Resource Calculator – SimCity BuildIt Tool

Resource Calculator – SimCity BuildIt Tool

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I’d like to give huge credits to Reddit user destiny84 for making this tool, who released the first version of the resource calculator at Right after we contacted her and asked if we could add this tool at our website, not only did she give us permission to release, she was also very helpful in making it possible. She has also updated this tool, which takes a lot of time so a big thanks to destiny84!

This tool calculates how many resources you need to build certain supplies. Additionally, it will show the time required to build this kind of resource. This tool is still under development.

Factory Resources – Store Resources – Currency – Resource Calculator

  • Randy Roberts

    FYI: Found a bug in the cooking utensil calc. The table thinks you need 2 minerals.

  • costacurta216

    If you want to develop this tool, you can add the price of products. So people can see what is more profitable. Maybe with standard and max value.

  • Derek

    Not really useful – for example:

    Donuts – 1 flour, 1 spice… the tool says 2 seeds, 1 spice – but doesn’t take into account how long it takes to make the flour from the two seeds, which adds 30 minutes

    It would be more useful if “1 flour” also lit up, and its time added in…

    Thanks for listing out the stuffs, though!

  • Derek

    Sorry – I don’t know what happened – I reloaded the page after my comment, and it’s working properly now.

    Very strange…

    Unrelated – elsewhere you had listed 7 factories at Level 20 – I have 5 Mass (4 per) and 2 Basic (3 per) on level 19, and it’s been that way for a while…

  • Josh

    Can you open-source this or otherwise post the underlying data used to make the calculations? I want to be able to calculate the most profitable items to produce, but since most of the data is already in this tool, I’d rather not painstakingly go through and pull it all out of the game myself!

  • Rogi

    garden forniture need 2 plastic also

  • Akif

    Check this calculator too 😉

  • Jeff

    Any plans to update this with the new resources (e.g. light bulbs, lemonade, TVs, etc)

  • raycap202

    Where is the calculator? It isn’t on the page.

  • Rafael Labegalini

    Some itens is wrong. Garden Furniture adds 2 minerals instead of 2 plastic.
    This calculator has a GitHub repository?

  • Matthew Young

    Where’s the rest of the appliances?

    • eliezer cazares


  • Christopher John Billings

    Hmmm good question Matthew Young, Where are the rest of the appliances?

  • Christopher John Billings

    I mean I can figure the additional appliances on my own. This is a great tool by the way. I used it to make a spreadsheet so I can see everything I need simultaneously. In addition, What I can sell without losing items for other items. What is taking my storage space i.e. special items or regular items. When I have enough to make the item need including expansion tools, shipments, and Dr. Vu. It tell me everything I need and I simply use this tool to tell me what I need against what I have in storage from all places. Thanks #KeepUpTheGoodWork

    • Matthew Young

      That sounds awesome! Any chance of you uploading & sharing a copy to Google Docs or One Drive?

  • Christopher John Billings

    No paint either

  • Jasefacekhs

    it’s kind of out of date though. :(