Biggest SimCity BuildIt Update To Date! Adds Tokyo Town Theme + New...

Biggest SimCity BuildIt Update To Date! Adds Tokyo Town Theme + New Buildings + Bug Fixes!

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Hey Everyone! This is by far the biggest SimCity BuildIt update yet!. Adds Tokyo Town Buildings, a New Airport, fixes bugs and new visuals and animations! Also this patches the bulldoze method exploit, under the hood improvements, global trade market changes, as well as some gameplay updates not listed on the official changelog.

EDIT: 3/4/15 – Completely redid the original post, adding screenshots, YouTube commentary video, better formatting, fixed some incorrect information and added new insights.

EDIT: 3/5/15 – Because of the MASSIVE nature of this update, some of the information on this site is slightly outdated. You see this image on the top of pages and posts which we have updated (to our best knowledge) the information to the TT update.

Updated for Tokyo Town
This picture indicates we have updated some or all of the information on the page / post to the TT update.

Official SimCity BuildIt Tokyo Town Launch Trailer:

iOS changelog (photo credit to Justinbeiberispoop and that very unique username)


Android changelog (Version



My take on the new update:

In-Depth Changelog

You can check Daniel’s city to preview the new International Airport and Tokyo Town buildings.

New Building – Cargo Airport
  • Placed in the woods behind the Vu Disaster HQ / Trade Depot
  • Requires 260,000 population
  • Costs §120,000 to build
  • Takes 31 Hours (1 Day 7 hours) to construct
  • You can complete Air deliveries to earn ‘Neighborhood Tokens’
    • Similar to Cargo Dock shipments
    • Takes 18 Hours for an air delivery
New building – “Cargo Airport.”


Cargo Airport Screen. Note the new Shipment Reward - "The Tokyo Kitty"
Cargo Airport Screen. Note the new Shipment Reward – “The Tokyo Kitty”
New Currency – ‘Neighborhood Tokens’
  • Rewarded for completing Cargo Airport shipments
  • Tokens we know about:
    • Lucky Cat, Bonsai Tree, Garden Lantern
    • Possibly more??
  • Used in creating / upgrading Tokyo Town residential zones (more info below)
  • Let us know if you find any more!
New Feature – The Mailbox
  • Awarded after completing the International Airport
  • The Mailbox is available for Mayors of all levels
    • Appears when you receive a notification, and disappears when you have read all pending messages.
  • Appears as a new icon on the left hand side of your screen below settings and friends
  • Grants simbucks, simoleons, and possibly other rewards for completing missions
  • First notification once you finish building the airport is $20 simbucks!
  • Official comment from EA_Amelie regarding the mailbox from /r/scbuildit here.
New feature – “The Mailbox”
 New Residential Zones – Tokyo Town Zone (TTZ)

We’ve updated the residential page to TT here.

  • Requires Airport before you can build
  • Requires a combination of the new Neighborhood Tokens (from completing Cargo Airport shipments) and old materials (standard items created from commercial zones)
    •  Upgrade levels of the Tokyo Town Zone will require at least 1 Tokyo themed Neighborhood Token
  • Max Population = 2204
    • This is 20% more than the standard zone
  • Service Demand = Medium
    • This is a new gameplay attribute (more info below)
New Building - "Tokyo Town Zone"
New Building – “Tokyo Town Zone”

 Views of Daniel’s Tokyo Town cityscape:

Low-density Tokyo Town buildings with the traditional Japanese design motiff


High density Tokyo Town buildings


Medium density Tokyo Town Buildings
Medium density Tokyo Town Buildings
Residential zones now have a new Service Demand attribute
  • The default zone has a ‘low’ service demand, where the new Tokyo Town zone (TTZ) has a ‘medium’ service demand
    • Check under your residential zone screen to see for yourself
    • This was probably in the game before, but was under the hood (since there wasn’t a new zone to take advantage of differing levels of service demand)
  • Possibilities:
    • Future updates bring zones that require ‘high’ service demand?
    • More significant coverage services are required before upgrading?
    • Could also mean TTZ consume 2 units of utilities instead of 1?
New Attribute - "Service Demand"
New Attribute – “Service Demand”
Bug Fix – Specialization Boost Fixes
  • EDIT: THE GRAND CONSENSUS IS THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Apologies for misleading everyone on this one
  • This one does seem to be in effect: The University / education cap on 50 RZ has been removed
    • Previously, the population boost when using multiple universities was capped at 50 residential zones, meaning any RZs after 50 that were still in the coverage area would not benefit from the boost.
  • The percent population boost for Gambling, Entertainment and Landmarks EACH boost population by 100%
  • Before the update, collective 3 could max at 100% – Now the max for all three is 300%
    • Total boost for all 6 specializations is now 600% (up from 400%)
  • This means that 2.5 million guide could very well be 3.5 million!
    • Thanks czeuch for pointing this out (I will be slowly updating pages later today once I am able to)
Exploit Fix – Bulldoze Method Does NOT work (as we used to know it)
  • EDIT: People have been pointing out that there may be hope! A modified bulldoze method could still work and grant you TONS of simoleons… will test and update ASAP!
  • The first house is now only worth §1
    • Subsequent houses are worth less (around §400-§500)
    • Previously, houses were worth around §700
  • Increased material requirements from always metal / nails to a more diverse set
New Feature – Request New Plans for Vu Disaster Zones

Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

  • You can now request new building plans (similar to residential zones) when rebuilding zones destroyed by launching a Vu Disaster
  • No more angrily rage quitting at the sight of 100 measuring tapes and 100 hammers!
Memory Management Improvements
  • Swiping down the notification bar or having a system popup will NOT reload the game
    • Game continues to run in the background
    • Previously, SCB would pause and reload once you returned to the game screen
  • Thanks to /u/owleaf for pointing this out
Graphical Updates
  • Zoom level has increased. You can see more of the finer details!
  • Updated icons all over the place!
  • Added an ‘X’ button in the bottom right of some screens (power, waste, etc.) for easier exit
  • Coverage areas have a more defined visual look (deeper colors, more clarity against the cityscape)
  • Simoleon & population counters now has a space delineator between 1,000’s, 100,000’s, and 1,000,000 numbers
  • You can now see traffic when you visit other mayor’s cities
  • New speech bubble dialogue
  • New speech bubble icons
  • New cargo dock screen with new animations (cargo airport has these new features already)
  • New loading screen and progress bar
  • New production / material collected animation
Global Trade HQ & Market Update
  • EDIT: VERY mixed reviews on this one… we still don’t have the holy grail of updates (searchable market for just the items you need)
  • Advertising items now says “3 hours”
    • I’m assuming this means the item is posted on the global market for 3 hours before being delisted?
  • The marketplace now sees a greater diversity in items
    • No more donut only market screens
  • I have no trouble refreshing the market as initially indicated
    • EDIT: A later update changed this. We now have to wait 30 seconds before the listings refresh. Looks like EA wanted to make this change all along.
      • Refresh by tapping out of the trade screen and back it…
        • Why don’t they don’t have a refresh button???
    • Entering and exiting the Global Trade HQ screen doesn’t refresh the listings
      • “Regarding g the GTC update, I think the “not refreshing” is part of their fix. It does refresh every couple minutes. My guess is that with everyone getting locked to a different GTC view, there’s less chance of contention between items. At least now I won’t be obsessively refreshing! I was able to get a couple dozed parts last night, but it’s too soon to tell if that was because of the fix or just the normal occasional stroke of luck.”
        • Thanks to joefiorini for this.. this very well could be the solution EA has for us.

I’ll be updating these as I find them (only had a couple mins free to play today.) so stay tuned! As always, drop a comment if you find any improvements!

  • Chriscross

    And here I was about to go on a simoleon buildup run. Any idea how this update might affect the bulldoze method?

    • dohaduc

      Add me please

    • Jallenrt

      I’m running the simoleon cycle and after the update yesterday ever build costs 2 metal and nets around 566 payment. I’ve come to grips with less money and I have to replenish my metal twice as often but I’ve made 200k last night and what little I’ve played today. Better than nothing, I say!

      • greatoe

        just keep doing this and do NOT start over.

        yes this method works still like you mentioned if you are in the procedure of bulldozing when you upgrade SimCity BuildIt. but …

        say you are tired bulldozing and want to make some keys from Vu instead, when you are satisfied with your keys and want to come back and start bulldozing again (turn down all your residential zones), you will find out the bulldozing method is NOT working any more.

        so, keep bulldozing until you have enough simoleon, don’t stop.

        • czeuch

          Bulldozing method is useless s it only helps you to get simoleons. It doesn’t help in growing your city.
          Read this post:

          You get more than enough money in the long run than you need. What happens is that many people are impatient and want money fast, but they don’t know that by doing the bulldozing method, they are severely delaying their end game. I’m at 1.161M population and I was quite close to my end game. Now with Tokyo update it’ll take longer to finish as I’ll create a Japanese neighborhood and this will be hard.

