think the linked poster on reddit did the math wrong about the nails. 1 donut takes 45 minutes to make. In 45 minutes, 9 nails can be made. At 80 each, that is 720. 1 donut is worth 950. I buy the sugar since it is always available, so that’s 110 off of 950 = 840. Still more than 720. The poster also makes the assumption that no one buys donuts, but I sell donuts in fives at full price and they get taken almost instantly. You just have to keep the cycle going, have flours ready to go and make flours as your donuts are going. I always have donuts and flours going and don’t trade any of them in upgrades. I do it in fives until I get to 100. Of course, my own math/logic could be wrong, but I think I got it right. The best idea is, as the article says, do both at the same time, but selling donuts isn’t a bad idea as the reddit poster would have you believe.

  • mayor or farraz’ paradise

    It doesn’t work anymore, and i have bulldozed all my residential buildings 🙁

  • mario

    Does this still work?

  • The bulldozer method doesn’t work anymore, does it?

    • eliezer cazares

      it was patched some months ago

  • CM

    The $4000/ hr method no longer works. Only getting $1-$6 per rebuild and 1 xp 🙁

  • trejtt

    I have no idea why anyone would want to do it this way. What’s the point really? I have 200k plus residents and can get 100k per hour by just ignoring the prompts to build up my housing and only producing material to sell. If i want to increase the pop I just build a park for 4000 or something and I always keep about 500k to be able to buy whatever I need. But even this is boring after a while since there is such a limited selection of sellers selling things and there are times when nearly all that is available are donuts, everyone selling donuts, or watches. It’s like Greece’s economy, everyone purchasing each others’ watches by trading donuts or vice versa.

    • Seth Johnson

      100k per hour just selling low buck items? I call BS

      • trejtt

        I don’t just sell low buck items. Where did you read that? I produce a steady stream of the most cost efficient products using all the available manufacturing. I don’t sell lowball products like steel (and I also don’t get all these people selling one item at a time, say, one steel for 7 simoleans…). I’m talking about not bothering with items like glass production that takes several hours yet costs little to buy in the market. Always having 500k on hand I can buy these things to produce other items. The time it saves more than compensates for the extra cost of manufacturing. So yeah, 100K in an hour no problem, if I want to just focus on sales. Call what you want.

        • eliezer cazares


          • trejtt


  • rurkowiec

    My residental zones requires 5 nails seed and plstic Why

  • Mark Sanders

    The bulldoze method doesn’t work on my version as there are no returns from bulldozing residential zones no matter what the level.

  • Mayra

    Does the bulldoze method still works??