We were all first time Mayors at one point or another. For those of you just jumping on board to the game, check out the Basics page for a brief overview and general information for SimCity BuildIt.




  • ajk24

    Hello guys and good job for this website .
    i just wanted to ask you to change the info on this page

    now i think its diffrente …it can reach to 600 % boost in total …each of the 6 specialization can add a 100% to the Houses.


  • Steve HgameCtr

    How to add friends in my Simcity BuitlIt???

    I want more friend!!!!!

    Please add me, or send me request to my Facebook Steve Hgamectr


  • shay102

    I downloaded Simcity Buildit for Android. Web page says it is installed. BUT I cant figure out how to start the game as there is no app icon.

    • Samar

      bro open from play store or app store