SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast! (Tokyo Town Bug)

SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast! (Tokyo Town Bug)

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Today we have a quick exploit for SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast!

This Tokyo Town Update bug takes advantage of the new Vu Update where you can request new plans for zones waiting to be rebuilt.

Thanks to Renton who dropped a comment showing this exploit

Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

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  1. Have Vu Disaster Zones that need to be rebuilt
  2. Tap the hard hat icon to request new plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans
  3. Now INSTEAD of tapping on the hard hat icon above, tap the BUILDING ITSELF (the foundation).
  4. You now have access to a new set of building plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans AND restart from step 3
  5. Spam rebuild and enjoy fast keys!


  • Be sure to have plenty of Vu disaster materials
  • Load up your factories with production
  • Works well at low levels where the material requirements are cheap
  • Works well at high levels when you don’t want to wait 30 minutes for
  • Be sure to take advantage of this before EA puts out a patch!

    • ITsci

      They patched this in the April update on iOS, no more instant refresh 🙁

    • ITsci

      This no longer works on iOS as of the April 7 patch.

    • nosaelg

      I don’t think that this exploit trick works anymore. After requesting new plans (after a disaster), and confirming the request for new plans, there is a blue clock icon atop the building rubble foundation and not a hardhat to click on. (See attached image.) The clock icon remains there for the full 30 minutes and clicking on it (or anywhere on the foundation of the residential zone) brings up a dialog box with the time remaining.
      If anyone has used this trick previously, and can confirm that it cannot be used anymore, please comment to confirm this.