Beginners Tutorial: Keeping Your Population Happy

Beginners Tutorial: Keeping Your Population Happy

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Happy citizens One on the most important things in Simcity Buildit is keeping your citizens happy. But this can be a difficult task while you’re expanding your city. Sims complain about living too close to a polluting factory, traffic jams or they are worried about not being safe from fire or criminals.

That’s why we are making this beginner guide to help you be the best mayor and to be worshipped by your population.

How happy are my Sims?

If you want to find out how happy your citizens are you just look at the happiness counter at the left side of your screen. If you’re happiness-face is anything less then green, you’re in trouble.  If you counter says 100%, you’re best mayor possible and people will love you.

happy sims

Why is it important?

If you don’t keep your Sims happy they will abandon their houses and leave your city. And with that, it will lower your population and the taxes you receive. More citizens means more taxes. On top that, the more happier your citizens are, the more tax they pay; it can run up to even 20%. Which means you’ll earn more money to make your Sims even more happier!

taxes increase happiness

What citizens hate in SC:BuildIt

Sims are just like normal people. They want a clean city with electricity, clean water to drink and shower and they want to feel safe. So it’s important you build police stations and fire stations in their neighbourhood. If Sims are unhappy about something they will let you know with opinion bubbles. For example: If Sims don’t feel safe they might say: “I’m about to join a gang” or if they are unhappy because of traffic jams you might get this message:

traffic jams

Packing up and moving out!People who live in your city expect a lot from you as a mayor. They hate to get stuck in traffic jams when they go to work. They hate you if there’s no electricity in the city or when you open up a polluting factory near their houses. Here are some of the other things that Sims hate:

  • Crimes in their city
  • Not enough fire stations
  • Traffic jams
  • Not enough parks
  • No health clinics
  • No entertainment

And the list goes on and on. So..

What services do Sims want

  • Police stations
    Citizens wants police patrolling their streets. They don’t like being robbed (who does) and so it’s important have enough police, and to have them nearby.
  • Fire department
    This needs no explanation I guess. People just don’t like it when their house burns down and there is no one to rescue them.
  • Health care
    Ever been sick? Sims like to be treated for their illnesses so you better build enough hospitals!
  • Electricity
    It’s 2015.. we need electricity for our everyday life. So make sure it’s there or your citizens will abandon their house and leave.
  • Clean water
    People be trusty. They don’t like polluted water. So makes sure you give them clean water to survive your mayorship.
  • Sewage
    Nobody wants to live in a neighbourhood that smells funny. So make sure it doesn’t.

These are some of the basic services that Sims so they won’t leave your city. As the game progresses they will demand more stuff (like entertainment, waste management, parks etc) but as this is a beginners guide we won’t get more into it. Read our full services tutorial for more all services that are in the game.

How can you make your Sims happy / keep them happy

Not thrilled, but doing all rightLike I said, keeping your citizens happy is very important but also can be very difficult since you have a limited amount of Simoleons (money). And most of what your Sims demand costs money. So at the start of your game it’s crucial that you don’t build too much residential area’s. Every time you expand your city you will need more and more police stations and fire stations.

Important tip: Don’t build too many residential blocks. It’s better to upgrade existing blocks.

So don’t build more blocks, just upgrade existing blocks. First of all, you will Simoleons (cash) with this move, and second: you don’t need to build additional services.

The next tip I can give you is to save money. You can’t build you city in one day, you can’t even build a large city in a week. Sometimes you just have to save money, and buy the services your Sims need.  Have patience and in a day or two you will have the money to buy the things that your Sims need. After all, you’re still collecting taxes and you can produce resources which you can use to upgrade residential zones or you can sell on the global market.

And to kick in a open door: earn more Simoleons. There are several ways to earn more money which costs nothing but time. Everyday you earn taxes which generates money to buy services. You can also produce resources which you use to upgrade buildings and you get awarded with money.

You can start trading on the global market as well. Buy resources cheap, and sell them for higher prices. Don’t worry if you stuff doesn’t get sold immediately. Every time you advertise new things there is a chance someone will buy everything you have in stock. And even then, after 3 days our friend and neighbour ‘Daniel’ will buy what you have put on the global market.

A happy citizen

So in conclusion, your Sims will be happy if you provide them with the services they need and they have a enjoyable (not polluted) place to live. If you’re still struggling to keep your Sims happy, there’s tons of information available on this website to help you out. Maybe you need a better city layout, need help trading or need more info about services. We have it all. For now I’m saying goodbye and I hope you enjoyed this beginners tutorial on how to keep you citizens happy in Simcity BuildIt. Comments are appreciated!