Government Services

Government Services

These buildings offer additional speech bubbles that could gift more upgrade and expansion materials when placed near residential zones, but it is not necessary.

  • City storage can be upgraded using storage cameras, storage lock, and storage grates.
    • Each upgrade adds 10 extra slots for items. (Unsure about max capacity)
  • Governmental buildings can take up valuable coverage service area.
      • Plan ahead when placing them. See the city layout guide here.
Sims DON’T like living near city storage. Place away from residential zones.
They DO enjoy living near the other government buildings (will express their happiness through speech bubbles)
Government Buildings
Building Name Price Grid Size Requirements (Population) Purpose
Town Hall 100 2×3 (6) Tutorial Allows you to name / rename your city (under settings).
City Storage Free 2×3 (6) Tutorial Stores all your resources and materials for production. Can be upgraded.
City Hall 100 2×3 (6) Tutorial Generates taxes based on the number of sims and their happiness level every 24 hours. (Currently don’t know the exact calculation).
Mayor’s Mansion 100 3×3 (9) Tutorial View your city achievements & collect sim bucks

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  • shartnpants

    Does anyone know the maximum capacity for the city storage yet? I’ve got mine at 210 now, and it takes 18 of each to bump it up another 10. I’d love to know how far it can be expanded if anyone knows.

    Great site guys, the bulldoze method has been amazing. I’ve used it to get about 800,000 simoleons…

    so far…

  • MarcusDrake

    I do believe the max is 250 for city storage

  • Shartnpants

    yes indeed it is. I reached the max the other day. 250 requires 25 of each item.

  • Hope Master

    What about the fucking department?