Making Money Guide – Bulldoze To §4,000+ Per Minute

Making Money Guide – Bulldoze To §4,000+ Per Minute

Bulldoze - 4k per Minute New

WARNING: This Method NO LONGER WORKS Tokyo Town Update Patched This Exploit

Instead use the updated hack tool to get unlimited simoleons on SC Buildit. To get the hack tool you can visit this page.


First of all I’d like to thank Reddit user Seyeght for coming up with this method. We already knew about bulldozing methods to make §Simoleons fast in Simcity Buildit, but this method seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to earn money quickly. This method works 100% of the time, if you do it right. So it’s important to follow each step perfectly or it won’t work. Later this week we might make a video tutorial about it.

Edit: Nick created a video tutorial on this money making guide! (video available for members)

If you do not want to bulldoze your city and start over; this guide is not for you.

It’s important to note that this method involves bulldozing all residential zones in your city. So if you’d like to use this money making method, please know that you will have to bulldoze all residential zones (not the services, police stations, factories etc. they can stay)

Ok let’s start this guide and make you some money!  *click on the images to make them larger*

Step 1: Bulldoze all residential zones

Bulldoze all your residential area’s and make 100% sure they are no residential area’s left in your city. Your population should go back to zero. You do not have to remove police stations, hospitals or any other services or factories. Only residential blocks. Note: If you have done Dr.Vu disasters, they count too! You have to removed demolished zones or this method won’t work.

Step 2: Place down 2 residential zones

After you city does not longer have residential zones, you start by building 2 residential zones. It will look like this.

Screenshot_2015-01-19-17-38-36One of the zones will require 1 nail to upgrade, the other will require 1 metal to upgrade. Do not upgrade them yet, first go to step 3.


 Step 3: Upgrade the metal zone, ignore that other

In step 3 you only upgrade the zone that requires 1 metal. DO NOT upgrade the nail residential zone. In fact, you can just move the residential zone that requires 1 nail to somewhere else because we don’t use this one. But keep it in your city. Now quickly go to step 4 & 5.

I have moved the nail requiring building away and now upgrading the steel one
I have moved the nail requiring building away and now upgrading the steel/metal one



Step 4: Go the residential screen

Enter the residential screen while the first residential zone is upgrading (while the 1 metal residential zone is upgrading)

Going into residential screen
Going into residential screen

Step 5: Place down a new residential zone next to the upgrading one

Next to the upgrading zone, just put down a new residential zone and stay in the residential screen (If you exit it, there is a good chance of seeing blue speech bubbles popup on newly built houses before you bulldoze the house. do not exit this residential screen until you are familiar with the method)

Adding new residential block next to the one upgrading
Adding new residential block next to the one upgrading

Step 6: Bulldoze the first residential area

Fireworks go off when the first zone is done. You’re still in the residential screen and within this screen you just press and hold on the first zone and tap bulldoze it.

After you press on the building that just finished and tap bulldoze, this screen will popup
After you press on the building that just finished and tap bulldoze, this screen will popup

Step 7: Upgrading the newly placed zone

By bulldozing the first 1 metal residential zone we exited the residential screen. And you will see the building you created in step 5. It will require 1 metal, every time.


Upgrade the building you placed in step 5
Upgrade the building you placed in step 5

Step 8: Upgrade the new zone

Now you can upgrade the zone you created in step 5 for 1 metal. And after you upgraded this zone you go back to step 4 and repeat the process over and over again. Every time you upgrade building you will receive at least 700 Simoleons. If you speed up this process you can do this about 5 or 6 times a minute. Earning you 3500-4200 Simoleons a minute. Now you can build the city you want in Simcity Buildit. Not too bad right?

Repeating the process and placing a new zone while the other is upgrading
Repeating the process and placing a new zone while the other is upgrading


If you repeat these steps for an hour or two you can make a easy money and rebuild your city with a lot more money. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial guide and if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below!

