Residential Zones

Residential Zones

Updated for Tokyo Town

This is the essential foundation to your city, laid down to build the zones sims call home.

  • You can have a maximum of three (3)[this maximum also effects TTZ] plots ready for construction laid out
  • Upgradeable by completing building plans that require certain resources and materials
    • You can request to have new plans drawn (wait time: 30 minutes, cost: free)

Tokyo Town update added a new neighborhood zones called the Tokyo Town Zone (TTZ)

  • 20% more population than the standard zone
  • Uses 2 units of utility capacity
    • 1 more than standard zone
Be careful not to overextend your city by creating new zones without adequate services (explained later here) to support them.
Icon Name Price Grid Size Max Population Service Demand
New RZ Residential Zone (RZ) Free 2×2 (4) 1836 Low
Tokyo Town Tokyo Town Zone (TTZ) Requires Airport 2×2 (4) 2204 Medium

Upgrading Residential Zones

After you place your first couple homes, its Sims will eventually want to move into bigger and better housing. This is where upgrading comes into play.

  • Once sims are satisfied with their current home, they become ready for upgrade
    • A yellow construction hat in a speech bubble will appear above the zone showing a plan
      • Plans contain one or several required resources (explained in the next section here) that you create at factories that must be collected and used to upgrade
  • Upgrades grant Simoleons (§), population increases, and XP upon upgrading
    • Population Increase per upgrade is consistent throughout the upgrade schedule
    • Simoleons and XP per upgrade is variable based on your level throughout the upgrade schedule
  • There are 5 upgrade levels before a residential zone is at ‘max’ level. Once at max:
    • Cannot be upgraded further
    • These are skyscraper/high rise buildings
Residential Zone Upgrade Schedule
Upgrade Tier Zone Name Population Increase
0 Base Residential Zone 52
1 Low Density Zone 104
2 Low Density Zone 154
3 Medium Density Zone 313
4 Medium Density Zone 752
5 High Density 1836

Upgrading Tokyo Town Zones

TTZ’s behave the same as residential zones, BUT:

  • Requires new neighborhood tokens in order to upgrade
    • Tokens are rewarded by completing air deliveries at the cargo airport
Tokyo Town Zone Upgrade Schedule
Upgrade Tier Zone Name Population Increase
0 Base Residential Zone 52
1 Low Density Zone 125?
2 Low Density Zone 185?
3 Medium Density Zone 375?
4 Medium Density Zone 902?
5 High Density 2206?

Wealth and Land Value

For a step by step guide, please check out our post on How to Build Skyscrapers!

There additionally are two factors that determine the type of residence that will appear after an upgrade.

  • Land Value
    • A measurement of the how valuable and attractive particular areas of your city are
      • Higher land values lead to higher wealth buildings (see below)
    • Measured in a white to dark blue spectrum (low to high land value)
    • Increases to land values
      • Providing Coverage Service Areas
      • Specialization Boosts and clean areas (no dirty area/pollution) increase land values
    • Decreases to land values
      • Lack of Coverage Service (Fire, Police, Health) lowers land values
      • Lack of Specialization boosts does not lower land values (does not increase them)
      • Dirty areas/pollution lowers land values
  • Wealth Forecast
    • A measurement of how wealthy residential zones currently are
      • Can also be used to indicate what type of home they will be when upgraded
    • Wealth is based on land value
Be sure to check your upgrade population reward (Around +1800 population means it is about to upgrade to the Max level) followed by the Wealth Forecast screen (make sure you are in luxury & high land value areas) before max upgrading buildings to ensure you achieve the highest tier residence.
Once a building is about to upgrade to the maximum level (+1800 Population) it will take the form of its current home type (Standard, Premium, Luxury)
If your building is not at the maximum tier, You must BULLDOZE the building and start from scratch if you want to raise the home type
Home Type
Tier (T) Name Requirements
T1 Standard Homes All coverage service requirements have been met
T2 Premium Homes All coverage service requirements have been met
Covered by 1 specialization boost
T3 Luxurious Homes All coverage service requirements have been met
Covered by 2 specialization boosts


You CAN move residential zones into areas that have luxurious wealth forecasts and high land values to upgrade to the maximum tier and then move them out afterwards

Residential – Factories (Industry)Stores (Commercial) Miscellaneous

  • Stoneman

    Population of one resident when being in range of the base services (police, firedepartement and hospital), but no others (you can calculate from there on):
    Base: 54

  • Stoneman

    Population of one resident when being in range of the base services (police, firedepartement and hospital), but no others (you can calculate from there on):
    Base: 52
    T1: 104
    T2: 154
    T3: 313
    T4: 752
    T5: 1836

    Their comes no more Tiers when the rz is only in range of these services

    • vortexrap

      Thanks for this. I was working on a upgrade schedule so this helps confirm the levels

  • doncell324

    To make sure I completely understand the upgrade process. If I’ve already begun upgrading a “standard home” will the tier ever change in future upgrades? Or is it set. In other words do I even bother to continue upgrading it by moving it to a better location and thus hoping it’s tier changes. Or should I just stop, demolish it and start all over in a new location with better density & wealth forecast?

