Expansion is an important layout consideration for your city. You can choose to rapidly expand into new areas or focus on a small city but the choice is entirely up to you!

First some basics

  • The maximum city size is 50×50 plot
  • Expansion zones cost dozer exhaust, dozer wheel, and dozer blade materials
    • You cannot create these from factories
    • Only obtained by clicking Sims speech bubbles and purchasing off of the global market
  • Two Ways to Expand (first orient your map with the entrance facing North (at the top))
    • East (to the left)
      • Grants a 10×6 (60) expansion zone
    • South (bottom)
      • Grants a 6×8 (48) expansion zone
City Grid (Overview)
City Grid (Overview)
First expand along the east as the cost is roughly the same they but grant a larger expansion zone
Position your dirty area along the coast (new expansion zones allow for new Residential Zones


  • Expansion zones along the edges and corners are more expensive than zones at the center of the Map
  • Expansion gets progressively more expensive the farther out you expand
    • Each tile farther away increases the material requirement (of all three) by 1
  • When expanding, purchase tiles close together, to best maximize your service coverage area and residential zones
  • Expand at your own pace
    • Keep in mind you space needs, your budget needs and service capabilities
  • Spend your money wisely on purchasing materials from the global market
    • Because of the problems with the Global Trade HQ (explained here), I always try at least couple times a day to buy expansion materials

RoadsBuilding Layout – Expansion

  • John

    One small glitch in your expansion grid costs. The Southernmost zone third up from the coast should have a cost of 10, not 11. That is, moving up from the coast on the right-hand edge, the values are 12; 9; 10; 11 respectively. Otherwise, great map! :o)

  • Karl

    Hey guys, here’s a good tip if you want more expansion/city storage/disaster rare items. Go to Daniel’s city and he will be selling 6 items. One of those 6 items is a rare item. Now, this refreshes about every day so unfortunately it’s not a loophole.

  • baophat

    What about expansion information of beach? Can anyone can tell me the price to expand it?

    • Vincent Collado

      There on the Global trade HQ