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If you’re seeing this error it’s most likely an issue with your Facebook account and the permissions between the account and your SimCity Buildit app. This guide will remove any city from your Facebook account.

WARNING: This will remove any previous city saved to Facebook so make sure you don’t want that city or it is saved on another device. This will not delete the city saved on your current device.

  1. Close the SimCity Buildit app
  2. Open Facebook from a non-mobile device
  3. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner.
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Click Apps
  6. Click on Show All 
  7. Find SimCity Buildit and click the X in the top right corner
  8. Click Remove
  9. Go back on to your device and open up SimCity Buildit
  10. Link to Facebook and re-accept the permissions.

Hopefully you’re issue is now sorted. Let us know if you had any issues following this guide in the comments.

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If you’re seeing this error it’s most likely because you’re attempting to sign in to a Facebook account that has been used with an entirely different city. This guide will allow you to add you Facebook account and your entirely new city on to your device.

If you want to keep the current city and sign in to Facebook check out this guide here before using this one (Skip the clear data step in this guide).

WARNING: This will remove the current city and replace it with the city that is linked with your Facebook.

These steps may change slightly depending on Android device.

  1. Go to your android home screen and click on Settings
  2. Scroll down and click on Apps
  3. Go to the All tab
  4. Scroll down until you find SimCity
  5. Press Force stop (If running)
  6. Click on Clear data *This will remove current city*
  7. Launch the SimCity game
  8. Complete the Tutorial
  9. Link with Facebook!

Let us know if you had any issues following this guide in the comments.

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Harness the power of the tectonic plates underneath your city and unless a massive earthquake to shake the foundation of your city.

Some buildings may fall, but from the rubble, Gold Keys are found!

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BEEP bLOOP 100010010001000111001 ZAP ZAP ZING… OH GAWD! Little green men in flying saucers have descended on your quaint city with a glowing death ray that disintegrates every building it touches.

Among the ashes of what remains of your homes and city blocks, Golden Keys are found if you can rebuild them.

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