SimCity BuildIt Layout Guide – 3 Million Population!

SimCity BuildIt Layout Guide – 3 Million Population!

Hey Everyone!

8 April 2015 – Updated to 2.3.2

After the launch of Tokyo Town a couple weeks back, we now have a SimCity BuildIt layout guide to go with the new Tokyo Town Zones – and boy, this one is huge. The new population based on the simulation is just a hair under 3 million at:

2,940,454 Sims

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Zegerman for continuing to experiment and update their guide.

This is a constantly evolving number as we experiment with the layout. DO NOT take this population figure as the HIGHEST number possible. If you have a suggestion to improve (with NO HACKS) please let us know!

We figured since many may be working on the previous version of the 2.5 million guide, we thought it best to leave the old post intact and instead create a new post based on the new Tokyo Town buildings. You can view the old guide here.

Utility Services

Now because of the increased service requirements TT zones need to function, we had to increase the amount of utility buildings so that does reduce the amount of residential zones (but not # of residents!)

This layout uses the highest tier available for utility services (more in-depth info here).

Utility Buildings Quantity
Power Fusion 7
Water Water Pumping Station 10
Sewage Deluxe Sewage Treatment Plant 10
Waste Recycling Center 8

Coverage Services

This guide uses the highest (T3) coverage services to provide fire, police and health to Sims (in-depth info here).

Service Buildings Quantity
Fire Deluxe Fire Station 4
Police Police Precinct 4
Health Hospital 6


Parks, Education and transportation can EACH provide coverage area to reach 100% population boosts to all residential areas. This means maximizing each of the three specialization and overlapping their coverage areas provides 300% total boost (in-depth info here).

Specialization (Each: 100% | Combined 300%) Buildings Quantity
Parks Sculpture Garden 95
Education University 8
Transportation Helipad 21

Gambling, Entertainment, Landmarks COMBINED can provide a coverage area to reach 100% population. Unlike the specializations above, you can reach a MAX of 100% using any combination of the three. Gambling is used because it is the cheapest specialization to provide 100% coverage (20 keys). Landmarks are used because they provide a larger coverage area (its a balancing act between the two). Entertainment buildings have a massive building size so they take up space that could provide more residential zones.

Specialization (Each: Variable | Combined: 100%) Buildings Quantity
Gambling Luxury Casino 20
Entertainment None Used
Landmarks Washington Monument 1

This means you can have a maximum of 400% population boost based on specializations.

NOTE: (many have asked about why we use Luxurious Casino versus Luxurious Casino Tower): The maximum amount of boost you can receive from a specialization is 100%. Overlapping two of the Luxurious Casino Tower (which give 60% boost each) would result in a 120% boost (20% wasted). So stick with the Luxurious Casino and you can save the golden keys.


Currency Requirements
Simoleons §4,578,000 (estimated)
Keys 860
Tokyo Items Required ??
Days wasted attempting to complete this layout Priceless

City Layout

Birds eye view is below (click for an enlarged view). Please look at the abbreviation table for questions regarding any shorthand notations.

Abbreviation Meaning
TT Tokyo Town Zone
Pa Parks
DOT Department of Transportation
DOE Department of Education
DOC Department of Culture
Admin Town Hall, City Hall and Mayor's Mansion
Gambling (Top Left) Gambling HQ
Was Mon Washington Monument (Department. of Culture)
Helipad Specialization building (Transportation)
Lux Cas Luxury Casino (Not Luxury Casino Tower)

Post Content - 2 Million Layout v2-3-2


Version (Link to Picture) Changes
2.3.2 (Current Version) Fixed incorrect entrance, rearranged layout for more Sims
2.3.1 (Current Version) Big update to Tokyo Town
2.2.6 Rearranged Landmarks
Reduced the amount of factories present
2.2.5  Added additional buildings to fill empty space in previous version
2.2.4 Road layout has changed to include more residential zones
Rearranged utility buildings
Added new specialization buildings (landmarks)
Corrected mayors mansion placement
Added highway entrance marking (black arrow)
2.1.4 Initial Release. No changes.
  • Steve Seungil Lee

    The entrance is number 37, not number 38.