          However I never bulldozed and was one of the firsts (if not the first) to get the 1M tax achievement of a group of 100 mayors which I’m part.

          Bottom line, bulldozing can help you to get simoleon fast but slows down all the rest.
          I wold not bother wasting time on that.

  • Evren

    Bulldoze Method is finished.. 🙁

  • Mark

    Yes you will have new buildings…..look @ Daniel’s city.

  • Bulldoze Method finished… 🙁

  • SuperMarioTM

    Dies anyone know when this update Hits the play store?
    Sounds awsome!!!

  • Show the new buildings

  • czeuch

    There is an important change too, which I’ll comment in other areas of this website: they “fixed” the population boost for gambling, entertainment and landmarks. They all stack individually, meaning you can get 300% out of it.
    I’d rather prefer they didn’t do this, it changes everything we knew.

    • Nick

      I tried it and it does not change your total population number. It only seems to show a (possible) boost to your population, but your actual population does not change if you already have one of those at 100%. At least thats what i experience.

      • chrissa

        I’m not seeing the boost either. If it did work, I should have seen a huge boost from the 60% Luxurious Casino Towers and 60% Washington monuments totalling 120% (20% over the old cap). No 20% boost. Still capped at 100%.

        I did see a small boost in Education. Looks like the 50 RZ cap is gone on universities.

        • Nick

          Cap for University seems to be gone, can conform this.
          Also i tried different variations of combining specializations and cant get beyond the 400% total boost (as it was before the update).

          • vortexrap

            Thank you all for informing me on the error.. Please let me know if my corrections are incorrect!

  • czeuch

    By the way, I do believe tat medium demand for services means they’ll require like 2 water instead of 1, 2 power, etc. Just a guess.

    Additionally the Tokyo residences provide 20% population, so the first upgrade should be fo 65 pop, and the last one for 2222.

  • Bryan

    Looks like they nerfed the bulldozing money cheat!


    Might still work if instead of metal, we build Uber amounts of nails…. needs to be tested.

  • Obliviant

    If you go to your friendly neighbour.. City of Daniel.. you can see all the new ad-ons

  • Aims

    And no more bulldozing for fast simoleons. 🙁 The lowest requirement is one nail, and the first residence only earns 1simoleon.

  • lawre

    Global Trade HQ gives a better variety of items, but still crash and still sucks: you go into seller’s city and item is gone or you click on the item, it tells you that HQ screwed up. Extremely annoying.

  • Nick

    I only spent a couple of minutes with it, but so far I like the new update overall. The airport and new residential zones will add more variety to the city, and I’m noticing more diversity in the global trade HQ as well. I actually like the population boost change for gambling/entertainment/landmarks since we’ll be able to mix and match without penalty; basically we won’t have to decide between maximizing population by having a bunch of casinos all over the place or settling for a lower population with a variety of special buildings.

    For anyone using the bulldoze method, this update didn’t “fix” the exploit (at least on iOS). I was still able to bulldoze and build using only steel, so no change there. YMMV, though, so you may want to have a decent amount saved up before taking any risks.

    Finally, though the trade HQ is better, I’m still seeing a lack of expansion items and they still disappear from the time I click on the item to the time I’m transported to the other city. It may well be better with the update (like I say I’ve only been at it for a few minutes), but my first impression is that it’ll still be extremely difficult to expand.

  • WraithTDK

    I look forward to seeing how this effects the 2.5 million layout!

  • MarcusDrake

    MUCH improved! Game seems to run smoother, new animations are lively, trade HQ actually seems to show a good variety AND I have actually been getting storage bars and dozer blades!
    Coin popups now have a checkmark next to them so you know before clicking them whether or not you have the items they want.

  • Chaotic

    The service coverage is much easier to read… check it out. The area of effect for the service is lit up, not just the zones covered. Very helpful!

  • AllYourBlocks

    I like the graphics, they seem much improved. Not sure about the whole Tokyo Town Tokens via Airport to then build residences with – but it seems like that’s the way they want to go in the long term. They mention it in their video…

    Here’s EA’s launch trailer of it;

    And here’s my player-made footage of Tokyo Town on YouTube;

  • laureus

    the Global Trade Commission still blows… everytime you click on an item you need/want… its gone by the time you get to the city…

    • Meteorlady

      I’m finding that there r fewer items and if u r at higher populations it’s even less items that shoe. I also get a lot of nothing for sale n uv to wait the full 30 seconds to refresh. Annoying and I hate it. Also now all I get from disaster challenges is $500. I may quit playing as they hv slowed me to a crawl.

