These are the four miscellaneous that building exist outside your city borders, and do not occupy any space inside your city grid.

  • At the start of the game, these buildings are present but inactive
  • To activate these buildings, you meet the specific requirements for each building
    • Finally, once you’ve met these requirements, the building requires a large payment of simoleons as well as a period of time to unlock/rebuild the building to provide full functionality


  • Cargo shipments arrive that require resources from factories and stores to fill 3 orders.
    • The dock is the first method of earning golden keys

Trade Depot

  • Allows you to put resources from factories and stores up for sale on the global market & for the computer city (Daniel’s city) to purchase
  • More detailed analysis in the Trade section here.

Global Trade HQ

  • You can now view and purchase items for sale from other Mayors around the world (real world players).

Vu’s Disaster HQ

  • You can launch disasters that will destroy residential zones in your city (temporarily) to earn golden keys
  • Buildings are rebuilt using resources and keys are given as rewards.
Building Name Price Requirements (Population) Time to Build (Hours)
Dock 10000 ?? ??
Trade Depot 20000 ?? ??
Global Trade HQ 25000 20000 ??
Vu’s Disaster HQ 60000 90000 12

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