  • Mark

    Please note the the vertical row 29 and 30 do not have police and fire coverage…….please move the right uni+police and fire one TT to the left.

  • czeuch

    I don’t know bother with this kind of planning. Maybe you could update the Days and instead of Priceless, put 1000+. This layout takes AT LEAST 3 YEARS to complete. I’d say 4 years.

    Nobody would have the patience to do it. It’s impossible due to this:

    – You need to create a normal city and get to 260k pop to enable Vu and airport;
    – You need to bulldoze everything and start the boring key farming run, earning 1 key per building;
    – You need to start making Tokyo RZs. You get 1 token every 18 hours, 2 if you have 2 cities with airport. You can get a few token at Daniel’s but it’s rare;
    – You can only upgrade 2 RZs at a time, or 5 with new ones;
    – You’ll be making money very slowly because you would upgrade RZs 1 to 3 times a day. Many times only once a day.

    So bottom line, this is impossible to achieve and I wonder why waste time planning such city.

    • Shadowdiver300m

      I agree…

      It’s all academic anyway, how can they even postulate that that is the population? that’s like saying…
      1 luxury building is 1836 x 545 is 1,000,000 and if we use population multipliers x 400 bla, bla, bla…
      Just the sheer time involved makes this unrealistic.
      I’m at 200k and already I’m tired of waiting, like I stated in another post I really wanted a city simulator not a crafting/waiting simulator.

      I will be deleting this app soon enough.

      • czeuch

        Well, since I set a realistic goal (1,5M pop with a good looking city/layout), I’m still on it. Almost done though, I just need a few non-maxed out Tokyo RZs.

        I’ll post some pictures in the forums when I’m done.

        • czeuch

          Oh but you can predict the population as you know the max pop for a RZ and you know how much Specs give, so… But still, this one is not doable.

          The 2.5M is, with a lot of effort, but not as close as this one here.

  • Steve Seungil Lee

    There is only one Washington Monument. Can’t it be changed to Luxury Casino?

    • Denz

      For the current map it can be changed to Luxury casino

  • czeuch

    It seems Steve didn’t read my comment above. What difference does it make if there is 1 or 10 Washington? This layout is not feasible anyway.

    • Steve Seungil Lee

      I agree this layout is purely theoretical, but I want to know the answer of what I asked.

  • Zegerman

    This Layout is purely meta. I do not expect anyone to actually complete it. It was an exercise to test out what limitations the game has and how far you can push the envelope. Maybe it will be easier in the future to obtain keys and tokens, which allows completion of such ideas.

    • czeuch

      That’s good to know. I unfortunately don’t believe they’ll change too much the token feature. Would be cool though.

    • Everest

      2.7 is possible with no Tokyo and 3.5 with. Those are the limitations! Happy building 😉

      • czeuch

        2.7 is still teórica and I don’t think it’s doable. Maybe 2.6.

        And with Tokyo u can’t achieve 3.5.
        but anyway a whole city of Tokyo is not doable.

        • Everest

          The 2.7 with no Tokyo is doable, I am building it right now ;-). I did the Tokyo math in my head and was off a bit, the actual max number with Tokyo is 3,231,504. But you are correct its rather pointless as it will never be built. Happy building everyone 🙂

          • czeuch

            How do you know 2.7 works if you never did it?
            I built the supposed 2.5M back then and I was 2.46, not 2.5.

            So until you actually build it, you can’t be sure of the exact pop.

          • Zegerman

            Please post your layout for 3.2 million pop. The above created by me is pretty close to the theoretical max I think. I would love to see if it can Be improved furthers bough.
            With regular res getting around 2.625mil is possible, much more seems rather tough. I posted a pretty maxed layout on rage subreddit.