  • Calvin

    Bulldoze method is over… sigh… I only got to know it yesterday… it was a blast at least because the game does not allow you to restart…

  • Braedon49

    They messed up the natural tree animations. I built my city with some natural forests left within the city limits and now after the update my trees are gone. Kinda pissed because I purposely built around these pockets of forest to give my city a different look.

    • Ernie

      Same here. =( My forests are gone too.

    • Same here! I did my best to minimize bulldozing as few natural trees as possible, in fact built my city around them. Now, through no fault of my own, all my landscape has changed and has made my earlier efforts pointless. I’m about to stop playing as there’s no consistency to updates, and no dependability on how best to adopt the natural landscape.

      Why was SimCity so careless as to change the natural landscape? Seemingly without reason or respect for those who integrated the natural landscape as best possible.

      I REALLY REALLY hope an update arrives soon to return the natural landscape as before.

  • Aims

    You can do a slower bulldoze method now with nails if you place 3 residential zones and keep building and destroying the third. It still only costs one nail, but earns 700 simoleons.

  • Chris

    When you scroll through your factories, it goes in order from left to right now instead of jumping around. That is if you have your factories all together in a row.

    Oh yeah, and the Global trade HQ still sucks. More variety now, but everything is gone by the time you buy it. I’ve been able to buy only 1 item that I was actually meaning to buy over the last 24 hours.

  • Adamsville

    I have gotten the bulldoze exploit to work on the 5th resident, but it is 3 steel not 1. I built the first 3 homes and upgraded them using nails. The fourth home also required nails but I left it without upgrade and created a 5th home plot. This plot requires 3 steel to upgrade and the reward is 709 s, 12 exp. From here I just repeat the upgrade, bulldoze cycle.


  • Adamsville

    I was still able to do a modified bulldoze exploit. build 3 home sites, upgrade them using nails and leave them. Build a 4th home that will require nails to upgrade and as before leave it without being upgraded. Now the 5th home will require 3 steel to upgrade and the reward will be 709 s, 12 exp. Continue from here as before, begin the upgrade, open the residential tab and place a 6th home site. Without exiting the residential tab bulldoze the 5th home and the 6th (now 5th) will again require 3 steel. Repeat as needed for maximum Simoleon love.


    • vortexrap

      Thanks adam. I will test this method out and update!

    • JAWmusic

      This works for new cities, but doesn’t appear to if you bulldoze an older city at more advanced levels.

  • chrissa

    Apparently the non-refresh problem of the GTHQ was a bug on EA’s part, and they’ve fixed it. I now see the market refresh every time I exit and re-enter.

  • MVP

    Love the whole update but Vu disasters are only giving 1 key for rebuild! Done several disasters and rebuilt 11 zones but only 1 key is rewarded for each. What happened to 2 or 3? I’m At level 50 so is this a result of the update or just because of my level? In either case, it sucks 🙁

    • czeuch

      MVP, this is something that was happening before the upgrade. It’s not related to lvl. It’s either a bug or EA changed Vu to avoid hoarding/farming too many Keys, which is absurd.

  • zot

    The mailbox doesn’t require the airport. I have just over 150K pop (no airport for me yet), and today I noticed the mailbox icon when I logged in. It had an email with some simbucks in it (my recollection is 10, but I didn’t really pay close attention). Maybe you get some when you build the airport too.

  • ForzaJuve

    Despite the new upgrade the GT-HQ still sucks! if possible it’s even worse than before!!
    After hours spent unsuccessfully trying to buy items that are almost always sold out (everything is gone by the time you buy it), I think I’m about to leave SCbuildit… a game should entertain, not to be so frustrating!
    In my opinion it would be more important to solve the problems of the trade, instead of building the airport; if I were in the shoes of the EA developers I’d take a little time to think about it………….

  • Renton

    Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

    • vortexrap

      Nice find!!

    • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

      This expansion is doing exactly what it was designed to do: further frustrate the player base into spending real money on another EA steaming heap.

      • czeuch

        Why people have this idea that EA is constantly making worse to force us spending real money.
        There is no motivation in this game to spend real money.

        I read in the forum someone saying the the 1 key disaster was done by EA to force us spending real money in the game. One of the most stupid things I’ve read lately. Money doesn’t help you at all to get keys.

        • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

          Do you even play this game? Real money can be used instead of materials.

