SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast! (Tokyo Town Bug)

SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast! (Tokyo Town Bug)

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Today we have a quick exploit for SimCity BuildIt – Earn Golden Keys Fast!

This Tokyo Town Update bug takes advantage of the new Vu Update where you can request new plans for zones waiting to be rebuilt.

Thanks to Renton who dropped a comment showing this exploit

Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

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  1. Have Vu Disaster Zones that need to be rebuilt
  2. Tap the hard hat icon to request new plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans
  3. Now INSTEAD of tapping on the hard hat icon above, tap the BUILDING ITSELF (the foundation).
  4. You now have access to a new set of building plans
    • If you can rebuild the zone, do so
    • If not, request to change plans AND restart from step 3
  5. Spam rebuild and enjoy fast keys!


  • Be sure to have plenty of Vu disaster materials
  • Load up your factories with production
  • Works well at low levels where the material requirements are cheap
  • Works well at high levels when you don’t want to wait 30 minutes for

Be sure to take advantage of this before EA puts out a patch!

  • timc995

    Great find.

    Now… Why is it that you (being at level 50) have such small materials demands for rebuilding Vu disasters? I see you get lists like one drill. I am at level 41 and get requests such as 4 lemonade bottles+8 measuring tapes. I have had materials demands for Vu rebuilds
    My storage is at 230, and my population is 550k. Maybe I’ll try disconnecting some services from buildings — causing them to become abondoned. Maybe the Vu demands will be lower with less population?

    • vortexrap

      Yes I believe this is the case. I’m 50 but I my pop is around 260k with only 36 RZs.

  • Timelo Rego

    That´s great , I just made 73 golden keys realy fast.
    Now i’m thinking what to build with them.

  • BoostedGabe

    So wait will that work? Lower the population vu rebuil demands will be more simple?

  • BoostedGabe

    Ok so I used the vu disaster trick to request changes, did it and it worked, but I continued to do it until it didn’t let me anymore and so I tried restarting the game and when I did a whole new disaster happened without having to fix ruined building or using vu supplies. I hope this is a new trick. Quick way for keys also.

  • T

    Does this still work with the 1.2.28 iOS update?

    • John

      No it doesn’t apparently. I am refusing to update.

  • ITsci

    it no longer works with the April 7 update (iOS)