SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials FAST!

SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials FAST!

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How To Get Expansion Materials

What you’ve all been waiting for! The SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials Guide.

This guide takes advantage of a drastically increased probability of City Storage and Land Expansion Materials showing up on the Global Trade Market when you are a low city level. You should be seeing almost 80-90% of the 30 available slots as the expansion materials, with the remainder being low level resources (metal, iron, etc).

Source: meyerjoe83 and their post here.


  • SimCity BuildIt running on your original device
  • A second device to create a new SimCity BuildIt Game
  • Must be friends (connected with either Facebook, iOS Gamecenter, Google Play) with the second device
    • See our post on adding friends here
  • LOTS of Simoleons

City Storage Expansion Material

Storage Lock Storage Camera Storage Bars





Step 1: On Second Device

  1. Start a new SimCity BuildIt Game
  2. Build up your city’s population until you reach 10,000 sims
  3. Open up your friends screen and friend your original device
  4. Once you are in the World Trading area the only thing you will see are inventory expansion materials or wood/metal
    • I found it incredibly easy to find tons of inventory expansion
  5. Sell your materials in your Trade Depot BUT do not post it in the global trading market
    • CAUTION: If you have other friends connected they will be able to purchase these materials as well. I recommend only friending your main city on your second device.

Step 2: On Original Device

  1. Open up your friends list -> Find your second device’s city -> Open up this city
  2. Open up the Trade Depot
  3. Buy Everything!
  4. Rinse and repeat

Land Expansion Material

Dozer Exhaust Dozer Wheels Dozer Blades





  • Follow the exact same steps as above BUT:
    • Level up to 8 (Land expansion unlocks at 10 but you are able to purchase them at level 8 from the Trade HQ)

Don’t Have A Second Device?

You can use your original device:

  1. Sign out of Google Play Games / Facebook / Gamecenter
  2. Create a different account and use one of the services above
  3. Clear SimCity BuildIt App Cache and App Data (this setting is unique to your device, but check your Application Manager / phone settings)
  4. Complete the tutorial
  5. Sign into one of the services (Using second account)
  6. You should have a new city to complete this method


  • You will have to sign in and out and clear app data EVERY TIME you want to switch back and forth
  • You have to complete that tutorial (around 5 minutes of time) EVERY TIME

Second device is HIGHLY recommended BUT this can be used if you do not have a second device.

If your device has multi-user support (at the system level – Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 8), you can simply create a second user and follow the steps initially listed. Just switch back and forth between your system users to take advantage of this method (Thank you to Didolgi for pointing this out in the comments).

Final Notes

It is still a good idea to sell your materials from your second device for full price to your original device.

  • Reduces the chance you might run out of simoleons as well as increasing your buying power if a large stack of materials goes up for sale
  • DO NOT level your second city passed the recommended levels (9 & 10). This has the chance to reduce the amount of materials that appear on the market

This method STILL requires you to spend simoleons so be sure you have enough coin to buy those materials off the market. Check the following links to our money making guides:

Our Bulldoze Method – Other Money Making Methods


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  • Milambus

    This method works well. I used it yesterday to max out my land expansions. Just wish I had known about it sooner… I’ve wasted so many hours fighting through the Global Trade HQ.

    • netmask

      Started using this method yesterday, and so far it hasn’t been as good as expected. I can see a lot of the materials on the GTHQ, but by the time I finally open the other city the materials are gone/sold. So I’m limited by the materials that the game gives me randomly, which means I need to keep the game open for a while and watch for the balloons. Easier to get than trying to buy.

  • czeuch

    I wish my tablet could connect online :/
    I can log into FB and Google Play, but I can’t see anyone and I can’t access the Global Market.
    I guess it’s related to the fact that I had to install a downloaded APK. It sucks.
    I’m at lvl 69 in there, so I’d need to re-install the game anyway…

  • Ethan

    I set up a second city two weeks ago to use in conjunction with my main, where I recently bulldozed my 100k city. It’s AWESOME.