          • czeuch

            Dudley, I think you need some brains.
            First of all, I’ve a 1.173 million population city, so yeah, I play this game.
            Beside, I’m so experienced in this game that I’ve written around 5 guides. So I’m know what I’m talking about when it comes to this game.
            I know you can spend Simcash on upgrades and disasters. However it asks for so much that I don’t believe many do it. I’ve here an upgrade for 53 population, asking for 851 Simcash. That’s almost 10 dollars. So that would be 60 dollars to max out a residence.
            The same applies to Vu. Let’s say 50 dollars to complete a 5 RZ disaster.
            I’m pretty sure there isn’t. It’s a really stupid way to spend real money. Simcash serves only for 1 thiing: buying store slots. Rest is BS.
            Additionally, reducing the quantity of keys awarded on disasters only removes the motivation to spend real money. Before, I could spend 50 dollars to complete a disaster and get 12 keys. Now I’ll earn 5 keys. that will make anyone people less willing to pay their money on this.

            So dude, think before you post and grow some intellect.


          • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

            I made you put 30 min. of effort into a response about a free game with 10 seconds typing.

          • czeuch

            Dudley, you can’t assume that everyone is just as slow as you are to type. That took me 5 minutes.
            Still no brains?

  • itsbirt

    Zot, I agree – you dont need the airport to get the mailbox message with $20. Ive just got it on my level 10 ‘farm’ account

    • vortexrap

      Thanks all. Updated the post to reflect this.

  • fortunatospinoza

    I too have reached the QP – Quit Point – on this sim. The Market system will turn you into a raging maniac or a very old man. It used to be fun. Not anymore. The bottom line is this: the Market system is designed to frustrate you into spending money to overcome a hurdle – not as a real market system. The Sim knows what you want/need [read their “Analytics” statement] and teases you until you give up and spend real money. Too bad greed ruined something that could have grown into something very cool.

  • chrissa

    I’ve built one Tokyo Town Zone. It does require 2 power, 2 water, 2 sewage, and 2 waste management.

  • Bluntskii

    What’s with cargo ship requiring upwards of 30 piece of an item. Sorry but I do not have a lot of space (90) to store all that material when isn’t the point to build/farm/produce to increase your population?

  • zot

    The cargo ship has become really obnoxious. It appears to be keying off of how much of an item you already have. I’ve got one in dock now that wanted wood, hammers, and fruit. I built a lot of hammers, figuring to take the excess into a chair building spree, and had 17 when the ship docked. Lo and behold, the ship wants 18 hammers. I had 3 fruit done, and it wants 4. I racked up an extra 10 wood just before it docked to get to 20, figuring to load it immediately (never been over 18 of anything before), and it wants 39 wood.

    I’m going to be trying not building up a bunch of stuff, and just letting the stuff I am building sit on the store/factory instead of pulling it into storage.

    • czeuch

      In my case, the cargo ship has been mostly asking for absurd items likes icecream sandwich, smoothies, bread rolls, etc. I’v e probably dismissed around 8 of them lately.
      So now, it’s not enough that we get less keys, the cargo ship screwed too.

    • zot

      Well, that didn’t work at all. This morning I woke up to a ship asking for 75 metal, 5 cement, and 4 fruit. The only way I managed the 75 metal was to not pull anything that was sitting on a factory or store into storage, and then use what free factory slots I had to make the metal. Still making the fruit at an hour and a half apiece. If the item is low level, it looks like it’s going to ask for a hell of a lot of it.

  • chrissa

    Tonight I visited Daniel’s market place, and he had a Lucky Cat for sale, $1600.

  • KB Ucer

    Is there any way other than an air cargo shipment to get the new Tokyo items (cat, lantern, etc.)? The cargo plane arrives every 18 hours and only rewards one item. I’ve done it twice and both times it was the Lucky Cat. But my Tokyo zone needs a lantern in the 2nd upgrade. If we have to wait that long for each item and even then maybe not get the one we need, it is going to slow down development greatly. Also, my Daniel has not had any Tokyo items yet 🙁

  • Where’s the original natural trees and landscape?!

    I did my best to minimize bulldozing as few natural trees as possible, in fact built my city around them. Now, through no fault of my own, all my landscape has changed and has made my earlier efforts pointless. I’m about to stop playing as there’s no consistency to updates, and no dependability on how best to adopt the natural landscape (which should be a key goal for any urban design).

    Why was SimCity so careless as to change the natural landscape? Seemingly without reason or respect for those who integrated the natural landscape as best possible.

    I REALLY REALLY hope an update arrives soon to return the natural landscape as before.

