Beginner’s Tutorial: How To Add Friends

Beginner’s Tutorial: How To Add Friends

How To Add Friends

So now that you’ve created your city, invite your friends to check out your creation! Here is our SimCity BuildIt How To Add Friends Guide. There are currently 3 ways to connect with friends.

fbFacebook (iOS and Android)

Allows you to save your progress for use on multiple devices (can be used cross platform).


  1. Download and sign into Facebook (iOS | Android)
  2. Open up SimCity BuildIt and tap on settings icon (Wrench and screwdriver icon)
  3. Tap on the Connect to Facebook button

That’s it! Definitely the easiest method I’ve used (I created a fake Facebook to use for this purpose).

Check out our Facebook and add other mayors from there!

game-center-logoGamecenter (iOS only)

Allows you to track achievements & saves your progress for use on multiple iOS devices.


Don’t Have An iOS device.. if someone could list the steps required in the comments it would be extremely beneficial!


Google Play GamesGoogle Play Games (Android only)

This also allows you to track achievements & saves your progress for use on multiple Android devices.

This one is a bit tricky.

  1. Download Google+ & Google Play Games
  2. Connect your Google Account (Gmail) to both services
  3. TO ADD FRIENDS (Google+ Required):
    1. Open up Google+
    2. Add your friends emails (if they aren’t friends already) and send them requests
    3. Add these friends to your ‘Circles’
      • I created a special circle called SimCity for all my SCBuildIt neighbors
      • These friends will appear in your game as neighbors
  4. Open up SimCity BuildIt and tap on settings icon (Wrench and screwdriver icon)
  5. Tap on Connect Google Play
  6. Click Sign In

If you have issues (once successfully connected to Google Play):

  1. Open up SimCity BuildIt and tap on settings icon -> Then tap Google Play (this brings you to the achievements page)
  2. Tap on the 3 dot icon on the top right -> Settings -> Sharing Settings
  3. Tap on ‘This App Can See These People’
    • Choose which circles you want to share activity with (I used my SimCity Circle from above)
  4. Disconnect and Reconnect (Usually solves any problems)

Video showing part of the process (Android Only):


Woohoo! You should be connected with friends on onward to building great cities!


  • montyburns130

    Has anyone figured out how to link friends via gamecenter? Thanks

  • Lorenzoet


  • MadDora

    It seems impossible to add a friend via Game Center – at least for my device, which is an iphone.
    I’d like to friend my second city…
    any ideas how to do it ?

    • Brenda Gore

      How did you make a second city? I’m on my Iphone too. I started a separate Facebook & email just to keep everything separate I would love to make other cities! I have the PC SIMCITY but I like the Build it game more. It’s killing my eyesight though! I think I need a tablet now!! haha! What are the advantages to having friends as part of the game anyway? I haven’t played that long….so still learning!

  • DC_1985

    This is such a PITA. I have a Android Tablet and a Samsung Note 4. My Note 4 can browse see my Tablet, but my Tablet can’t see my Note 4. Same settings…2 different accounts. It shouldn’t be this hard Devs. C’mon.

  • I’ve lost my fb friends on SCBuildIt.. If i press the button ‘connect with Facebook’ it doesn’t work 🙁 who van help me?

  • JFM

    Connecting with Facebook friends def isn’t as straightforward as you make it out to be. My gf and I are both signed into Facebook on our phone’s and on SC specifically, but there’s nothing to click on under settings or anywhere. How on Earth are we supposed to connect? :/

  • India

    Hi, I recently upgraded from android to iPhone and I just 60 seconds ago was able to link my GC to SimsCity. For about 2 months now it was not connecting or letting me sign into Facebook until just now!!! All I did was went into the settings of SC clicked login to GC ever so gently with a long hold until it connected. I did the same with the FB log in as well and again it logged in an prompted me to security measures and that sort of thing. Now I am connected to both!!! Mind you this has not been working for me since I upgraded… Woo hoo!

  • Michelle

    I wish you could add friends who are random players always have awesome stuff in their trade depot. Like me.

  • Carl

    Blah blah blah this is a boring game why play it clash of clans is way better

  • Craig

    It would appear that this wont work for me then.

    So for example, my daughter has SC installed on her Android device and is at level 10, so this would seem ideal, however I am running on an iPad. So we cant use GameCentre or Google Play, and as she isnt old enough to have a Facebook Account we strike out there as well.

    Suggestions ?

  • sundragons9

    For android, people can also add friends to their circles via a community instead of having to know their email, since you don’t have to be friends to add someone to a circle you create. I just did this for Paradise Bay by creating a Paradise Bay community.

  • I’ve connected my accounts and I don’t see where I can add anybody. Help?

  • benodiktine

    I think the insturctions above in the “If you have issues (once successfully connected to Google Play):” section are out dated. It mentions the “Sharing Settings” but it is not there:

    “Tap on the 3 dot icon on the top right -> Settings -> Sharing Settings”

    I added my other account to circles, that account has me in their circles, we see each other in “Play Games” app, but we don’t see each other in the SimCity Buildit. I’ve tried enabling every option that allows others to see your account on both Google+ accounts, still nothing. Logged out and back in on both accounts in SimCity, on different devices. nothing works, so frustrating!!!

    • Jamie Browning

      I agree,
      personally I was able to connect in 1 direction. I.E. I can see and buy off my neighbour, but they cannot see me.

      In trying to achieve this I now have 2 logins connected to the same city, but the 2 logins have 2 city names, it is very weird.

      EA need to provide better instructions.
      although I suppose they are at the mercy of Google.
      But for such a successful game you would expect better support @EA need to step up.
      Support across this site is extremely poor.

  • La Godina Godinera

    I have my two devices connected to facebook. Now what?… How can I see one each other inside simcity? This article is not helpful at all

  • Robert Roscioli

    Okay, if you actually seem to have problems if one is friend is on one city (usually means you just connected facebook to that one recently) and the other doesnt (means you have connected to facebook and recently added them to facebook before they connected to facebook in the game).

    So… What you do is if they are not in your city friends tab just simply sign out of facebook in the game and connect and they should be there now. If this helps let me know and then spread it world wide to help others fix the problem.