SimCity BuildIt: 2.5 Million Population Layout Guide

SimCity BuildIt: 2.5 Million Population Layout Guide

Bulldoze - 2-5 Mil Layout
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NEW UPDATE: We have archived this post at version 2.2.6 and won’t be updating this post in the future, this is to save information here incase people are still working on this version of the guide (using only regular residential zones).

Update: We’ve updated the hack tool page for 2016 with links to the only working software online. Click here to learn more


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This is a constantly evolving number as we experiment with the layout. DO NOT take this population figure as the HIGHEST number possible. If you have a suggestion to improve (with NO HACKS) please let us know!

Today we have our SimCity BuildIt 2.5+ Million Population Layout Guide, with an overhead view and grid with buildings, services, and calculations big thank you to  Zegerman  for creating this layout and his permission to host this on our site. His original post is available here. He and several other Mayors have been dedicated in updating and testing out layouts.

Utility Services

This layout uses the highest tier available for utility services (more in-depth info here).

Utility Buildings
Power Fusion
Water Water Pumping Station
Sewage Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant
Waste Recycling Center

Coverage Services

This guide uses the highest (T3) coverage services to provide fire, police and health to Sims (in-depth info here).

Service Buildings
Fire Deluxe Firestation
Police Police Precinct
Health Hospital

Specializations (NEW INFO)

EDIT: Thank you to czeuch for providing corrections to this area

Parks, Education and transportation can EACH provide coverage area to reach 100% population boosts to all residential areas. This means maximizing each of the three specialization and overlapping their coverage areas provides 300% total boost (in-depth info here).

Specialization (Each: 100% | Combined 300%) Buildings
Parks Sculpture Garden
Education University
Transportation Helipad

Gambling, Entertainment, Landmarks COMBINED can provide a coverage area to reach 100% population. Unlike the specializations above, you can reach a MAX of 100% using any combination of the three. Gambling is used because it is the cheapest specialization to provide 100% coverage (20 keys). Landmarks are used because they provide a larger coverage area (its a balancing act between the two). Entertainment buildings have a massive building size so they take up space that could provide more residential zones.

Specialization (Each: Variable | Combined: 100%) Buildings
Gambling Luxury Casino
Entertainment None Used
Landmarks Washington Monument, Empire State Building

This means you can have a maximum of 400% population boost based on specializations.

NOTE: (many have asked about why we use Luxurious Casino versus Luxurious Casino Tower): The maximum amount of boost you can receive from a specialization is 100%. Overlapping two of the Luxurious Casino Tower (which give 60% boost each) would result in a 120% boost (20% wasted). So stick with the Luxurious Casino and you can save the golden keys.


This is an expensive layout.. Need Simoleons?? Check out the bulldoze method here to earn more than §4k per minute!

Currency Requirements
Simoleons §3,746,100 (estimated)
Keys 1200
Days wasted attempting to complete this layout Priceless

City Layout

Birds eye view is below (click for an enlarged view). Please look at the abbreviation table for questions regarding any shorthand notations.

Abbreviation Meaning
Pa Parks
DOT Department of Transportation
DOE Department of Education
DOC Department of Culture
Admin Town Hall, City Hall and Mayor's Mansion
Gambling (Top Left) Gambling HQ
Was Mon Washington Monument (Department. of Culture)
Helipad Specialization building (Transportation)
2 Million Layout v2-2-6
2 Million Layout v2-2-6
Version (Link to Picture) Changes
2.2.6 (Current Version) Rearranged Landmarks
Reduced the amount of factories present
2.2.5  Added additional buildings to fill empty space in previous version
2.2.4 Road layout has changed to include more residential zones
Rearranged utility buildings
Added new specialization buildings (landmarks)
Corrected mayors mansion placement
Added highway entrance marking (black arrow)
2.1.4 Initial Release. No changes.

We are currently working on getting screenshots up of our cities following this guide. We will update this post when these are ready.