Biggest SimCity BuildIt Update To Date! Adds Tokyo Town Theme + New...

Biggest SimCity BuildIt Update To Date! Adds Tokyo Town Theme + New Buildings + Bug Fixes!

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Hey Everyone! This is by far the biggest SimCity BuildIt update yet!. Adds Tokyo Town Buildings, a New Airport, fixes bugs and new visuals and animations! Also this patches the bulldoze method exploit, under the hood improvements, global trade market changes, as well as some gameplay updates not listed on the official changelog.

EDIT: 3/4/15 – Completely redid the original post, adding screenshots, YouTube commentary video, better formatting, fixed some incorrect information and added new insights.

EDIT: 3/5/15 – Because of the MASSIVE nature of this update, some of the information on this site is slightly outdated. You see this image on the top of pages and posts which we have updated (to our best knowledge) the information to the TT update.

Updated for Tokyo Town
This picture indicates we have updated some or all of the information on the page / post to the TT update.

Official SimCity BuildIt Tokyo Town Launch Trailer:

iOS changelog (photo credit to Justinbeiberispoop and that very unique username)


Android changelog (Version



My take on the new update:

In-Depth Changelog

You can check Daniel’s city to preview the new International Airport and Tokyo Town buildings.

New Building – Cargo Airport
  • Placed in the woods behind the Vu Disaster HQ / Trade Depot
  • Requires 260,000 population
  • Costs §120,000 to build
  • Takes 31 Hours (1 Day 7 hours) to construct
  • You can complete Air deliveries to earn ‘Neighborhood Tokens’
    • Similar to Cargo Dock shipments
    • Takes 18 Hours for an air delivery
New building – “Cargo Airport.”


Cargo Airport Screen. Note the new Shipment Reward - "The Tokyo Kitty"
Cargo Airport Screen. Note the new Shipment Reward – “The Tokyo Kitty”
New Currency – ‘Neighborhood Tokens’
  • Rewarded for completing Cargo Airport shipments
  • Tokens we know about:
    • Lucky Cat, Bonsai Tree, Garden Lantern
    • Possibly more??
  • Used in creating / upgrading Tokyo Town residential zones (more info below)
  • Let us know if you find any more!
New Feature – The Mailbox
  • Awarded after completing the International Airport
  • The Mailbox is available for Mayors of all levels
    • Appears when you receive a notification, and disappears when you have read all pending messages.
  • Appears as a new icon on the left hand side of your screen below settings and friends
  • Grants simbucks, simoleons, and possibly other rewards for completing missions
  • First notification once you finish building the airport is $20 simbucks!
  • Official comment from EA_Amelie regarding the mailbox from /r/scbuildit here.
New feature – “The Mailbox”
 New Residential Zones – Tokyo Town Zone (TTZ)

We’ve updated the residential page to TT here.

  • Requires Airport before you can build
  • Requires a combination of the new Neighborhood Tokens (from completing Cargo Airport shipments) and old materials (standard items created from commercial zones)
    •  Upgrade levels of the Tokyo Town Zone will require at least 1 Tokyo themed Neighborhood Token
  • Max Population = 2204
    • This is 20% more than the standard zone
  • Service Demand = Medium
    • This is a new gameplay attribute (more info below)
New Building - "Tokyo Town Zone"
New Building – “Tokyo Town Zone”

 Views of Daniel’s Tokyo Town cityscape:

