Simcity Buildit Cheats: Working Hack Tool Download for 2016

Simcity Buildit Cheats: Working Hack Tool Download for 2016

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Simcity buildit cheats


computer-virus-toon[1]Currently there hundreds of sites offering some kind of hacking tool that claims to give you unlimited amounts of Simoleons, gold keys or Simbucks. There are even video’s on YouTube that “show” you working cracks for the game, but if you look closer you see it’s just edited in the video. They give a link to a shady website that wants you to download something. And when you do, you’re in trouble.

Most of these simcity hack tools actually contain viruses or malware that mess up your computer or phone. If you’re “lucky”, it’s just a scam website that actually offers no downloads, but just keep you filling in surveys so the webmaster makes money on you. Oh, and in the end, there’s no simcity buildit cheat tool just a lot of wasted time on your end.

Why most SimCity cheats and hacks don’t work

hackLike I’ve said in the beginning of the article, almost all of these simcity buildit hack programs do not work. The creator of sc:buildit is EA, a company that’s been in the gaming business for over 3 decades. They know how to build their games (for the most part).

All actions that are being done in Simcity, are being done on the server-side. Not the client side. So when you need to be awarded Simoleons for building a house, the server sends you the money and verifies if you deserve it. And that’s why almost all of these websites claiming to give you unlimited money are fake. The only way to actually get free simoleons and money in the game is by “spoofing” the ea servers. As of now there is only one downloadable tool that seems to work and chances are it will be patched up pretty soon. Even worse your account may end of being flagged if you use it.

So we recommend you use the hack tool available at, It’s the only one that we can guarantee is safe to use and actually works.

How to safely earn Unlimited Simoleons in 2016

We, the team, are dedicated to help simcity mayors all over the world. Of course, it would be cool if we could get unlimited Simoleons and build the city of our dreams. We’d like that too! And it’s still possible. Not with a program you download, but you can still exploit the game itself (before it’s patched).

We have several ways to help you get money fast:

  • Trading: It’s still a profitable way to make money in SC:Buldit. It’s all about buying low and selling high. We’ve got some great tips to help you.
  • Taking Advantage of a Loophole: With our bulldoze method, which requires you to bulldoze all residential zones, you can make approximately 4,000 Simoleons every minute.
  • Make money guide: A great tutorial with different ways to make you money. It includes about 4 different methods to make money.

Conclusion: As you can see, there are still some great ways to make tons of money in Simcity Buildit. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it could be. Most simcity buildit cheats are scams; either to hack your device or to earn cash of you by letting you fill in surveys. But there are still some great ways to earn Simoleons and build the best city ever. Hopefully this guide will help you stay safe. If you have any questions or comments, let us know below!

  • czeuch

    I’m against cheating but with a rooted Android there are apps similar to Cheat Omatic. The app will search in the device’s memory for the number you want to change and when it finds it, it allows you to change it.
    This probably only works offline, but still…

    Anyway, this sucks too. The best thing is play the game without any of those. I play legit and have a city with 650k ready to expand other 60 to 70 residences.

  • WraithTDK

    You’re right that the hacks are all scams.

    You’re wrong about WHY the hacks are all scams. Everything you do is NOT done server-side. The game can be played in off-line mode. It plays just like normal, except you can’t trade obviously. Anything you do is done ON THE DEVICE, and then synced up with the servers next time you connect. Therefore, a hack is theoretically possible.

    • czeuch

      Cheats are not theoretical in this game, they happen. With a rooted Android, you can cheat how you want.
      Worst, you can send the data and the apk to people that have non-rooted Androids.
      I’ve downloaded an apk into my tablet (which uses another account) because I couldn’t download it from Play Store due to device not being supported.

      When I enter the game, I’ve maximum simoleon and maximum simcash. So yeah, cheats are real.

      • Jaanko

        Are you able to play online?

        • czeuch

          Well, not sure… I’m logged into Play Store and Facebook. I can access Daniel’s town. I earn trophies from Play Store.

          However I cannot see anything in the HG Global Market and I get a message saying that I’m playing offline.
          I would say online is not working…

          • Lancsr

            Czeuch where did you get that apk? Could you send me that apk? Im desperate =//

      • Calvin

        Can you let me get the code for cheats to simcity build it for my android phone

    • admin

      Thanks for pointing this out, this was told to me by someone who works for EA.

      Anyway, the core idea why we wrote this article is to warn people and keep them safe from harmfull programs. Thanks for taking your time to comment!

  • MustBeAWay

    There has to be some way to do this ONLINE. Otherwise, how can someone be tinkering with cities with 2.5 million people?

    This game hasn’t been out long enough to acquire the items/keys to build up all the structures they have.

    Yes, you can get the $$$ through the $4k method, but it takes time to acquire the items necessary to build cities. No one could get the items required through the broken market place that requires dumb luck to get the items you need. Your lucky if you get 40% of the items advertised. More like 15% of items advertised. Most of the time you just stumble on items by luck that were NOT advertised.

    Moreover, 17+ hours per key by ship and many of the buildings they have take a total of hundreds and hundreds of keys. Yes keys via disasters too, but enough to build everything you find in the 2.5million city? Don’t think so.