    1. Better Global Trade results. Storage bars, dozer blades, planks, tape measures? Yes. I’ve even bought *advertised* hammers and shovels.
    2. Second bottleneck stores: Hardware, Building supplies. My main Farmer’s market can focus on fruit and flour while my second one makes the veggies.
    3. Expanded inventory: when my main would get full, I would just keep 10x plastic and 10x seeds in my second storage to buy if I needed them quickly.
    4. Inventory removal: I was selling cheap plastic and wood in bulk, but sometime it wouldn’t move, even with advertising. I could use my second city to buy the items out of my Main in order to free up the Trade Depot slots.
    5. Easy reselling for profit. If you want to resell stuff, you can grab LOTS of the choice items. Default price storage bars and chairs? Not a prob.

    I used it to grab Storage parts, now I’m maxed storage (250). Yes, even storage bars.
    I used it to get bulldozer parts, now I’ve got 20 expansions unlocked.

    So far, I’ve been slowly leveling up, carefully considering each level for what it unlocks and what that does to the Global Trade Market. Getting vegetables wasn’t too bad, nor chairs. When I refresh the market, the server frequently has a hard time filling my display with stores. I’m considering going to Lvl 13, for bricks and chemicals.

  • Anonymous

    Hey you guys should do a guide on all levels unlocks

  • bajujaga

    Land expansion stuff unlocks at 8 and not 9.

    • vortexrap

      Made the edits. Thanks!

    • czeuch

      You are wrong. It unlocks at level 10. You made vortex update the guide with wrong data -_-
      I’m 100% sure of this since I recently created a new city.

      Unless you are saying that we start getting Land items 2 levels before we can actually use them. Then in this case you are right.

      • vortexrap

        Thanks Czeuch. Just to clarify. Level 8 is the first time you can purchase land expansion materials? but you cannot actually use them to expand land until level 10?

        If this is the case, people only need to level up to 8 since they are just trading the materials to their original city.

        Is everything correct about the storage upgrade?


        • Yik

          Yes you can view land expansion items on the trade HQ from level 8, and cannot use them to open up land until level 10.

  • didolgi

    Lollypop for the WIN!!!!!
    I just tested this on a single Nexus 7 (2013) running Lollypop 5.02 – the multi user function allowed me to create a 2nd user on the tablet, and that user has its own storage. A quick login to a backup account, and I had my low level city feeding my main city expansion parts after a fast build to 10k-pop.

    • vortexrap

      Oh thanks for this! I have the same Nexus 7 running lollipop but I didn’t think about the multi user support!

    • netmask

      Android 4.4 (KitKat) also allows creation of second user, however it seems like the game itself doesn’t work. I am able to install the game on the second user, but it only has access to the base apk (24MB), not the whole game data files, so the game itself doesn’t open. 🙁

  • chrissa51

    Any idea what level Vu’s crap starts appearing in the store?

  • greatoe

    a few details:

    on the 2nd device, the aim is to unlock World Trade Center early, stay in lv8, and earn as much as coins you can.

    1) try focus on increasing your population in the early stage, do not place too many residential block, or you will find out you are in lv10 but still have not 10k sims to unlock WTC. Try upgrading blocks to top level, and use parks.
    I placed about 6-8 blocks surrounding 4 parks, I guess it is possible to unlock WTC in lv6.
    This also lets you make more coins by the edge of exceeding lv9.

    2) whenever you unlock WTC, crash down all residential blocks and start the bulldoze method to make coins.

    3) do not build Farmer’s Market.

    4) sell all your unneeded electric/water/waste/fire buildings and get back coins (although you can only 50%) allowing you to buy more items from WTC.

    5) stay in lv8, you don’t want veggies (show up in lv9) in WTC.

  • Tornado

    Aha, max size of storage is 250.
    So last expansion you need 21 of each?

    I nearly finished city expansion (I need 31 of each item to finish but I am out of money) without trick! It was a hard task.

    I deliberately stopped levelling at lvl 16 to finish expansion first. I’m also doing as many VU disasters as possible but my stores are the bottleneck… I already did 90 disasters. 160 to go 🙁

    • czeuch

      Wrong, you’ll need 25 of each to reach 250.

      You’re also not obligated to make 250 disasters. You maid need less, you may need more. Depends on what you want to do. I’ve less than 60 but I only need around 120 keys.

  • Anonymous

    You guys do realize that this is part of the reason why no one can find any dozer blades at later levels?

