Roads are an integral parts of your city’s layout and form the network that connects all residential zones, stores, services, and just about every other building in the game.


  • Roads are drawn from point A to point B following the grid layout of the map
    • No diagonals or curved free form
  • All buildings are placed along roads
  • There is currently NO way to rearrange or move roads
    • You must bulldoze roads to delete them from the map
  • Bulldozing roads only refunds 50% of its value
  • Utility Buildings pass their service through roadways
    • You MUST have at least 1 road connecting your Utility Buildings to your Residential Zones
      • Bulldozing road networks connecting utilities will instantly disconnect all utilities and Sims will immediately start to become unhappy

Upgrading Roads

Tier Lane Type Price Per 1 Length Requirements
Base (Tier) 1 2 Free Tutorial
2 4 §300 ??
3 6 ?? 15
  • Only upgrade your roads when absolutely necessary (flashing red traffic problems)
  • Only upgrade to Tier 2 roads
    • This saves you valuable capital to invest in services and solves your traffic problems
    • If you need to bulldoze roads, you can at least get away with a lower cost upgrade versus paying for a six lane
  • Only upgrade roads if you are dead set on its position on the map
    • Wasteful to bulldoze an upgraded road (especially a Tier 3 upgrade)
You can move high population buildings around to empty parts / low traffic areas to delay upgrading roads
DO NOT upgrade roads in your commercial/industry areas as these areas do not generate traffic
Having a road right along the edge of the map is wasteful as you can only utilize one side of the road (with the road taking up valuable 1xN amount of space)
Play around with layouts to try and maximize each tile you have

Grid Size

These are suggestions from my experience. There is a lively debate on what the quote “BEST” layout is. I will update as I experiment with higher level buildings.

  • Grid Area 1: I recommend a 4×5 city grid
    • Allows up to 4 2×2 residential plots
      • Total grid size: 4×4
    • Allows up to 4 1×1 mixed use plots for parks and Tier 1 Services
      • Total grid size: 1×4
  • Grid Area 2: I then recommend a 4×11 city grid
    • Allows up to 10 2×2 residential plots
      • Total grid size: 4×4
    • Allows up to 4 1×1 mixed use plots for parks and Tier 1 Services
      • Total grid size: 1×4
    • Can accommodate a multitude of different Coverage Service & Specialization Building configurations.
  • Build roads AROUND these grid areas
Sample Grid Layout
Orient your map with the entrance facing North
A Note On Sample Grid Layout
I chose this grid style because I prefer less roads if possible. You can adjust this grid by having a road run horizontal at row 6 (Grid Area 2). You now have a more traditional 4×5 grid to work with.

See an in-depth city layout post here

Roads – Building LayoutExpansion