Special Resources

Special Resources

The following are resources that you cannot create at stores and factories.

How to Obtain

  • Clicking on speech bubbles in your city has a chance to give a special resource
  • Purchasing special resources off the Global Trade HQ
    • Other players around the world can put special resources on the market to sell


Used to upgrade your city’s storage capacity. The maximum storage capacity is 250.

Icon Name
Storage Camera Storage Camera
Storage Lock Storage Locks
Storage Bars Storage Bars


These items are used to purchase expansion tiles to expand your city’s borders. More on Expansion here.

Icon Name
Dozer Exhaust Dozer Exhaust
Dozer Wheels Dozer Wheel
Dozer Blades Dozer Blade

Dr. Vu’s Disasters

These items are used in launching disasters from Vu’s Disaster HQ. See more info under Golden Keys here .

Icon Name
Remote Detonator Vu's Remote
Batteries Vu's Battery
Gloves Vu's Gloves


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