    People playing dual accounts having a first go at sucking out all the blades is like picking the strawberries off a cake leaving everyone else with a bad experience and no dozer blades.

    • bajujaga

      The reason why no one can find dozer later is there is a general lack of dozer in the game. Not because of someone is buying at low levels. EA has to make money one way or another to keep this game running

      I’m saying this because ever since this strategy came into public, my lvl 9 can no longer find dozer in the market conveniently, and now I regret not expanding my land earlier on. Oh well, time to quit this silly game anyway

      • czeuch

        bajujaga… you and other conspirators humor me. Everything bad that happens is because EA wants to make more money out of us by screwing us.

        You are wrong, this is not what happens. I just got 3 blades in a row this morning. They are rarer, yes, but I’m pretty sure EA is not giving us less of them on purpose.

        • MarcusDrake

          It is not possible to accidentally make something rare, it must be programmed that way. One can’t hoard items to create scarcity because one simply can’t keep enough in storage to make a difference in the overall economy. That would be like filling your garage with salt to drive up the price. No, it was done on purpose, the question is, why?

          • czeuch

            All games have items that are dropped more rarely (item rarity). It’s normal. I don’t need to give you example, do I?

        • bajujaga

          czeuch, I am not saying they are conspiring to make money out of us but thats how a business is run. If they start giving everyone the hard items, then what are they doing running a business that does not make money. I don’t mean they reduce it on purpose but it has a low rate to start with.

          I was doing well with 2 account strategy initially. Really easy and no one is fighting for it. Then I believe either more people are doing it (i.e. the things get snapped up real fast). And it became really hard to buy until I figured out how to beat the other guys at speed and took me 3 hours to expand the whole map (about 15 slots) except the last 20 piece slot

          • czeuch

            I know how a business is ran, and it’s quite normal that some items will be rarer than others.
            However this fact will not make people spend real money on the game. I’m curious, how will real money help in getting blades?

            Real money really doesn’t help much in this game aside from buying store slots.

        • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

          czeuch: “They are rarer, yes, but I’m pretty sure EA is not giving us less of them on purpose.”

          Do you contradict yourself every time you post or just on this blog?

          • czeuch

            Oh, you’re the brainless guy from the tokyo post. Hi there, did you start thinking already?

  • penelope

    Can someone pleeeease help me? I was doing this method and I have my current city logged in to my facebook account. I was on level 35 and had +1.000.000 simoleons.
    When I logged in my fb again (cause I only have one device to do this method) I lost all my progress 🙁 I now have two cities synced to my facebook. Pleeeease help me. I need my city back. What happen?

    • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

      You can’t have 2 cities linked to 1 FB account. It will overwrite with the original city. You basically just wasted all your time.

  • Justweave

    Ok so I need some help friending my first city with my second one. I have two iOS devices, City 1 with over 1,000,000 people on iPad, City 2 is my new city on iPhone. Here’s the catch; I previously played City 1 on both devices so it worked just fine signing into Facebook and Game Center. So how do I do it now? City 1 is still linked to FB and Game Center. What do I do with City 2?

  • metteo

    as of now, and probably as part of the market adjustments, this method is no longer working as well as described. you still have a good chance to buy like 4 or 5 shelves in 10-15 minutes, but the market now foremost shows low level ressources (~90%).

  • metteo

    @justweave: you will either need two facebook accounts or two apple ids! sign in with the second id on device number 2.

  • It’s amazing for me to have a website, which is useful
    in support of my experience. thanks admin

  • kamias

    Please explain:

    Sell your materials in your Trade Depot BUT do not post it in the global trading market

    I try putting items up for sell without checking the advertise box but other people can still buy it. My second device does not have any other friends except my main.

    • Rachel walker

      This is what is happening to me too!! I have zero friends (other than my main account) and I have never advertised, not a single time!! People keep buying stuff from me and it just gives a check mark, as if it’s from the market place. Not Daniel either. my niece who is friends with me on my main account can see my other city on her friends list (neighbor list) even though we are not friends through Game Center or Facebook. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to fix this?

      • Nathan

        I think it may be because if you are selling other things in the market and advertising them, they can also see the other offers you have as well. For this to work, you must have NOTHING advertised at all at the trading deposit. If everything is not advertised and people can still buy from it, then I don’t understand how they can.