    • czeuch

      Yes some people are able to hack online. Not sure how. The main issue with the market now is the crash. It’s working slightly better for the rest. I just spent 60k in the market 2 days ago buying all kinds of things.
      The ship takes 6 hours, not 17.
      Building a 2.5M city legit takes a huge amount of time and effort. Think about like 1 to 2 years.

    • Brenda Gore

      I purchased a program if you want to email my outlook. I haven’t had issues with my phone. I was a little scared to try it but I took a chance after spending too much time attempting thru stupid surveys to get the simoleons. I spent too much real money just out of lack of patience. I didn’t feel completely guilty only because I knew my hubby played a war type game & he spent some too! So far so good. But, now I’ve expanded as far space wise as I can go both on land & beach. I like my city but now what? Other than trading/buying/selling……not much else to do. I didn’t like the Tokyo things so I eliminated them.

      Good Luck! Email if you want the info.

  • Shadowdiver300m

    Well some people have the APK hack here on this site and they talk about it all the same….
    showing videos, tutorials and other cool stuff…
    So it must be real.

  • Shadowdiver300m


    this site has to state there is no such hack……

    even though there is..

  • Paul

    Thanks for this article kinda thought all this but kept scrolling online just in case, long story short I downloaded a few ‘cheat hacks’ already when I was looking for hacks for fb game Sparta war of empires (same story from the looks of it :( ) and was wondering if I did download a virus what is the best software to find it or where would it lurk! Also, if any one knows any way to actually get drachmas in this game free please pm me!!! Thanks

  • tim

    thanks for imformation

  • samuel

    Czeuch where did you get that apk? Could you send me that apk? Im desperate =//

  • Derek

    How can you send apk’s to other devices is it a app or something could someone tell me plz if you want private email:

  • Derek

    Could someone tell me how to send apk’s to other devices plz send email to

  • Leymi

    pipo! jus play e game legit by capitalising and anticipation in that u attain a tax of 10k simeleons per day then go to ur factories and stockpile them with pre orders of time consuming materials….assume the game for 4 days meaning u earn 40k. that shud be enaf for some expansive population dependant buildings.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the article. Cant speak for android at the moment but I know for a fact there are no hacks or cheats on IOS. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, the game is better without cheats, because once hacked, you’ll need a patch for normal simulation/ game play. Sucks but true…only the hard way out.

  • Cris

    It seems the latest update did away with the bulldoze method. I got rid of all my residential areas and tried, but I’m only getting 4-8 simoleons per upgrade…not 700+.

  • Matt Thompson

    First off, this game is so fun! It’s an awesome spin off the old games. That’s what got me into it in the first place! Okay, there’s a few things I would love to see in here. 1, I think it would be beneficial to all players for there to be a way to earn free simcash. Of course, there would definitely have to be a daily limit. But just watching a little video could earn you something, or check out a new app and give a small reward for doing so. And 2, I have a bone to pick with the Global Trade HQ. It seems to always list too many of the same item every time. There needs to be a better variety of items shown. Other than that, those caption bubbles could pop up more often! That’s all I’ve got for the moment, and I hope that the EA guys check this page to see this!
    Small side note: I’m definitely having issues with being able to add friends through facebook and game center (iPhone 5). I’m following the instructions to the letter, but nothing gives. It’s looping from the game to facebook every time I tell it to log in to facebook with a blank app screen with cancel at the top, then comes right back to the game’s option pane with no change. If I’m supposed to be able to add people by ID somewhere in that pane, I’m not seeing it. Please comment or email me with any possible solutions to this if anyone knows what’s up here. RE SCBuildit Facebook Friend Add?
    Thanks, and I appreciate anything you can tell me.


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    • Thein Than

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  • i am jack’s misplaced mind

    if all actions are done on the server-side, how come i can play offline indefinitely?

  • mm

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  • Thein Than

    It Dose Work In Myanmar.
    How can I do?

  • Eaye

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  • Dewayne Frenchy Fanchier

    What is my user name?! Is it the City name, my FB account, my Google Play account?

  • Meagan Connoway

    how do you add friends on simcity?

  • Bizoo

    I just purchased some cash and in the trade depot tapped on the create new sale a few times .

    it didnt clearly that it was adding new bins and after tapping on a few times I realized I have spent a lot of cash in there.
    can i delete the bins? can i get reimbursed?

  • alecwood

    Did pay you for the endorsement? There’s no downloadable content on their site except links to the kind of dodgy survey generators you cite above, it’s nothing more than advertising clickbait

  • JDS10

    The appgamecheats page that you said appeared to work doesn’t even have a link to download anything, how does it work? How do we do it? There has to be a way to get to the stage in the game I want without spending nearly $4000 (yes, I calculated – that’s how much it would cost to get from where I am to where I would like to be, that is ridiculous and I am sick of not being able to get ANYWHERE without spending real money) What’s ‘not fair’ is that EA have made it so difficult to actually achieve anything without giving them your card details.

  • KennethHansen

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  • Thomas Haver

    Okay, I tried that link, and picked the free iwatch and it keeps in endless loop. Tried other ones, all did the same thing

  • Natasha Smith

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