  • Roonie

    I have found with the new update that buildings that are ready for upgrade (with the hard hat) seem to disappear before being completed. I have been stockpiling 15 tape measures and 15 hammers and the hard hat isn’t there anymore. This isn’t the first time either…. Anyone else see this??

    • sphere

      I had the same problem. I saved up 15 nails and 15 seeds only to find that the upgrade was not there. This was quite annoying as now I had to get rid of the spare materials filling up my storage.

  • dohaduc

    Add me please

  • Simon

    If you are using 2 devices to play, make sure you don’t upgrade your 2nd device so that you can still use the bulldoze method and you can transfer money from 1 device to the other by trading expensive items so you transfer more simoleons. Sell items cheap from your 2nd device to your 1st device and then sell it back at max price back to your 2nd device to launder the simoleons. 🙂

    • chrissa

      I like to call this method the Fast Food Money Laundering Scheme! 30 hamburgers allow you to move about §100,000 from one account to the other at a time.

    • Georges

      I’ve opened the game connected to internet and it didnt asked for update. Then it started asking for ipdate even if I’m online. Is there a way to avoid that?

  • metteo

    It could also be noted, that the game takes considerably less memory on your android device. Memory usage is down from ~270MB to 100MB.

  • metteo

    Diskspace, not memory.

  • Jane

    Re: hard hats disappearing – I had this problem too. Every time I went in Global Trade they changed. Some appeared, some disappeared, and then some re-appeared with the same material requirements as before. After further checking it seems that I have around 14 buildings ready for upgrade. Of which about 8 show at any one time. Go to global trade, come back again, it’s a different sub-set, but still within those original 14. Go away and come back again enough times and the original hat you were going to upgrade comes back again.

  • werster

    They upgraded the Global Trade in that now I can see more items that are still gone before I can get to them. Thanks. For nothing.

  • Bluntskii

    UPDATE: Global Trade HQ has been update. Using a timer system that refreshes Ad’s ever 30 secs. VERY ANNOYING!! Still seeing the same stuff like always. Are we getting out ebay style system anytime soon??

  • Erica7241

    I agree with Bluntskii, this new 30 second update for global is ten times worse than it was before. At least before I could try to update frequently to get what I was looking for. super annoying. its pointless toeven look for stuff now. I always buy the vu disaster items when he calls for them, but now its virtually impossible to do that. way to go EA.

    • stoleamadmanwithabox

      It is very annoying! There is even worse variety now, too. I keep getting countless watches.

  • Lgill

    Global Trade HQ seriously more annoying with the seconds countdown! Not impressedwe have to wait so long for airport, only to get tokens we don’t currently need for upgrades. And I can’t get items to increase my land area either. About to quit this game!

  • werster

    Is it just me or are all of you getting lowball offers from the in-town coins? It seems like since I’ve upgraded, every offer is for a lower price than what I could get selling via trade center.

  • pete

    New update looks good, but trade is still poor which is frustrating, what I’m most disappointed about is the Tokyo update! One building item per airport shipment is really really poor and to top it off I was looking to totally rebuild my city after opening the airport, after all the waiting for the money and waiting for it to build I’m totally totally gutted that its been a complete waste of my time!!!

    • czeuch

      Hey pete, it’s cool, EA is super nice with us. If you want a small neighborhood of 30 Tokyo RZs this will take you only 250 days.

  • Dudley “Booger” Dawson

    EA has the brown Midas touch: everything they handle turns to crap.

  • Deil

    It gets worse. Since the Global Trade HQ update I have noticed that it frequently loses money which is subsequently NOT refunded. When you click on an item it either confirms you have bought it or it pops up with the message saying that Llamas have messed up the bookkeeping. However, sometimes it just freezes on that screen and does neither of those things, but it takes the money and later doesn’t refund it back to you. The first few times I thought I was imagining it but three times now I have noticed it happen when I am almost out of money, I have then put the game down and 24 hours later the money hasn’t been refunded. This brings the integrity of the entire game into question. It is frustrating to spend hours trying to eek out some profit from the deeply flawed Global Trade HQ only for it to then steal thousands away from you.

  • Faith

    Can someone post a screenshot of the mailbox please? I’ve never seen one, where is it?

  • Faith

    Can someone post a screenshot of the mailbox please? I’ve never seen one, where do I look?

  • TTR

    I think the trick of getting new plans with Vu by clicking the rubble is finisHed. Won’t work forr me today, stuck waiting the 30 mins 🙁