Factories (Industry)

Factories (Industry)

Factories create the basic resource materials for your city which are used in upgrading houses, creating new products at stores, and much more.

  • Factories create massive pollution areas, especially at lower tiers
    • Higher tier factories can create more resources with less pollution
  • Factories do not need services to run (no need for power, water, fire, etc.)
Sims do not like pollution and will eventually move away, so keep factories away from your residential areas
If a new factory spot opens as you level, create one immediately with the free T1 building, or of a tier you can afford
Try to balance creating/upgrading factories with your other expenses (DON'T over upgrade for your needs, there are MANY more effective uses for your Simoleons
Upgrade to T4 gradually with your production. DO NOT buy/upgrade to T5 unless you are going for a zero pollution city.
Factory Buildings
Icon Tier (T) Building Name Price Grid Size Dirty Area Production Capacity Requirements (Population)
T1 Factory 1 Small Factory Free 2×2 (4) 12×12 (144) 2 Tutorial
T2 Factories 2 Basic Factory 500 2×2 (4) 10×10 (100) 3 4000
T3 Factories 3 Mass Production Factory 7000 2×2 (4) 8×8 (64) 4 27000
T4 Factories 4 High-Tech Factory 20000 2×2 (4) 6×6 (36) 5 80000
T5 Factories 5 Nano-Tech Factory 50000 2×2 (4) 0 5 150000

Number of Factories Able to Construct
Level=> Tutorial 3 5 10 15 20 25 30 37 46??
# of Factories 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Side Note
More in-depth discussion in Production & Resources

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  • bajujaga

    11th factory at level 46 I think (or at least that’s when I notice the additional factory)

  • Nat

    I’m level 14 and I got 6 factories???

    Don’t know when I got it but it not level 13.

  • Jim

    You get a 12th factory at level 56. By then, they should all be nanotech type because they have no pollution.

  • Brian

    I got my 12th factory at level 58. Is there a 13th?

  • TZH

    so the benefit for higher-tech factories are lower pollution and higher output right? I was kinda hoping that the high tech ones would produce things faster, but I’m not really complaining 🙂

  • eliezer cazares

    I’m level 24 and I have 8 factories.

  • John Violette

    I counted 12 Factories at level 58.

  • Umoth

    There needs to be a way of ‘scrapping’ items that you do not need/want. My trade was full, my factories full, my storage full, and I needed 5 more iron to fulfil a task. I failed the task because I could not collect the 5 iron or ‘throw away’ 5 items to make room.

    • Waiting, waiting, and waiting.

      That’s part of the game. You have to take into account that you CAN’T scrap work-in-progress production and must wait it out.

    • Bharat

      True – same applies for Omega items.

  • Bharat

    My recommendation: if you can afford – use T4 –> gives 5 units of production with minimum pollution. T5 is too expensive.