Low-density Tokyo Town buildings with the traditional Japanese design motiff


High density Tokyo Town buildings


Medium density Tokyo Town Buildings
Medium density Tokyo Town Buildings
Residential zones now have a new Service Demand attribute
  • The default zone has a ‘low’ service demand, where the new Tokyo Town zone (TTZ) has a ‘medium’ service demand
    • Check under your residential zone screen to see for yourself
    • This was probably in the game before, but was under the hood (since there wasn’t a new zone to take advantage of differing levels of service demand)
  • Possibilities:
    • Future updates bring zones that require ‘high’ service demand?
    • More significant coverage services are required before upgrading?
    • Could also mean TTZ consume 2 units of utilities instead of 1?
New Attribute - "Service Demand"
New Attribute – “Service Demand”
Bug Fix – Specialization Boost Fixes
  • EDIT: THE GRAND CONSENSUS IS THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Apologies for misleading everyone on this one
  • This one does seem to be in effect: The University / education cap on 50 RZ has been removed
    • Previously, the population boost when using multiple universities was capped at 50 residential zones, meaning any RZs after 50 that were still in the coverage area would not benefit from the boost.
  • The percent population boost for Gambling, Entertainment and Landmarks EACH boost population by 100%
  • Before the update, collective 3 could max at 100% – Now the max for all three is 300%
    • Total boost for all 6 specializations is now 600% (up from 400%)
  • This means that 2.5 million guide could very well be 3.5 million!
    • Thanks czeuch for pointing this out (I will be slowly updating pages later today once I am able to)
Exploit Fix – Bulldoze Method Does NOT work (as we used to know it)
  • EDIT: People have been pointing out that there may be hope! A modified bulldoze method could still work and grant you TONS of simoleons… will test and update ASAP!
  • The first house is now only worth §1
    • Subsequent houses are worth less (around §400-§500)
    • Previously, houses were worth around §700
  • Increased material requirements from always metal / nails to a more diverse set
New Feature – Request New Plans for Vu Disaster Zones

Regarding the new ability to request a new plan, there is an interesting “feature”: if you request new plans, you are able to immediately re-request new plans (without waiting 30′) by taping on the destroyed zone (not on the helmet icon, but directly on the zone.)

  • You can now request new building plans (similar to residential zones) when rebuilding zones destroyed by launching a Vu Disaster
  • No more angrily rage quitting at the sight of 100 measuring tapes and 100 hammers!
Memory Management Improvements
  • Swiping down the notification bar or having a system popup will NOT reload the game
    • Game continues to run in the background
    • Previously, SCB would pause and reload once you returned to the game screen
  • Thanks to /u/owleaf for pointing this out
Graphical Updates
  • Zoom level has increased. You can see more of the finer details!
  • Updated icons all over the place!
  • Added an ‘X’ button in the bottom right of some screens (power, waste, etc.) for easier exit
  • Coverage areas have a more defined visual look (deeper colors, more clarity against the cityscape)
  • Simoleon & population counters now has a space delineator between 1,000’s, 100,000’s, and 1,000,000 numbers
  • You can now see traffic when you visit other mayor’s cities
  • New speech bubble dialogue
  • New speech bubble icons
  • New cargo dock screen with new animations (cargo airport has these new features already)
  • New loading screen and progress bar
  • New production / material collected animation
Global Trade HQ & Market Update
  • EDIT: VERY mixed reviews on this one… we still don’t have the holy grail of updates (searchable market for just the items you need)
  • Advertising items now says “3 hours”
    • I’m assuming this means the item is posted on the global market for 3 hours before being delisted?
  • The marketplace now sees a greater diversity in items
    • No more donut only market screens
  • I have no trouble refreshing the market as initially indicated
    • EDIT: A later update changed this. We now have to wait 30 seconds before the listings refresh. Looks like EA wanted to make this change all along.
      • Refresh by tapping out of the trade screen and back it…
        • Why don’t they don’t have a refresh button???
    • Entering and exiting the Global Trade HQ screen doesn’t refresh the listings
      • “Regarding g the GTC update, I think the “not refreshing” is part of their fix. It does refresh every couple minutes. My guess is that with everyone getting locked to a different GTC view, there’s less chance of contention between items. At least now I won’t be obsessively refreshing! I was able to get a couple dozed parts last night, but it’s too soon to tell if that was because of the fix or just the normal occasional stroke of luck.”
        • Thanks to joefiorini for this.. this very well could be the solution EA has for us.

I’ll be updating these as I find them (only had a couple mins free to play today.) so stay tuned! As always, drop a comment if you find any improvements!