Q: What is the best city layout (or some form of this question)

A: Simply put, it depends on how you describe best. As I see it, there are three paths you can take in city layouts.

  • Option A: Small, specialized city that focuses on population and taxes
    • Maximum density and the most efficient placement of services and boosts is key.
    • Take a look at /u/kidha’s post here for his thoughts on reaching 500k.
  • Option B: Sprawling, large city with alot of residential plots.
    • You go crazy plopping residential areas and amass a large city by buying city lots.
  • Option C: A bit of both
    • Try and shoot for a health balance of both. but all in all your city layout will depend on numerous factors. Please read up on the city layout section here.
Check out my layout guide here.

Q: Fastest/best way to make money?

A: Keep up production of goods, upgrade your residential zones, sell goods on the global market, take advantage of Daniel’s auto buy feature, and many more.

Money making guide coming soon!

Q: What are the most efficient services (fire, police, and health)?

A: From what I’ve gathered, use the max fire station and max hospital, but use the mid tier police station.

Please read up the sections here.

Q: How to add friends?

A: Sadly there is no way to add an email address or username. You must sign up for the following services (device dependant).

  • Facebook – anyone playing the game that is friends with you (and your account is connected) will automatically show up on your social list.
  • B: Gamecentre – An iOS only option, people added to your gamecentre friends list should show up as friends.
  • C: Google Play – An Android only option, People in your circles (Providing you’re also in theirs) should show up as friends, but be patient, we’ve had mixed results with this one.