Global Trade Marketplace Update

Global Trade Marketplace Update

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Market Update

We have various reports of a Global Trade Marketplace update hitting devices over the last couple days. This update is all server-side (meaning you do not have to update or download anything on your devices).


I could not find a changelog at the EA support update/announcement forum. My guess is mainly behind the scenes performance enhancement.


Looks like EA pushed an update to improve the Marketplace. Clicking on an item on trade prevents other mayors from purchasing the item before you do so we should see a large decrease in the amount of “Sorry Item Not Available”. (Original Post Here)

  • I’ve (I think we’ve all) noticed now that there is MUCH less variety in what appears in the trade market
    • I think it is based on level – Higher levels mean that you are shown vu disaster items and higher level materials versus lower levels, where you might see more storage upgrades and expansion upgrades.
  • This is JUST AS FRUSTRATING as the original problem, as now you constantly have to click the market to see if you can get any items you want to show up
    • Plus side is once you see an item, you are guaranteed that item if you click on it.

So sadly. no real improvement. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Come on EA! Improve the global market!

Read up on our page about the problems with trade here.

  • Kevin PKueber

    I think items for sale (regardless of availability because game level) you see are part of the Global Trade grouping you are in and EA simply increased the number of groupings thus decreasing the number of users seeing those specific items for sale. I know before that if you took two users and nearly simultaneously opened Global Trade you would not see the same sellers and had nothing to do with weather or not item was already sold.

    Recently I have notice that items I sell show as sold hours later even though I have not advertised any item recently.

  • czeuch

    I believe the change was a bit different. When you click on the HQ for the first, the list that is presented to you is dedicated. Only YOU see it. That’s why we don’t get the annoying popup anymore.
    And now if you click on the HQ and you didn’t like the result, you can close it and open it again and you’ll see new stuff 🙂

  • MrSatisfied

    There’s definitely been a change this last few days, I’ve noticed the following:
    1) almost 100% success on selected purchases – obviously very good news, but…
    2) Global Trade HQ seems to show a greatly reduced variety of items, for example all I’m seeing every time I tap on it is Donuts, Remote Controls, Gloves, Watches & Batteries. Not surprisingly I don’t want any of those. Refreshing it 5-10 times eventually shows a selection of items you might want, but only for one screen’s worth, then it’s back to screen after screen of the same very common items. Just finding and buying one item you want takes at least 50 refreshes, which is very tedious.
    3) there’s definitely a bug as on several occasions I’ve bought an item, the price comes off my total coins, but when you return to your city the item is not in the storage – presumably lost.

    If I find more I’ll post more but in general the update has fixed some issues but caused others.

    • MrSatisfied

      Something else I just noticed: on the few occasions I could find items I actually wanted to buy, I went to a couple of cities which had good things on sale, but curiously ZERO population even though they were full of residential areas and everything else a 250k city should have, but the green sign at the top which has the city name and population shows zero residents which is clearly not true. Maybe these are just part of the game like Daniel’s City and not “real” players out there.

      • czeuch

        The ZERO population stuff is nothing but a display glitch. Nothing to worry about. Very common.

  • Roy

    The comment by MrSatisfied is correct. I have noticed something else as well:
    I’ve got two city areas left to clear, and then I’ll will have complete access to all land available to me. At some point, before I cleared some of the last city areas, I had 40 or 50 wheels and tailpipes. That’s when the items for sale changed at the trading depot to almost only donuts and watches. Then I decided to sell some of those items, and other stuff started showing up again. So it appears that the game now limits how many items you can buy of one kind.

    At this point I have just the two city areas left that require 17 and 20 fixer wheels etc. (top right corner looking in from the ocean). I guess they will have to wait. Oh and also this is while I have no residential areas, collecting mucho cash, building up all utilities first.

  • ciccastars

    On my phone I am still having the problem where 9+ times out of 10, I click on the item but it is no longer available – except now the selection is much more limited! On my tablet I am much more likely to get the item. Not sure why this is; the speed seems to be the same on both devices. It’s very frustrating. I really need dozer wheels, but all I ever get are exhausts and blades, and the expansion items are practically impossible to find on the Global Trade on my level (35). So now I have plenty of Simoleons, but my city is jam-packed with no way to expand it!

    • Braedon49

      Funny, I can’t find blades but I’ve been stuck carrying the exhausts and wheels for my next expansion for over a week now. I saw the phase where it was all Dr. VU parts for sale when I was lvl 28-29 and thought Vu parts were easy to buy when needed so I was selling mine to maintain free space and then purchasing as required. Now, at lvl 30, I can’t seem to buy expansion or Vu parts anymore. And if I do see them listed, they are never there by the time I load the city. Really frustrating, especially because that damn mayor in Willow Woods keeps hitting me up for dozer wheels!

  • Sascha

    Something new in the GT. New items will be displate only every 30 seconds! Mean before you get a new set of items need to wait 30 seconds. If you search for something in particular you need a lot of time and even you finally see it will be gone from the city. so to buy specialized items gets nearly impossible. Either never there or sold already! 🙁

  • Beeradley

    For weeks it was nothing but Vu items, but now there are none. Can’t get keys, can’t expand. Game has become unplayable.