Dr. Vu’s Disaster Challenges Guide

Dr. Vu’s Disaster Challenges Guide

In this article I will be covering Dr. Vu’s Disaster Challenges. These challenges add a cool mix to your game, allowing you to destroy your city in cool ways and then repairing them for golden keys to spend on cooler buildings. I’m sure you’ve noticed that old, broken down tower on the left side of your screen and that you have to wait until you have a population of 90,000 to fix it. This tower belongs to Dr. Vu and where you’ll be carrying out, “Disaster Challenges.” These challenges are probably the fastest way to earn golden keys to purchase specialization buildings.


Once you fix the building, which costs, I believe, 40,000 simoleons, and takes about 12 hours to build, you are ready to start your first disaster challenge. At the start you’ll only be able to do the meteor shower, but you’ll unlock other scenarios quickly. Your disaster currency is in the form of the remote, batteries and gloves. When you select a challenge, it will tell you how many of the objects you will need in order to start it. It will also tell you other information like your reward, Vu points (I’ll explain in a bit), damage (how many residential plots it will destroy), and the repair cost (the amount of items it will take to repair the buildings. As you can see in the picture below, the cost for the challenge is two remotes and the other information is listed on the right.

Now I will explain Vu Points. Every time you start a challenge you are rewarded a certain amount of Vu Points. These Vu Points are used to upgrade your tower. To get a level 2 tower you must have two Vu Points and 20 thousand simoleons. Upgrading the tower will unlock other challenges like earthquakes, tornadoes etc. as you can see in the above picture. The upgrade time is instantaneous, so don’t worry about having to wait for it. Leveling up your tower also can upgrade a specific disaster challenge which will change its details and give better rewards for completing it.

Check out the meteor strike disaster challenge in action below:


Once the cinematic of the disaster is over, you must repair the residential plots. The materials are no different than what you would expect when upgrading your normal plots, so it is not very difficult to repair the plots and receive your reward. I mentioned before in my first Tips and Tricks article about how you can use these golden keys and how they’re beneficial to you. They let you unlock specialization buildings which mostly increase your population by a certain percentage in a designated area.


I hope this article helped you understand disaster challenges a bit more, or made you excited to unlock them if you haven’t reached a population of 90,000 yet. They are a lot of fun and add something to break the potential “boringness” of the game. Not that the game is boring, just doing the same thing all the time. Good luck with your challenges!