EDIT: Be sure to have some nails on hand in case you slip up and have to start over.
EDIT 2: IF your zones start requiring nails you MUST restart and destroy all residential plots and begin from Step 1.
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  • Ken Woodard

    This is very similar to the Simoleon Cycle I created 3 weeks ago. I believe mine is faster and requires no nails at all. You can complete one cycle about every 6 seconds with the Simoleon Cycle.

    • vortexrap

      could you tell us more about this cycle?

  • Ken Woodard

    Here is my Simoleon Cycle at

  • Ken Woodard

    I’ve just timed myself several times at 1 minute each, and with the Simoleon Cycle I am able to consistently cycle 8-9 times per minute. That’s 5600-6300 Simoleons per minute.
    So between levels 1-9 and 21 and up the Simoleon Cycle is much faster. I say that because levels 10-20 you lose the 3rd residential zone to work with.

  • Klee

    Made 120,000+ in about 45 mins

  • Ken Woodard

    I created a video showing the Simoleon Cycle and included your 2 residential zone method and linked back to your site.

    • vortexrap

      great method! Thanks for creating this video. I’ll update the guide with your link!

    • Klee

      Thanks for this video, Ken. Works as promised. It made a couple hundred thousand just by doing the simoleon cycle a few times last night and today. I’m aiming to stock up 1 mil+, currently at 600,000 🙂 Shoulder pains are no joke!

    • Mark

      Why do you have 3 houses to start with. I only got 2 at the beginning.

      • Jaanko

        What level are you?

      • Ken Woodard

        If you are between level 10 and 20 you will only have 2 houses available.

  • Megan

    This works great! But definitely have some nails on hand in case you fumble! Got no nails and a 3 hour wait before I can make any. The struggle is real

  • Michael

    This doesnt work for me. The first two cycles ask for metal, and then its nails every time.

    • vortexrap

      Did you watch the youtube video on this method?
      1. Be sure you start with no residential zones (even destroyed buildings) NO plots what so ever.
      2. Drag 2 zones (one is nails one is metal)
      3. Drag your nail zone away from your main area
      4. Drag metal into your metal zone
      5. WHILE the metal zone is being built, you have to quickly enter your residential screen and drop a third zone onto the map.
      6. DONT exit the residential screen. Once the first metal zone completes, DESTROY this zone.
      7. The newly placed plot SHOULD be metal.

      If not you must be doing something different or did not follow the steps. This method is confirmed to work by multiple sources.

  • darkampr

    How do you get your city back to normal when your done?

    • vortexrap

      Nothing special, you have to simply rebuild your residential zones.

      • darkampr

        I guess that rules me out. I have 139 residential buildings. Take forever to rebuild. Thanks for the info.

    • Kendall Tramill

      rebuild it all over again

  • Does this not raise your level prematurely, therefore unlocking more time consuming items that then become a staple diet for upgrading? I stumbled across this when i deleted all my scabby cheap tower blocks but when i got the buildings back to their equivalent population the items that had unlocked along the way were suddenly common for upgrading. Seemed like a trade off so i gave it up

  • Max

    I think you could automate the process using computer mouse-clicking macro. Just save your city to your FB account, use an android emulator (I recommend BlueStacks) to load your city in a PC then use whatever auto-clicking bot. Go for a meal and have a coffee while watching money being generated.

    If you think macro is too risky, you can save-and-load your city to undo all changes. Keep your emulator (or PC) out from the internet once the city is loaded in the emulator and during the trick. If the macro screwed, shut down simcity while emulator remains disconnected from internet. Reopen your city on your regular mobile device, you will be back to your original city.

  • Banana

    I’m now in level 12, how can i have 3 residential zones ? Up to the level 21 is a far way to go, how can i back to level 1 ? Just quit and reinstall the game?

  • Keith

    I’ve used this the past 2 days, and I am doing ~3200/min, 192k/hr. This is good for those who built up a city, but didnt have the trans/education/entertainment/gambling HQs and want to start over to get the highend skyscrapers. This “cheat” is easy but it takes some time, and who is gonna wait 2 months to get enough coin w/o spending real $$$

  • Matt

    I found that on my tablet after you drop your second rez (using the 2rez method) while still in the rez screen if you quickly put your finger on the building thats in the process of upgrading, it will instantaneously choose it after it completes so you can bulldoze it before the fireworks even subside as opposed to having to hold your finger on it after its finished for several seconds while the blue circle thing happens. Every second counts and I bet you could use this to increase your SPM (simoleon per min) by a bit more…

  • Yoki

    Has this been fixed? I have two residential zones in my city, 0 population, both require a nail to cosntruct

    • Cess

      I am having the same problem.