  • metteo

    Kamias: Advertise NO item at all.

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    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different
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    P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

    • vortexrap

      We use WordPress with a premium (paid) theme not standard with most WordPress blogs. We also have several paid plugins that help us stand out from other blogs (not to mention we spent alot of time customizing layouts and appearances.

  • saevus

    Given the Tokyo Town update and the ludicrass 30sec rule in the GTHQ is this even viable strategy any longer? I built up a sister city to 10k, took me level 11 to get it done, but have yet to purchase any expansion items – always gone. Nothing for sale…

  • SeeBehOnn

    This method is no longer effective. I build up a second city, reached level 8 with 10k population but global trade centre is showing the same results as my main city. :'(

  • J

    I’m confused on how this method would die if you effectively trading with yourself. Can anyone confirm this is dead?

  • John

    This method no longer works, while you do get more parts appearing the sheer number of people you are competing again in this global game of ‘snap’ has exploded in the last few months.

    Ultimately demand far exceeds supply, so pretty much anyone who hasn’t fully expanded (most people) will conceivably be after them.

  • mattdm

    Gah, I wish this method still worked. It WOULD still work if the stupid GTHQ wasn’t 100% useless. I have gone several day now…DAYS…without successfully buying an expansion item from the GTHQ in either my main or my feeder city. And that’s with trying for a solid hour or two every day. Tap….load….sold. Tap….load….sold. Tap….load….sold. Over and over and over. The ratio of items I tap on to items I buy is probably north of 100:1.

    • saevus

      Since my 3/19/15 post…
      The items just aren’t available for purchase… I get either the sold sign or the stupid llama BlueSky, so I say this method is dead. I have collected way more expansion /storage items from the thought bubbles in my feeder(s) than I have been able to purchase. I still have 14 expansion areas to open and my city storage is up to 210. Even the super boring, super slow key mining is outpacing my ability to open more expansion areas…. sigh. Nothing a truckload of cash would’t fix….


    I just unlocked Vu at lv 16, and all I see are Vu materials in the GTHQ (seriously, 95% — and most in multiple bunches)
    I assume this ratio will fall as I advance (I hope so, sometimes I need to buy other stuff!!), but how far does it drop? prior to building Vu I used to see expansion material once or twice every 10-minute session in the market, will Vu material become that rare?

  • Herbalninja

    At lvl 8 I only get about 1-3 items in the wtc, so I took the risk to lvl up to lvl 10 and then 11. In 1 hour of doing some work dual monitoring with bluestacks I upgraded my storage twice from 140 to 160, and expanded one slot of 10. Today is 9th on July 2015 and I conclude that at lvl 11, this method works. Only drawback is that 30 second wait to refresh thing.

  • Thenightguy

    Whats the point of buying items from the 2nd ACC at full price? I can basically buy at full price straight from the HQ of the first ACC – without making it so difficult…

    • baophat

      Your main account have the high level so many products show in the Global Trading Center. The second Account just show less products so the chance to get the items higer.

  • Sani Nasir

    I don’t have a second device and I find it difficult to switch between the 2 accounts can any1 help and friend with his acct so fat I can get the expansion materials. Right now I’m stuck in one place because my city needs expansion so bad

  • Barry Weinberg

    I sold items in my 2nd device, but when I got to the trade depot with my 1st device it says there is nothing for sale. I’m looking at both cities on my devices and now I have a bunch of expansion items in my 2nd devices trade depot and I can’t buy them. Why is this?

  • Mark Everest

    80-90% is an exaggeration. More like 2%! Also, items are still sold too quickly before the other city loads!

  • What is going on


    “You can use your original device:
    Sign out of Google Play Games / Facebook / Gamecenter
    Create a different account and use one of the services above
    Clear SimCity BuildIt App Cache and App Data (this setting is unique to your device, but check your Application Manager / phone settings)
    Complete the tutorial
    Sign into one of the services (Using second account)
    You should have a new city to complete this method”
    CLEARING APP CACHE WILL COMPLETELY REMOVE YOUR ORIGINAL CITY I’d spent real dollars building my city and now it’s all gone I suppose there is a way to get my money back??????? No? HOW DO I GET MY OLD CITY BACK I’VE BEEN BUILDING IT FOR MONTHS