Factory Resources

Factory Resources

Factories create resources, each with a specific amount of time that must elapse before they are ready to be collected.

We have an interactive tool that can calculate which resources are needed and how many. Available here.
ALL factory resources are free (apart from the time it takes to produce)
Plan your production based on what materials are needed to upgrade your residential zones.
At night, schedule materials that take the longest time to produce. Spend your simbucks on increasing your production queue so you can maximize your factories output at night (and during the day if you cannot check your phone often)

Here are the resources factories can create

Icon Resource Name Time (Minutes) Time (Hours) Requirements (Level)
Metal Metal 1 0.02 Tutorial
Wood Wood 3 0.05 ??
Plastics Plastic 9 0.15 ??
Seeds Seeds 20 0.33 ??
Minerals Minerals 30 0.5 ??
Chemicals Chemicals 120 2 13
Textiles Textiles 180 3 ??
Sugar & Spices Sugar & Spices 240 4 ??
Glass Glass 300 5 ??
Animal Feed Animal Feed 360 6 23
Electrical Components Electronic Components 420 7 ??

The original Google Sheets spreadsheet is available here (this is my work, no credit or source required)

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