          • Everest

            My layout is on paper, I am not that great making something like that on excel, if you could share your spreadsheet I would be happy to post it.
            Cheers and happy building.

  • Nat

    It’s not even theoretical because how can you have a university without a college and a high school and a library. It cannot be created and should be taken down from website.

    • czeuch

      Nat… you place all universities and then bulldoze college high school and library. So what you mentioned is not correct.

  • Gordon

    The park coverage appears overestimated. The sculpture garden only provides coverage three spaces from its top and bottom edge since it starts counting coverage from the center of the park.

    • czeuch

      People don’t read all the comments it seems. I’ll say it one more time: the park used in this game is the peaceful park. The name is wrong but the price is 8000 so I guess I don’t need to go further.

      • Everest

        I am building a 2.7 million city with no Tokyo buildings, almost done everything except fill in the rez. I have never built a nano- tech factory, can they be deleted? I was going to build some at the end as long as they are deletable

        • czeuch

          Everest I’ve replied this in the other article. Yes they can.

          • Everest

            I missed it great thanks, I will join your group after I get all my services done. I want to go as far as I can, I originally planned to finish it without help, but you are correct EA has killed most of the workarounds, I move police, fire, and hospitals to the far corner, my happiness went only to 55 and it made no difference to the materials for rez requirements. I was really counting on that still working to finish the rezs. But I will gratefully appreciate your help, just a couple of more days and I should have full services. Just finished 6 lane roads. They were a pain 😉

  • Horst

    Doesn`t the sculpture garden cost 16000 and not 8000?

    • Zegerman

      I use the peaceful parks for 8k, not sculpture gardens.

  • Crush632

    Here is my absolute best layout. Note there are some missing parks! This space is worth more population as a residential zone than the boost the parks provide because of the service structures around them! I advise others to consider the parks in this location on their layouts as it ONLY was worth it for the eight parks closest to my universities. Zegerman I love that you moved some parks out to the side, have you tried offsetting the universities? The way I place them, it leaves distinct zones of missing coverage that you can use to put in your service structures, I have the heliport and casino shifted into the space in the center and the far east column of them is shifted as well. Anyways, here it is!

    • Everest

      That looks pretty good, I am using a vertical uni stack also. You are correct about the parks, I only use 56 to allow for more rez. Why don’t you delete the factories you can easily gain 9 more rez. I also only use 18 heli and 18 casino, I maxed out at 304 rez. If I could get your excel template I would be happy to post my layout, I just have it on paper now, I’m not the greatest with excel. I learned a lot from the 2.5 thread, so many people had good ideas, so I tried to incorporate them.

      Happy building 🙂

      • Rae

        2.7 million with no Tokyo Town
        for some reason I couldn’t login
        Oh Well, happy building 🙂

  • Tom

    Can he sow us he’s actual city?

  • Denz

    Here is my Sim City Layout with a population of 2657120, Combination of Standard Residential Zone to Tokyo Town. I leaved 3 – 4 factories to make your city operational plus I leaved 1 slot for Department of Education / Department of Culture / Department of Entertainment in case you need to create additional Specialized building. Also plus a flexible slot for either a Factory or Gambling Headquarters.

    I didn’t used all Residential Zone to Tokyo Town because I believe that Sim City will have another upgraded Residential Zone which is more Densely Populated than Tokyo Town, plus this map is flexible enough to either used Standard Residence to Tokyo Residence.

  • Denz

    Here is my more populous layout but with a possible single factory left.

  • Denz

    Sorry here is now the layout

  • Bob

    Thanks for the great site! I am still new to the game so I apologize if this was covered – Now that I opened the TT units would the long term plan be to demo the existing residential units and replace them with TT (over time of course)?

  • Thomas

    Thank you very much for the layouts! Unfortunately I must say Denz yours wont work because the Sewages and the Trashes need a street connection on their longer side (3×2)

  • Thomas

    Why can’t you just bulldoze the shops?
    Then replace it with Tokyo Town zones.