  • chrs17

    u can move it and i´ll change

  • niel

    For some reason my wealth forecast doesnt show the dark orange although it is covered by fire department, police, parks and education department. I am now on level 15. Do I need health coverage in order to get luxury housing area? Or whats the problem?


    • vortexrap

      Yes you need health as well. Even if you have not unlocked health (i think its level 16), you still need health coverage to reach the dark orange and allow for luxury towers and high wealth.

      • Omar

        I saw a level 14 has luxury tower

  • Mararzu

    I have all my residential zones with all services and at least 2 boost population

    and, still, there is some residentials that doesnt have the dark orange color… i check each of them and verify that have all services and at least 2 boost of population and i cant understand why dont get in dark orange color 🙁

    Any idea?
    im level 31

    Sorry for my english! i hope u get the idea 🙂

  • xflaver

    I have more than 2 specalizations (and of course police etc.) but when i upgrade my homes i get around 1000 simoleons, i am lvl 23 and my population is about 100,000. What am i doing wrong?

  • Hugo

    When you say at least 2 specializations what do you mean? Two buildings of the same specialization (one library and one high school for example) or one education building and one transportation? Because in my case, my buildinds are orange until the second upgrade and the they became dark yellow after that and I have near them two education buildings…

    • Mararzu

      Yeah, i mean 2 specialization building from different specialization. But, u say that after 2nd upgrade ur building appear in dark orange, thats should be whats happend to me… I stop caring abount yellow buildings cause when it gets the moment to upgrade to tier 5 they always are in dark orange (obviously if they got 2 specialization buildings at the same time, in my case, 2 from different specialization).
      Really thanks for the answer! And for keep this page updante and full of useful info! 🙂
      And, like always, sorry for my english haha

  • Matthew

    There’s some of the houses I don’t want to update at the moment because I like the building and want to upgrade other buildings instead. I’ve noticed I can only update only 5 buildings at a time. Why is this ? And is there a way to pass the upgrade on these buildings to upgrade others instead

  • Ray

    Anyone knows what are the items required for upgrade related to? Say I have to cities both at level 25. One has got 50 RZ which gives 200,000 population with some specialization boost. The other one has 50RZ too but without specialization so it’s only 100,000 population. When I build another house in both cities, what is the factor for the items it will cost? population or number of residential house?

  • killbethy

    Do you have a listing of all the different building names and their corresponding required land value and population densities? For instance, most of my skyscrapers are one of these variants… (roughly in order of most common to least) Elysian Heights, The Empire, Platinum Tower, Ivory Towers, The One Percent, The Highfalutin, The Onylux, Wilson Tower. Would these all be high density (tier 5), luxury homes (tier 3)? Is there any way to tell which is which?

  • In TTZ i made luxury house. I checked that region is luxury zone but after constructing
    I see. Lower. Town. That. Building name is fuzi condo.
    So i want to know that building. Is. Max??

  • sim city worm

    Hi im lvl 13 qnd I dont understand I have 2 specilisations and all of it is good and when I put a residential home were its good its dark orange but when I upgrade it it downgrades to a normal home PLZ

  • Reykjavik

    Im level 19 and a quater and i have all premium homes but for some reason when i look at the ”base residential zone” ”wealth forecast” it says luxurious home elen though if don’t have 2 ”specialization services”

  • lagdameo6

    to get th tier 3 luxuroious homes do you need 2 different type of specialization boosts? (e.g parks & education) or can we use the same specialization? (e.g two small fountain parks) thanks!

    • Jayme Hall

      U can update all your resident to luxury in the same place. U have to make sure the color of that place is orange… U can upgrade it and move it… Then select another resident and place it in the orange section upgrade it and u can continue to do this… You can use the same specialization

  • Pally

    All my residential building s become larger buildings after upgrades. How do I prevent a building from being upgraded?

    • Jayme Hall

      If u click on the yellow hard hat a blue circle with a line going through it click it and another message will appear ask do u want the developer to design another resident, click the OK…. U will have to continue doing that when the yellow hard hat appears

  • Akarawit D. Champhei

    How can I get Tokyo building HASEGAWA Apts(as pic)? Tier? Standard or Premium? Thank you!

  • Jdgon

    Does land value affect the home type (standard, premium, luxury) of Tokyo Town Zones (and Paris Town Zones)?

  • Lloyd

    Should I bulldoze abandoned houses? I know it would take my population down, but wondering if its abandoned can it be upgraded or should I start over? Thanks.

    • Lindsey Chiu

      why is it abandoned? I’ve noticed when my houses are abandoned due to the street needing an upgrade or I accidentally move a service, they tend to come back.

  • Chad

    I have completed a few epic projects and keep getting same buildings , both mountain are same , and both beach are the same…. is there a way to ensure I don’t keep getting same building?

    • Samer Zeynoun

      No i guess.. Because im made many epic projects so far and Tokyo skyscrapers. And having the same all over again. Sometimes randomly got a new buildings.. Just destroy the one has more than 2 already. This is what im doin(: ..
      No need to have 100 sky skyscrapers to boost your population, im boosting with specializations.. I have like 20 skyscrapers and a part for london houses and anohthrr prisian houses.. And got 300k population..