Global Trade Marketplace Update

Global Trade Marketplace Update

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Market Update

We have various reports of a Global Trade Marketplace update hitting devices over the last couple days. This update is all server-side (meaning you do not have to update or download anything on your devices).


I could not find a changelog at the EA support update/announcement forum. My guess is mainly behind the scenes performance enhancement.


Looks like EA pushed an update to improve the Marketplace. Clicking on an item on trade prevents other mayors from purchasing the item before you do so we should see a large decrease in the amount of “Sorry Item Not Available”. (Original Post Here)

  • I’ve (I think we’ve all) noticed now that there is MUCH less variety in what appears in the trade market
    • I think it is based on level – Higher levels mean that you are shown vu disaster items and higher level materials versus lower levels, where you might see more storage upgrades and expansion upgrades.
  • This is JUST AS FRUSTRATING as the original problem, as now you constantly have to click the market to see if you can get any items you want to show up
    • Plus side is once you see an item, you are guaranteed that item if you click on it.

So sadly. no real improvement. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Come on EA! Improve the global market!

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