    • czeuch

      Good luck dozing shops 😉

  • frank

    Hy. Is this only theoretical yet, or has someone reached this layout completely?

    • czeuch

      If you either read he other comments or think before asking you would find out that this layout is impossible to be completed. It would take 4 years and any person would lose interest much quicker.
      to max out 1 Tokyo rz u need 11 tokens. Each one is 18 hours to get. Now multiply all this by the number of total rzs and u ll understand what I’m saying.

      • frank

        I’m new to the game and have no idea, what time it takes to build TT ^^
        I don’t even know how long this game exists; so how much time people had till now :3

        • czeuch

          That’s a lot of info you don’t have -_-
          Game was released around December last year, so 6 months so far.
          Tokyo Tokens take 18 hours to come and 1 single residence requires 11 tokens to get to max level. So it’s not doable. This layout is pure theory.

      • frank

        but you were right. i haven’t read your further comments. that might have helped, lel

        • czeuch

          Sell it buy a peaceful 😉

  • Stonerville

    Hey guys–

    Been following this post for 2 months with great interest. I’m currently level 61 with 850k+ pop.

    Just wanted to make a quick note–in the main image it lists sculpture gardens are 8000 coins….however they are really 16000 coins….this underestimates the spend by almost 800k….

    I wonder if anyone is closer than me to getting to the full enchilada!

    • czeuch

      Damn another one… Admin, please correct the original articles from both 2.5 and 3M to Peaceful Park. People keep flooding this place with this useless information.
      Everyone should know by now that the correct park and the most efficient one is the Peaceful Park. No other park will work like this one if used in that layout.

      And stornerviller, I believe you meant this post in the 2.5M page, but this one here as it hasn’t been out for 2 months yet. This 3M city is just a theoretical city.

      • frank

        shit. i bought the sculpture park now 🙁
        well, not many. i switch now to peaceful ^^

    • Everest

      Hey I am level 59 and am close to 1.1 million pop. I am building my 2.7 build 301 residences including 11 Tokyo town residences. If I can join a group I could drop 1 normal residences and add a deluxe windmill and an additional 23 TT residences. I don’t think I will have the patience for that without some help collecting tokens.

    • Mayor Mark

      Hey Stoner,

      Nice city. Those sculpture gardens are great population boosters.

  • projectrevo

    Where’s the Mayor’s Mansion/Dept of Education/other govt buildings?

    • frank

      Admin, Admin, Admin

  • Bopper

    In case this helps anybody achieve higher population, I discovered that not everything has to be connected. For example, you can have your parks, shops, and even transit, on a road that doesn’t go anywhere – and still get the population boost or pick up items. You can literally have them on a 1×2 road. Same for the mayor’s buildings and education. Utilities, on the other hand, have to be connected by road to residences. This could ultimately mean laying out streets wider, fitting more residences, and having unconnected specialties for population boosts. I don’t know if this was intentional programming or not, so I haven’t counted on it staying like this forever.

    Also, has anybody used the new Sakura park for population boost? It has a small footprint; if you can find a good way to fit two together you get a 50% boost in a 1×2 spot.

  • Becky

    I don’t see any factories. What if I’m still building. Is there an efficient layout for players who are still building?


    My layout…2 million people…i have some room for like 800.000 people i think in last 2 lane
    There are some flaws….all will be fix in time…
    -100% coveredge Parks
    -100% coveredge Transportation
    -100% coveredge Gambling

    Sorry for video quality .

  • Mayor Mark

    Ziggermans layout is entirely possible if one devotes the next 5 years to it and developes RSI: or hedges £20k and keep hitting “buy”. I’d favour spending it on drugs and alcohol though.

    I’ve seen since the release of this article that there are a few cities with this layout in build – instantly recognisable by the copious number of universities lol. Populations I’ve seen are scaling as high as 2.1m so far. So, considering the release date of this “city plan” and swift progress made by some so far, it seems some people are fool enough to spend the cash and develop RSI lol. Oh, not forgetting the “infinite cash hacks”.