    • Cess

      Same problem.

    • principissa

      Same problem here. Help?

      • Dominik Keil

        same problem here. since the update from today ….

      • Dominik Keil

        same problem since today’s update

      • Dave

        Had same problem so I tried to find another way. I had 3 new zones all needing nails. I upgraded one and built another zone as per the method, making sure to delete the upgraded one. Hey presto! I’m back to upgrading using metal for $700. Only difference is I now have 2 un-upgraded zones needing nails. Seems to be working. 🙂
        Looks like this scheme may not work for long though…

        • jay

          it’s slightly different for me, but it does seen to work..

          I have to have 2 residential areas that I upgraded once with nails, and one residential area that I don’t upgrade but wants nails for it.

          Residential area 4 and 5 are metal upgrades, making it possible to continue this.

  • constantine

    It works, but I only get 2190 simoleons per minute. Why? Houses do not have to be adjacent.

  • Blahsara

    My app updated overnight. Now this all of a sudden won’t work for me. I’ll delete all reside tusks and start over, both want nails AND its only giving me a dollar!?

    • suzanne

      Mine is doing the same thing! Did you find out how to fix it?

  • Blahsara


    • Kendall Tramill

      I just destroys all my sky scrapers to do this . i did it in the beginning and it worked great . i did it this morning and wasnt even watching the gold , LMAO , did it for almost and hour before i noticed i wasnt making any frigging gold lol , im so pissed ,

  • PSUniball

    Help! I am a Level 15 and trying to use this method. I have deleted all of my residences but when I drag the new homes out they both require metal and I only get 8 coins a pop. I have upgraded both a couple of time and still no requirement for nails. I will try again later but any suggestions would be nice. Cheers.

  • PSUniball

    Still no luck … It Bink this has been patched on 3/3/15. I have tried several times and only steel required with 12 coins per upgrade. Anyone get this to work after latest patch

  • Dave


    I had 3 zones all requiring nails. I upgraded one of them. The next zone required metal so I started using the process again and it still works. Only thing is I have 2 other un-upgraded zones and 1 upgraded zone elsewhere that I can ignore. I have collected another 100k+ after the update and all is going well.

    Let me know below if this does not work for you.

  • SRavenwind

    This still works for me. At the point my Android tablet auto-patched I had 2 residential areas (1 nail, 1 metal) built because I had been using this method. I simply continued where I left off, upgrading the metal building and building another while that upgrade was in progress. Then I destroy the one I just upgraded immediately after the thought-bubble pops. Still getting 700 simoleans per. Occasionally, I’d throw a Vu disaster in and start the simolean generation process over once I’d collected my keys but I don’t think I’ll do that now until I’m done accumulating the cash I need.

  • Edd

    This is great! i’m using AutoTouch with this, created a script and now it does the cycle automatically.

  • suzanne

    I deleted all my residential zones like it says but no matter how much I upgrade I only get $11. What should I do?

    • PSUniball

      The patch has removed this money making system. I restarted building residential zones and shifted my services around for better coverage.

  • Myk

    Mine still works…

  • Gabriel

    I just tried to use this method, but both zones require a nail for upgrade.

  • Chelsea

    I did all the steps. But I only get $3 per house?!

  • mo

    I FIGURED IT OUT, THE REQUIRED materials NO LONGER RESETS. SO DONT DESTROY YOUR HOMES¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shartnpants

    This method got patched on the morning of March 9th. Not that I play it so often I can pinpoint the exact time…

    anywhooo, the method can still work by leaving one zone unfinished, and upgrading one other twice, until it requires 2 or 3 metal to upgrade again. Leave these two alone! Upgrade and destroy the third just as the old way was used. The amount you get is about $100 less now but it still works.

