SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials FAST!

SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials FAST!

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How To Get Expansion Materials

What you’ve all been waiting for! The SimCity BuildIt: How to Get Expansion Materials Guide.

This guide takes advantage of a drastically increased probability of City Storage and Land Expansion Materials showing up on the Global Trade Market when you are a low city level. You should be seeing almost 80-90% of the 30 available slots as the expansion materials, with the remainder being low level resources (metal, iron, etc).

Source: meyerjoe83 and their post here.


  • SimCity BuildIt running on your original device
  • A second device to create a new SimCity BuildIt Game
  • Must be friends (connected with either Facebook, iOS Gamecenter, Google Play) with the second device
    • See our post on adding friends here
  • LOTS of Simoleons

City Storage Expansion Material

Storage Lock Storage Camera Storage Bars





Step 1: On Second Device

  1. Start a new SimCity BuildIt Game
  2. Build up your city’s population until you reach 10,000 sims
  3. Open up your friends screen and friend your original device
  4. Once you are in the World Trading area the only thing you will see are inventory expansion materials or wood/metal
    • I found it incredibly easy to find tons of inventory expansion
  5. Sell your materials in your Trade Depot BUT do not post it in the global trading market
    • CAUTION: If you have other friends connected they will be able to purchase these materials as well. I recommend only friending your main city on your second device.

Step 2: On Original Device

  1. Open up your friends list -> Find your second device’s city -> Open up this city
  2. Open up the Trade Depot
  3. Buy Everything!
  4. Rinse and repeat

Land Expansion Material

Dozer Exhaust Dozer Wheels Dozer Blades





  • Follow the exact same steps as above BUT:
    • Level up to 8 (Land expansion unlocks at 10 but you are able to purchase them at level 8 from the Trade HQ)

Don’t Have A Second Device?

You can use your original device:

  1. Sign out of Google Play Games / Facebook / Gamecenter
  2. Create a different account and use one of the services above
  3. Clear SimCity BuildIt App Cache and App Data (this setting is unique to your device, but check your Application Manager / phone settings)
  4. Complete the tutorial
  5. Sign into one of the services (Using second account)
  6. You should have a new city to complete this method


  • You will have to sign in and out and clear app data EVERY TIME you want to switch back and forth
  • You have to complete that tutorial (around 5 minutes of time) EVERY TIME

Second device is HIGHLY recommended BUT this can be used if you do not have a second device.

If your device has multi-user support (at the system level – Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 8), you can simply create a second user and follow the steps initially listed. Just switch back and forth between your system users to take advantage of this method (Thank you to Didolgi for pointing this out in the comments).

Final Notes

It is still a good idea to sell your materials from your second device for full price to your original device.

  • Reduces the chance you might run out of simoleons as well as increasing your buying power if a large stack of materials goes up for sale
  • DO NOT level your second city passed the recommended levels (9 & 10). This has the chance to reduce the amount of materials that appear on the market

This method STILL requires you to spend simoleons so be sure you have enough coin to buy those materials off the market. Check the following links to our money making guides:

Our Bulldoze Method – Other Money Making Methods


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