  • IgglesUberKingdom

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve been reading the comments of Zegermans 2.9m population, I’ve recently started to see a few cities in the trade centre who are clearly on the mission towards achieving it. True, I’ve only seen 1.6m max but these cities are instantly recognisable by the mass of Universities running up the middle lol. However, to say these cities have been built without the aid of money and Mayors suffering from RSI (and who perhaps, clearly can’t be working or be parents), the time and effort required would suggest that a few months to build those I’ve seen thus far, is a mirage.

    I did do a golden key marathon of Dr. Vu disasters and racked up 40 keys in a day to get a Place of Worship. But it did take me all day – and I’m no dunce with SCBI. Plus I didn’t buy anything with SimCash. Multiply that and yes, I suppose you could amass 280 keys a week …and so on. But, but, that means you’d be at it everyday. As I said, are such people working parents? Or just wealthy enough to commit £2k + and keep hit “buy” lol.

    Who knows, let’s see, but despite Zegerman’s city plan, no Mayor should be proud of having a city that isn’t of their own imagination. It’s kind of a waste of such a creative platform to just copy – like building a Lego car.

    Mayor M

  • FUN Elendraug


    I have 2 questions regarding this “3 million”-plan (sorry if they seem stupid … I am only lv26 right now):

    1) Which is the best city-plan to go currently ? Is it Zegerman 2.3.2 or Everest 1.0.1, since he is not using TT to reach 2.7 millions ?

    2) How is it possible to have “only” Universities without “Department of Education”, “Grade School”, “Public Library”, “High School” and “Community College” ?
    Where they destructed afterwards ? And, if yes, shouldn’t their price (25 keys) be considered in the overall key price ? Additionally, is it still possible to continue to build Universities if you have destroyed the prerequisites ?

    Many thanks in advance for your help

  • Bob

    3,355,249 / 220 Tokyo Towns = avg 15,251 per town.
    15,251 / 2204 = 691% increase.

    The max of 400% increase is incorrect. It appears All specializations can reach 100%

    Basically only achievable with unlimited coins, keys, cash.

  • Wileria


    I have tried the post’s layout and ended up with 3.155.086 (using also the beach yatch).

    But in the end, i lacked one electricity 547 for 548 needed. So i replaced the park top left between the water supply for one windy mill (giving +6).

    I’m sure there’s room for improving the total population, probably a better way for the park.

  • Wileria


    I have tried the post’s layout and ended to 3.155.086 population (using the beach yatch).

    I lacked 1 electricity at the end (586 for 587 needed) so i replaced the top left park (between the water supply) by a windy mill (ginving +6).

    I’m sure there’s room to increase the population, particulary with a better park organization.

    Thank you very much for this layout, it’s really a great post.

  • Harley

    This is no longer viable, with the new beach expansion you would want to take advantage of all the beach space that gives you the population boost.

    • admin

      We have an updated guide on the website as well that takes the beach expansion into consideration!

  • John Curry

    So now that beach front property is available, would you rethink your layout? I am thinking that if you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, that might be a better layout. Just a thought.

  • Sammii

    I haven’t unlocked tokyo town yet, but could I still start laying out my city like this? Also, why aren’t there any factories on your layout guides?

    • Freehiker

      Factories take up valuable space. Besides once you max out, you don’t really need them anymore

  • DataZombies

    Where are the supporting buildings, such as Department of Transportation, Department of Culture, etc.?

    • Cassie Venus

      On the vertical columns, numbers 21-27 by horizontal columns, numbers 1, 2 & 3. They are labeled “admin.”

      • DataZombies

        Then where are the Town Hall, City Hall an Mayor’s Mansion? The City Storage building is obviously in 1:1 – 3:2. I don’t think you’re right.

  • Joakim Borg

    How about the new bigger layout? Will there be an update on the map since it is a lot larger now?