    • Shartnpants

      ***UPDATED AGAIN***

      BOOOOOOOOO! EA completely “fixed” the hack. BOOOOOOOOO! Now you get less than $10 for your first upgrades!!! DON’T BOTHER DESTROYING YOUR BUILDINGS!

  • RWright421

    I’ve been able to get a modified version of this to work after the patch as well. I was preparing to rebuild my city because I’d already demo’ed prior to the patch. The first 2 resi required nails but I kept going. Once I added a 3rd zone I noticed that it required metal so I began the cycle and it’s been working just fine. Two primary differences…it requires 2 metal not just one and the $ is about 100 less. But I’ve made $200k+ so far.

  • WYL

    I used the Simoleons cycle before the Tokyo town update. Before the update, 1 metal is needed for each cycle. The return is around 700 – 710 Simoleons.

    After the Tokyo town update, 2 metals are needed for each cycle, i.e. double of the earlier one. The return is around 561 -569 Simoleons, i.e. about 80% of the earlier return. Population and experience points are constant, i.e. 52 and 9, respectively (experience point before update is 11).

  • WYL

    I started using the Simoleons cycle before the Tokyo town update. Before the update, 1 metal is needed for each cycle. The return is around 700 – 710 Simoleons.

    After the Tokyo town update, 2 metals are needed for each cycle, i.e. double of the earlier one. The return is around 561 -569 Simoleons, i.e. about 80% of the earlier return. Population and experience points are constant, i.e. 52 and 9, respectively (experience point before update is 11).

  • DJKiiDz

    Sigh..!!! Destroyed all my buildings and then only I found out the “bug” has been fixed..oh well..gotta start all over again T_T

  • Dean

    This method worked for me from 15th March, but only after I cleared the data from my phone and reset the whole game. After that I was able to use the method, only requesting steel, pulling in between 200 and 700 per upgrade (amount varies).

    Unfortunately, after I dropped a deluxe hospital and recycling centre, then all of the upgrades now require 1 nails also. Any ideas?

    I guess in dropping the two facilities (ontop of fire and police and sewerage that i already had, I tipped over a threshold and now cannot make much money on this method. Or perhaps it was population, i might have gone over 200 population which killed the cycle.

    Any other ideas? I dont really want to reset again…

  • Preet Raval

    both requires metal .. (Tokyo town updated.) $ 7 per upgrading.

    • Nyne

      I have the same problem.. Im in level 18 and desperate for cash. Tried the method I received the same amount §7. Now I have to start all over again. Dammit now how to get cash?

  • Caro

    It seems to work, but, it only give me $14-15 per upgrade….
    I am on level 11

  • tyler

    OK. So we all seem to be having the same issue. We’ve destroyed big cities and are screwed because trying the fast cash trick nets us SPA (sweet piss all). Can we deleteupdates and not game data to make this work? Or is a full game reset the only way, if a way at all. I’m not seeing solutions here people!! We need to figure out how to work the system again!!! Especially after demolishing a city. Let’s not have it all for naught!

  • TRByakuya

    What if ı reinstall the game? will it continue to like that? i am having the same problem. i deleted all my buildings and now i cant get even a houndred bucks. i have tried other methods but no gain 🙁

  • is it still works? i’m on level 25

  • Stefano Torre

    the metod not works … i have made all you suggest but the game give me only 9$ for each new buiding … grrrr

  • They patched this. Does not work. Yet there is still a benefit to starting over (possibly): you get more chances to get pop ups with the special items for expansion of storage or areas.

  • Amais Sheikh

    Every building upgrade gives me only 1§-10 § (simelions), so the method fails for me. What to do now?

    • Vincent Collado

      Same here. Not working

  • Alfred Thomas

    This is not working!! I rechecked the post and found out the BOLD BLUE WARNING they gave me.!! Aah my mistake!! Now a lot of services serving no residents. A humble request to OP, please change the font from BLUE to RED. It might help others. Thank you.

  • WARNING: This Method NO LONGER WORKS Tokyo Town Update Patched This Exploit